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Non-playable character

Various NPCs performing particular jobs

Non-playable characters (NPCs) are characters that cannot be played by the player from the game's start. They are in every Sim game: The Sims, The Sims 2, The Sims 3, and The Sims 4. (While townies are considered to be a class of NPC, they are largely outside the scope of this article.)

There are two main types of NPC; ones that through relationships and/or simple cheats will be able to be Playable Sims without any programming errors and ones that were specifically not meant to be played. In The Sims, all NPCs, other than the townies, are of this second type. Sims cannot build relationships with them, and most either can't be interacted with at all, or only have a few interactions that are related to their function. In The Sims 2 and The Sims 3, most NPCs can be interacted with, at least when they're not on the job, and Sims can build relationships with them. Also, some may appear on community lots, where they can essentially be treated as townies.

The Sims[edit | edit source]

Except for the townies, NPCs in The Sims are not full-fledged Sims. They have special character files which contain their names and define their appearance, and which control what they can do and how (or whether) they can be interacted with.

Residential NPCs[edit | edit source]

Service[edit | edit source]

These NPCs can be hired through the phone to perform specific services around the house.

  • Maid: When hired, Brigit the Maid will visit everyday to clean the lot. She will clean dishes, pick up trash, mop up puddles, flush toilets, and make beds.
  • Gardener: Every three days Gardener Gloria will arrive to water indoor and outdoor plants.
  • Repairman: When summoned Repairman Bruno fixes broken objects, unclogs toilets, and replaces burned out light bulbs.
  • Pizza deliverer: Offers a one-off pizza delivery service to the Sims' home when called. Oddly, his dialogue box reveals his name to be "Freddy the Pizza Delivery Dude", but if The Sims: Hot Date is installed, his rollover text will read "Pizza Delivery Dude Dale". This contradiction remains unfixed in the final version of the game.
  • Clown catcher: Clown Cleanser Sean or Clown Cleanser Shawn can be summoned if the Tragic Clown is on the lot and will capture and remove him. They will also remove the Tragic Clown painting to ensure he doesn't return.
  • Caterer:[TS:HP] Yves the Caterer can be hired for parties, and will refill the punch bowl, restock the buffet table, clear empty plates and socialise with guests.
  • Animal control:[TS:U] Animal Control Evan can be hired to remove El Bandito or Henri LeStanc. He cannot be called unless one of the two is on the lot.
  • Massage:[TS:S] Walther Masseur or Inga Masseuse can be hired to give massages at a massage table. They will also operate any massage tables located in Studio Town.
  • Butler:[TS:S] Alfred the Butler works from 7am until 12am every day and will cook, clean and look after babies and pets. He may also hire additional service NPCs to assist him, or activate Servo when needed.

Emergency service[edit | edit source]

These NPCs can be called through the phone and will be automatically summoned if the appropriate alarm is triggered. They will fine Sims for false alarms.

  • Firefighter: Fire Fighter Freddy will automatically be summoned if a fire alarm is triggered. He can also be called from the phone, and will fine §100 for false alarms.
  • Police: Michelle the Policewoman will arrive instantly when the burglar alarm goes off or when Sims call her when a burglar appears. She always apprehends the burglar successfully. Potion Enforcement Agent Angie will appear if the chemistry table is used during school hours and fine the Sim who used it for causing an environmental hazard.

Public service[edit | edit source]

These NPCs will perform their duties automatically and cannot be interacted with by other Sims.

Visitors[edit | edit source]

These NPCs will appear on the lot only during specific situations. Most cannot be interacted with beyond their limited role.

