100 Bounty Drive

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100 Bounty Drive
Lot type Residential
Owner Don Lothario
Lot size Medium
Number of floors 5
Bedrooms 1
Bathrooms 1
World Riverview
Game The Sims 3

100 Bounty Drive, also known as "The Grainary" is a residential lot in Riverview and the home to Don Lothario. It is implied that Don was given the old grainary by its possible owners, the McDermotts. The lot's first floor features the main residential area with some furniture, a cheap kitchen and a grungy bathroom. One staircase up is a small space with a Dresser which leads up to another set of stairs. On the floor above, another space, furnished with a double bed and a small table. The final floor is significantly smaller than the rest of the home, with a carpet and some children's toys which may have belonged to Maximus and Travis McDermott. Next to the house is a silo, a small driveway and several stacks of hay are placed both out-and-indoors. The furnishing is clearly second-hand and some important pieces of furniture are missing. It is also clear that Don hasn't lived on the lot for long as the story implies that his arrival to Riverview was rather recent. Also, neither the house nor furniture appears to be in Don's taste.