Agent household

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Agent household
Name Agent household
Members CIA Agent, INS Agent, ATF Agent, NSA Agent, Intern Agent, FBI Agent
Lot 2 Sim Lane
Funds §197,505
Other information
Game The Sims
Playability Downloadable

Maxis Created Maxis Created

The Agent family is a Maxis-made family that was once downloadable from the official The Sims website. It was released in Thursday, May 4, 2000.[1] The household is made up of six adult Sims, apparently unrelated to one another. Instead of personal names, their first names indicate that they work for various US government agencies - such as the FBI and CIA. Little is known about them, but when they were originally made available for download by EA/Maxis it was implied that they were sent to maintain surveillance on the neighborhood, although why this is the case is left up to the imagination of the player. When first played, all six characters hold jobs in various career tracks (Business, Politics, Law Enforcement, Military, and - perhaps surprisingly - Life of Crime), suggesting that they may have taken jobs in the neighborhood as part of their "undercover" operation.

Despite their apparent secrecy, their house is very distinctive. It has earned the nickname "The White House" and takes up most of the large lot on which it sits. There are many rooms, though few have dedicated functions - there are camp beds set up in several rooms also containing electronic equipment, kitchen equipment, desks and so on, and it should be noted that there are not enough beds to allow all six "agents" to sleep at the same time, emphasizing their 24-hour surveillance of the neighborhood. It should also be noted that there are no fire alarms in the house when first played.

The family is no longer available from the official Sims website, but can still be downloaded from this page at SimEchoes. The house will occupy the lot at 2 Sim Lane, overwriting the "Maxis Dream House" if it is placed in Neighborhood 1. However, it can be placed in any neighborhood.