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Katherine Gregory, a cheerleader from Sim State University.

A cheerleader is an NPC featured in The Sims 2: University. There are three cheerleaders per college, and they are always female. Cheerleaders come onto residential lots on campus (whether dorm, private residence, or Greek house) at random times during the day. However, a locked door can keep them out. While on a residential lot, they will randomly do the school cheer, but otherwise tend to make themselves at home, regardless of their relationship, if any, with any Sims who live there. When they do the school cheer, nearby Sims will often have a "Watch" interaction pushed on them. Cheerleaders are sometimes seen on community lots, where they will randomly do the school cheer. It appears that the game assigns a specific cheerleader to each college lot.

When a cheerleader encounters an evil mascot, they will probably fight. Since cheerleaders have the body skill maxed out, the cheerleader will usually win.

Like other college NPCs, cheerleaders are always freshmen.

If a cheerleader is added to a household, the game will generate a new one. A cheerleader will become playable when added into a household, and will be able to graduate, but her behavior will retain some NPC characteristics even after graduation. A cheerleader who graduates and is moved into the neighborhood may still visit campus, and may still walk into other Sims' homes without being invited.

Pre-Made cheerleaders in The Sims 2: University[edit | edit source]

These cheerleaders have their names randomized when the sub-neighborhoods are created. Their names are only referenced in the game files.

Sim State University
La Fiesta Tech
Académie Le Tour