  • Burglar: Whenever every Sim on the lot is asleep, Some Sneaky Sim may sneak in and steal their possessions. Players can either have a Sim call the police, or buy an alarm. With the alarm installed, the police will arrive instantly. If the police are called over the phone, it may take too long for them to arrive, and the burglar may escape.
  • Grim Reaper:[TS:LL] The Grim Reaper appears when a Sim dies to claim their remains. If Death is in a good mood however, another Sim can be directed to challenge him, although children can't plead with the Grim Reaper. If he accepts, he will either play rock, paper, scissors with or a shell game. If the Sim wins the game, the deceased is brought back to life for a second chance, but if the Sim loses, Death will either take the corpse or create a zombie. When the Sim is turned into a zombie, they will have no personality and their skin will be colored green.
  • Tragic Clown:[TS:LL] Sunny the Tragic Clown will visit depressed Sims who own the "Tragic Clown" painting in order to cheer them up. However, the Sims' moods will not improve as the Tragic Clown is also feeling miserable. The clown will usually walk around the house, and do nothing but cough and cry, and fail at any tricks (i.e., when he juggles, he hits himself with his bowling pins and when he blows up a balloon poodle, it will pop). He will leave when the depressed Sim's Fun need increases, or when the Tragic Clown painting is either sold or destroyed.
  • Santa Claus:[TS:LL] If a Christmas tree and a plate of cookies are near a fireplace at midnight, Santa Claus will appear while the Sims are sleeping. He'll leave a small gift for each Sim in the household, plus an extra special present, which could be any item.
  • Entertainer:[TS:HP] Chip the Dancer or Bunny the Dancer can be hired to emerge from the giant cake, and start entertaining party guests. There is a chance that the entertainer might stir jealousy from other Sims, and children will be shooed out of the room.
  • Mime:[TS:HP] Gabby the Mime will show up at a party if it is going very badly. Like the Tragic Clown, he will try to raise everyone's mood, but isn't very good at it and may occasionally steal objects on the lot. He will leave only when the party gets better.
  • Party crasher:[TS:HP] Pete Dropinsky or Paulette Dropinsky may arrive during mediocre to fairly good parties, and will socialize with other guests. They may possibly destroy objects on the lot.
  • Drew Carey:[TS:HP] A real life celebrity who shows up as a reward for a great party.
  • Obsessed fan:[TS:S], Sims can attract unwanted attention if they achieve 3 stars of fame or more. The obsessed fan will stalk the Sim wherever they go, at home or at work and leave 'special presents' for the Sims - black roses. He will also paw through garbage cans, and will steal any awards that Sims have won for acting, singing or modeling. Awards can be protected by placing them in a room with the Zeddy-Lock Celebrity Security Door, as the Obsessed Fan cannot go through that door. Lana or Kana can be asked to shoo the Obsessed Fan away if he appears in Studio Town or Vacation Island respectively.
  • Mystery Man:[TS:MM] The Mystery Man will appear on all residential lots shortly after a family moves in, or when a family is loaded after installing The Sims: Makin' Magic. He will leave a package containing magic-related objects and ingredients. He also appears on all Magic Town lots, where Sims can purchase or sell wands. The Mystery Man also acts as the Spellchecker, delivering citations to Sims who cast spells in front of non-magical Sims.

Wildlife[edit | edit source]

  • Bear:[TS:HD] Claire the Bear will rummage through the garbage can (waking sleeping Sims), talk to teddy bears or cry if she sees a bearskin rug. With Makin' Magic she will appear to raid honey from a beehive if one is present on the lot. Claire may also appear on Downtown lots to raid picnic baskets.
  • Raccoon:[TS:U] El Bandito may randomly creep onto the lot during the middle of the night, rummaging through garbage cans and waking sleeping Sims. Sims can shoo him away, though he may not leave. Pet dogs may automatically attack El Bandito, causing him to leave, and Animal Control can be hired to remove him from the lot.
  • Skunk:[TS:U] Henri LeStanc will appear if the household has poor hygiene levels and wander around smelling flowers. His presence will decrease the Room motive and Sims who are sprayed by the skunk will have their hygiene motive fully depleted. Animal Control can be hired to remove him from the lot.
  • Dragon:[TS:MM] These creatures can be purchased from Vicki Vampiress in Magic Town and once hatched can become pets for the household. Unlike regular pets however, they are not selectable or controllable in any capacity and may not behave as expected as a consequence. They require flowers to feed on but will otherwise care for themselves.

