215 Sim Lane

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The Sims 2

215 Sim Lane
215 Sim Lane.jpg
Lot type Residential
Value §102,000
Lot size 30x40
Number of floors 2
Occupants Pleasant family
Bedrooms 3
Bathrooms 3
Neighborhood Pleasantview
Game The Sims 2

215 Sim Lane is a residential lot that appears in The Sims 2 for PC and Mac. It is the home of the Pleasant family, who has apparently lived there a long time.

The house appears to be a Stockbroker Tudor styled house, which has been expanded. The upper floor has Lilith's and Angela's bedrooms, and a bathroom. The first floor has a small living area with bookcases and a wall-mounted TV, 1.5 bathrooms, the kitchen, a dining area, and the master bedroom. The kitchen does not have a fire alarm. Outside, there is a pool.

If Seasons is installed, there may be temperature issues on the upper floor. This happens because one wall of Angela's room is a "fake" wall created by the gable roofing, and it allows outside air to pass through. This may cause Angela to complain about "weather in my house" if this isn't corrected, and that involves repairing the roof. This may also cause the environment score to drop.

If Nightlife is installed, there is enough room on the lot for a driveway, and even a garage. Players may need to download a mod, in order to rotate the driveway to the correct angle. The house costs around §102,000.

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