Butter churn

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Old-Fashioned Butter Churn
Game The Sims: Makin' Magic
Buyability Buy mode
Price in game §447
Object type(s) Skill
Size 1x2

These brand new butter churns are guaranteed old-fashioned or your money back! Each churn has been carefully restored from remains of butter churns recovered from the 1906 SimCity Fire. Churn butter as it was meant to be churned; churn the old-fashioned way.

The Old-Fashioned Butter Churn is an object that came with Makin' Magic. Sims can use it to make butter, and will build their cooking skill as they do. The butter can be sold or kept for use in baking or spells.

Required pack(s): Makin' Magic
Note: Can only be used by adults. ru:Маслобойка es:Batidora de mantequilla