Summons[edit | edit source]

These NPCs can only appear after casting specific spells or charms or when activating certain objects. Once summoned, they will perform actions around the house for a period of time before dispersing.

  • Evil clone:[TS:LL] Drinking a dark green potion from the chemistry table will spawn an evil duplicate of the Sim. The clone will use mean interactions with other Sims, causing their relationship with the original Sim to be lowered, until eventually leaving.
  • Frankenstein:[TS:LL] Drinking a purple potion from the chemistry set will cause the Sim to turn into a monster, who will proceed to break objects on the lot and paint easels (mainly the childish painting) until the effects wear off.
  • Genie:[TS:LL] The Genie can be summoned from his antique lamp once per day and will offer Sims a choice of wish from a random selection. Each wish has a potential good outcome and bad outcome.
  • Servo:[TS:LL] This robot can be summoned from its pod and will clean the lot, garden, repair objects and entertain guests. Servo can also be asked to prepare food, though it is always of low quality and not very fulfilling. When its chores are completed it will return to its base station. The Butler will activate Servo to complete chores if its pod is present on the lot.
  • Campfire ghost:[TS:HP] Green Beard the Ghost may appear when Sims with high Charisma skill tell stories around the campfire. He will scare the Sims sitting around the campfire.
  • Bonehilda:[TS:MM] This skeleton maid can be summoned from the Skeleton Closet if a Sim knocks on the door. She will clean the lot, repair objects, bring in the newspaper and look after babies. She will return to the closet when her chores are completed. If Brigit the Maid sees Bonehilda roaming the lot she will quit her job in terror.
  • Invisible friend:[TS:MM] Summoned with the Invisible Friend charm, they are visible only to the child that cast it. The Sim can talk to or play with the invisible friend, though if the charm backfires the invisible friend may insult, tease or kick the caster.
  • Clone:[TS:MM] A non-evil clone can be produced with the Clone Drone charm who will go to work or school in place of the caster. The charm will backfire if the caster is hungry, causing the clone to appear and then spontaneously combust.
  • Wally and Molly O' Wisp:[TS:MM] Brother and sister spirits who appear when the "Of House and Home" charm is used. Wally will quickly clean the house if summoned, while Molly will wreak havoc.
  • Gardening gnomes:[TS:MM] When enchanted, Gnomes will come to life and take care of plants on the lot. After a period of time they will solidify again.
  • FlaminGoGo Dancers:[TS:MM] When enchanted, flamingo sculptures will come to life and socialize with other Sims on the lot, making them potential party entertainers. After a period of time they will solidify again.

Community lot NPCs[edit | edit source]

All community lots in The Sims spawn a janitor, who does general clean-up and repair work on the lot. Community lots on Vacation Island, and in Studio Town and Magic Town, also spawn a "lot director" who can provide information about some aspects of gameplay. On Vacation Island lots, a costumed mascot will arrive in the morning and leave at night, and an indoors maid will appear if a hotel desk is present.

Staff[edit | edit source]

Most of these NPCs cannot be interacted with beyond their limited role and others cannot be interacted at all. Several of these characters are spawned only if a specific object is present on the lot.

