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The Sims: Vacation

Volleyball Court
TS1 a volleyball court.png
Yet another sports invention to come out of the United States, volleyball was at first called "mintonette" back in 1895. A gentlemanly cross between tennis and basketball, it was Philippinos [sic] that added the aggressive and offensive "set & spike" move in 1916. Today, volleyball is second only to soccer in popularity around the globe, and is a staple amusement for beaches, backyards and barbeques.
Game The Sims: Vacation
Buyability Buy mode
Price in game §120
Object type(s) Fun
Size 5 x 9

A volleyball court is an object in The Sims: Vacation, and is located on some Vacation Island lots by default. Sims can play a round of volleyball on it with other Sims. When clicking on the object, Sims will be given the option to join Team A or Team B, and will head towards the appropriate side of the net. When a game begins, one side will be given a volleyball and will serve it to the other side. Sims will automatically change their position to hit the ball. If the ball hits the ground, the winning team will cheer, while the losing team will lament their loss.

The volleyball itself is a separate object, and may be left behind when Sims finish playing. If picked up and sold via the moveobjects cheat, it will be worth §270.

The court has a fun rating of 4.

pl:Boisko do siatkówki