Auntie Esther's Seeds

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The Sims: Unleashed

Auntie Esther's Seeds
Game The Sims: Unleashed
Buyability Community lot only
Price in game §1,199
Object type(s) Gardening
Size 1x1

"Everything tastes better when it's grown at home with love" was the slogan our beloved Auntie Esther used to say, before she tragically choked on a partially-chewed carrot. Keep Auntie's spirit alive by providing your customers with the garden bounty that these seeds promise. And *please* remember to chew your food twenty times before swallowing.

Auntie Esther's Seeds is an object introduced in The Sims expansion pack, Unleashed. It can only be placed on community lots, and allows Sims to buy seeds which they can plant in the Insta-Plot Victory Garden. The types of seeds that can be purchased from this object are: "Lean N Mean" Green Been Seeds, Money Bunny Carrot seeds, R.Mater Tomato Seeds and "Get Ahead" Lettuce Seeds.