  • Janitor: Janitor Sonya works Downtown; Janitor Tanya and Maid Marrion maintain Vacation Island; Tidy Heidi cleans Old Town community lots; Pristine Christine cleans lots in Studio Town and Bonehilda, Wandering Willow and Witty Washout in Magic Town.
  • Lot director: Vacation Director Kana manages Vacation Island; the Pet Show Judge appears on some Old Town community lots; Lana assists Sims in Studio Town and the Mystery Man can be found in Magic Town.
  • Cashier:[TS:HD] Tend the registers located in shops and will ring up purchases made by Sims. They can also help advise Sims who try on clothes.
  • Bartender:[TS:HD] Manage bars, serving drinks to Sims who purchase them.
  • Barmaid:[TS:HD] Keep the bar area clean and tidy and can also serve drinks to Sims who are seated at the bar or at a table.
  • Food stand vendor:[TS:HD] Operate the variety of food stalls that are found on community lots. They will serve Sims food or drinks if purchased and will periodically clean nearby tables.
  • Rental shack:[TS:HD][TS:V] Rental Shack Jack operates the Downtown rental shark and will loan out boats, picnic baskets and metal detectors. His counterpart Rental Shack Zack mans the Vacation Island shack.
  • Server:[TS:HD] The waiter or waitress man the restaurant podium and begin the dining experience. They will take payment, seat Sims at a table and bring their orders to them.
  • Chef:[TS:HD] Spawned by industrial stoves, they will prepare ordered food for restaurant patrons.
  • Busboy:[TS:HD] Appear in restaurants and are responsible for cleaning tables and washing dishes.
  • Vacation Island mascot:[TS:V] Betty Yeti will appear on snow covered lots, Archie Archer in the forest region and Marky Sharky on beach lots. The mascot will roam the lot during the daytime and attempt to hug any children present, who may respond negatively if they are in a bad mood.
  • Director/producer:[TS:S] Directors lead the TV and film sets while Producers operate the music studio. Famous Sims must impress them during filming/recording in order to succeed.
  • Photographer:[TS:S] Photographers operate the photo studio and famous Sims must impress them during photo shoots in order to succeed.
  • Fashion designer: [TS:S] Designers are in charge of the fashion runway and famous Sims must impress them during fashion shows in order to succeed.
  • Dancer:[TS:S] Backup Dancers will appear when a famous Sim makes a music video and will simply dance in the background of the shoot. Occasionally one of the dancers may be replaced with the Tragic Clown.
  • Sideshow assistant:[TS:MM] Works on the performance stage in Magic Town and will assist with the magic show. If the performing Sim is not skilled enough they will hurt her, prompting her to scream and assault them in anger. If the show is successful, she will bow at the end along with the performer and applaud them.
  • Summoned assistants:[TS:MM] Glenda the Ghost, Gordon the Ghost and Someone's Mummy can all be summoned on the "Electro's Spooky Laboratory" stage in Magic Town. If the performer has high logic, the ghosts will fly around and the mummy will obey the caster's commands, dance to a piano tune, spin around and disappear.

Entertainers[edit | edit source]

These NPCs will play instruments and other Sims can watch the performance and tip them.

  • DJ:[TS:HD] Will run any DJ booths placed on a Downtown lot.
  • Pianist:[TS:HD] Will play any pianos placed on a Downtown lot
  • Violinist:[TS:HD] Violinist Carlo can serenade patrons in an upscale restaurant. Sims can request him to play a tune or tip him for his performance.
  • Sax player:[TS:U] W.C. Friendly will appears in Old Town on lots that contain an espresso bar. He will play a saxophone and Sims can listen to his performance or tip him.
  • Organ grinder:[TS:U] Giuseppi Renni appears in Old Town along with his pet monkey, Mr. McCutch, who will either ride on his shoulder or dance on top of the organ. He will appear on lots that do not have a coffee bar or pastry stand and play his organ. Sims can listen to his performance or tip him.
  • Snake charmer:[TS:MM] Nagganaste will appear on lots with a snake charming basket. Sims can pay him a fee to try charming the snake themselves, earning MagiCoins. While he is not a vendor, he will barter Snake Venom for Golden Thread.

