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The Sims Resource

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Date founded August 1999[2]
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The Sims Resource is a fan site dedicated to downloads and objects for The Sims series of games. It was started in August 1999 - six months before the release date of The Sims,[2] and it has grown to be one of the most successful Sims series websites on the web. The site boasts over one million registered users, and serves over 32 million downloads per month (according to their sources).[3]

While it was previously a pay site with a large amount of free content, as of October 23, 2013, all content is free. Registration is no longer required for downloading, though registered users can purchase "VIP memberships" which will turn off ads and give access to extra download features.[4] Only registered users can post to the forums, leave comments on downloads, use the download basket for bulk downloads, use TSR custom content manager application, or post to user guestbooks.

Sims 1 (2000) custom content[edit | edit source]

The Sims Resource grew rapidly because the custom content was well categorized and easy to find. In the beginning, it was free for all to download. But soon the file hosting servers were overloaded by visitors. Content DVDs were offered for sale, and were very attractive to those with 56kb dial up modems for bulk downloads. For a time, this eased the traffic, but then the bandwidth again became overloaded around the time The Sims 2 content came out.

. Multiple artists hosted their work on the condition that they be credited for it. TSR features lists of contributing artists. Pack compatibility was displayed with each download.

Sims 2 custom content[edit | edit source]

For Sims 2, The Sims Resource offered a "challenges" application that let the player track challenge-related achievements. This application is no longer available. The Sims Resource was one of the first to offer objects with new meshes and links to those meshes, as well as complete sets of CAS content, build mode content, and buy mode content. Sometimes a whole lot or household was packaged together as a complete set. Popular downloads began to be featured on the main page, and links to Featured Artists were available, as well as links to related content.

Sims 3 custom content[edit | edit source]

For Sims 3, themed content became available, with a new theme each month. Some were holiday themes, and others were design themes like Retro, Grunge, Futuristic, or Steampunk. Submitting artists now were required not just to submit a list of required files/meshes but a link to where the mesh could be downloaded. Some artists requested on their pages not to upload any of their content to the gallery. This became problematic because any lots uploaded to the gallery now included any custom content inside them, so unless all custom content was disabled before uploading a lot, any content the player enjoyed became publicly available. The Sims 3 official store gallery is now locked so that no new content can be uploaded to it.

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