Others[edit | edit source]

  • Old prude:[TS:HD] Miss Crumplebottom appears only on Downtown lots and will react with hostility to any public displays of affection between Sims.
  • Palm reader:[TS:U] Miss Lucille is found in Old Town and will give palm readings in exchange for a fee. Her readings can affect the motives of one or more Sims and pets in the family. Additionally, she can restore a zombie Sim back to life for §200.
  • Gardener:[TS:U] Gardener Bob will tend the produce stand, give gardening advice and sell a special tonic to help with plant growth.
  • Pet trainer:[TS:U] The Pet Trainer can be asked for guidance on raising animals or hired to train a particular pet for a fee.
  • Celebrities:[TS:S] Marilyn Monroe, Christina Aguilera and Avril Lavigne may appear at random on lots in Studio Town. Sarah McLachlan, Freddie Prinze Jr., Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora and Elle Woods are downloadable NPCs for Superstar, appearing in Studio Town when installed. Marilyn Monroe also serves as the awards presenter and will appear to give a famous Sim a special award if they have been successful in Studio Town.
  • Paparazzo:[TS:S] Appears in Studio Town. Sims can attempt to attract attention by performing in front of him, and will see an increase of fame if they are successful. He also appears as the photographer when famous Sims are presented with an award.
  • Vendors:[TS:MM] Apothecary Todd, Faerie Queen Mara and Vicki Vampiress each run a stall in Magic Town, selling goods for MagiCoins, bartering rare ingredients and giving out quests.
  • Giant:[TS:MM] Will Wright, creator of The Sims series, can be found as a sleeping giant in the clouds. This hidden lot can be accessed by climbing a fully grown beanstalk on a residential lot. Sims can only use the View interaction on him, which will display a message reading "Thanks for playing The Sims."

The Sims 2[edit | edit source]

The Sims 2 NPCs are much more colorful. For starters, basic NPCs can be interacted with in the same ways that other Sims can, at least when they're not on the job. They can be talked to, befriended, invited over, married, etc. They can be male or female, and each has a different face, hair color and name. They generally make more logical decisions, though there are exceptions. A neighborhood will usually have three NPCs of any given type (maid, etc.). If an NPC dies, becomes playable or gets turned into a vampire or werewolf, a new NPC will be generated to take the old NPC's place, but some NPC's death can cause corruption. An off-duty NPC can become a witch, and an NPC who becomes a witch will continue to do their job, although they may wear either their uniforms or their witch clothes. When The Sims 2: University is installed, every NPC and townie gets a memory of going to college, whether they did or not.

Some NPCs might corrupt the neighborhood, or even the entire game if they are made selectable, moved in, or changed in any way. Most of these unsafe NPCs have the [3] note.[1]

Townies[edit | edit source]

Townies form the largest class of NPC. Townies wander around the neighborhood or randomly walk by Sims' houses. There are many types of Townies in The Sims 2.[2]

Service NPCs[edit | edit source]

Service NPCs are NPCs that help Sims around the house.

  • Maids: Maids clean the house and do most of the housekeeping. They come every day.
  • Gardeners: Gardeners clean Sims' gardens, pull weeds, water flowers, trim shrubs, and rake falling leaves[TS2:S]. They come every three days.
  • Nannies: Nannies take care of babies, toddlers, and children. The player can have them track the calling Sim's work schedule. It's important to hire a nanny if there's no teen or older Sim in the house, as the social worker will take children who are left unattended. Nannies are also needed when going to a community lot or going on vacation would leave children home alone.
  • Bartenders: Sims can hire a bartender if they have a bar in their home. They are paid by the hour. Bartenders are also Community Service NPCs. Bartenders working at home and community lots are different bartenders.
  • Exterminators: Whenever a Sim's house is infested with cockroaches, they can call an exterminator to get rid of them.
  • Repairmen: Sims can call a repairman to fix broken objects. They'll fix everything from clogged toilets to broken electronics. They even tune pianos. Whenever a Servo is broken and he/she lives alone, a repairman will automatically come to fix it.
  • Gypsy matchmakers[TS2:NL][TS2:FT]: Gypsy matchmakers sell potions to Sims. Sims can buy love potions, or potions to cure Vampirism, Lycanthropy, PlantSimism, or Witchiness. Sims can also ask the Matchmaker for a blind date. In FreeTime, the Gypsy Matchmaker may deliver a Dusty Old Lamp to Sims with high enthusiasm in a hobby, and high Lifetime Aspiration.
  • Obedience trainers[TS2:P]: Obedience trainers train adult pets and sell Lycanthropic-B potions.
  • Animal control officers[TS2:P]: Animal control officers dress like police, and they're often mistaken for police officers.[3] They come to bring newly adopted pets to the family, or take away pets that have been mistreated.
  • Butlers[TS2:AL]: Butlers take over almost all of the Service NPCs work. So, Sims no longer need to hire every single Service NPC for housekeeping. Butlers are very costly, so players should mind a family's budget before having them hire one. Butlers don't take care of some problems, such as cockroaches, fires, or burglars. Instead, they call the appropriate NPCs.
  • Landlords[TS2:AL]: Landlords are assumed to be the owners of the apartment lots. Sims can pay the weekly rent directly to the landlords or by using the mailbox. Sims can lower their rent by making friends with them. They will garden and clean the common area in an apartment lot.

Emergency NPCs[edit | edit source]

Emergency NPCs arrive immediately after Sims call them on the phone, or when summoned by an alarm.

  • Police: Police can apprehend a burglar, but are not always able to. They also appear when a Teen is caught sneaking out or a party lasts until midnight. Sims also need to call the police when their Teens or pets run away. In University, a police officer wearing a llama blazer will "arrest" Sims who are to be inducted into the Secret Society.
  • Firefighters: Firefighters are always able to put out fires, though when a fire is very large, they sometimes call for help from other firefighters.

Other Service NPCs[edit | edit source]

Other than hired Service NPCs, there are also some Service NPCs who come on some occasions.

  • Social workers:[4] A social worker comes when any babies, toddlers, children or pets are left unattended for a period, have critical needs, or become too cold or too hot[TS2:S] and will take them away. They also come when a family adopts a child and pet.
  • Repo-men:[4] If bills are left unpaid for 3 days, a repo-man will come to take away some of a family's objects to cover the bill.
  • Mail carriers: Every Tuesday and Thursday, a mail carrier will come to a Sim's house to deliver bills. (In college sub-neighborhoods, the mail carrier comes every 3 days.) Mail carriers also come to take paid bills. Unlike most NPCs in The Sims 2, the mail carrier arrives on foot instead of in a vehicle.
  • Newspaper deliverers: Often called "Newsie." They deliver the newspaper every morning, and also deliver hobby magazines.[TS2:FT] They are always teenagers. Unlike most NPCs in The Sims 2, they arrive on foot instead of in a vehicle.
  • Carpool drivers:[4] Carpool drivers are the ones who drive the carpool and school bus, fly the helicopter, etc.
  • Pizza deliverers: They deliver pizza when a Sim orders one.
  • Chinese food deliverers[TS2:U]: Just like pizza deliverers, only they deliver Chinese food.
  • Delivery people: They deliver most of the things, other than bills, newspaper, pizza, and Chinese food. In the base game, they deliver groceries. They also bring novels (when a Sim finishes one)[TS2:FT], photo albums, and photo snapshots[TS2:BV].
  • Bellhops[4][TS2:BV]: Bellhops appear on hotel lots, and will be at the podium in the hotel lobby. Players can click on a them to have Sims check in and check out. They also deliver room service to the Sims' room.
  • Housekeepers[TS2:BV]: Housekeepers clean the messes Sims make and fix broken things in their hotel room. They arrive in the hotel in the morning and leave at night. Sims can keep them away by putting "Do not disturb" on the door.

Community Service NPCs[edit | edit source]

Community Service NPCs are Service NPCs who serve Sims on community lots.

  • Cashiers: Cashiers are always teens. Whenever there's a cash register on an unowned community lot, they will occupy it. Although they appear to be very skilled in cashiering, if Open for Business is installed, they may not have a talent badge in operating a cash register.
  • Cafeteria chefs[TS2:U]: They work in dorms or community lots in college sub-neighborhoods, if a ShinyTyme Cooktop is present. They arrive at 4 am, and leave at midnight. On community lots, they arrive shortly after the playable Sims do, as long as there is time for them to reach the ShinyTyme Cooktop and prepare food. They will clean up empty or abandoned plates, but only in the room the ShinyTyme Cooktop is in. In dorms, they will occasionally go off-duty without cleaning up empty plates and uneaten food. They will not clean up puddles left by a sprinkler.
  • Baristas[TS2:U][TS2:NL]: They serve Sims at espresso bars on community lots. They are similar to Bartenders.
  • Hosts[TS2:NL]: In restaurants, hosts greet Sims at in the podium, and seat them at any available table or bar.
  • Servers[TS2:NL]: Servers are the waiters or waitresses in a restaurant. They wait on Sims, bring their food, and clean tables and dirty floors.
  • Cooks[TS2:NL]: Cooks prepare the dishes in restaurants. Unlike other Service NPCs, they cannot be interacted with.
  • DJs[TS2:NL][TS2:FT]: If there's a DJ booth on a community lot, a DJ will operate it. Playable Sims can also work for a while as a DJ and earn simoleons.
  • Stylists[TS2:OFB]: When there's a vacant salon chair in an un-owned community lot, one of these Sims will take over the salon chair, and will be able to give Sims makeovers. They may not have talent badges in Cosmetology. Stylists don't have a fixed uniform, so they can't be distinguished from townies, should they appear anywhere outside an un-owned community lot.
  • Masseuses[TS2:BV]: If there's a massage table on a community lot, a masseuse will use it. Sims can purchase a massage from them, and they will gain comfort and energy needs. Special massages can be purchased or learned in every vacation destination.
  • Local chefs[4][TS2:BV][TS2:AL]: Local chefs cook food for Sims whenever there is a food stand on a community lot. There are four kinds of local chefs: Mountain, Far East, Tropical, and Diner. The type of local chef as well as the food prepared depends on the food stand:
    • Flippin' Fred's Flapjack Shack: char-broiled catfish, chicken pot pie, flapjack.
    • Nutritious Noodles Food Stand: chirashi, ramen, steamed rice bowl.
    • Taste of the Tropics Food Stand: luau ribs, pineapple surprise, teriyaki mahi-mahi.
    • One Complete Diner: hot dog, hamburger, gyro.
  • Fire dancers[4][TS2:BV]: If there's a fire dance mat on a community lot, there will be a fire dancer. Sims can watch them fire dancing or study fire dancing from them. They are mainly available in Twikkii Island, but they can be available anywhere as long as a fire dance mat is on the lot.
  • Tour guides[4][TS2:BV]: Tour guides appear in every community lot and hotel lot in any vacation destination. Sims can book tours from them, and when they do, a vehicle immediately arrives to pick them up.
  • Human statues[4][TS2:AL]: When Poised Podium by Performance Arts is placed on a community lot, a human statue will appear there. Sims can watch them or give them tips.
  • Break dancers[4][TS2:AL]: If there's a break dance mat on a community lot, there will be a break dancer. Sims can watch them break dancing or study break dancing from them. They are similar to fire dancers.

Wandering NPCs[edit | edit source]

These NPCs usually wander around the town, or even walk by Sims' houses.

  • Professors[TS2:U]: Professors are elder or adult Sims that young adults meet when they go to their first class in a college major. Each major has two professors, one male, one female. They can be interacted with normally, but college students can gain class performance by building relationships with the professors in their major. Playable students can also ask the professors in their major for tutoring, but that decision must be made by the player. Some professors will randomly visit college residential lots, whether or not any of the students living there are in their major. Professors may appear on community lots outside of the college sub-neighborhood, and sometimes appear on secret hobby lots. Sims can also fall in love with a professor.
  • Coaches[TS2:U]: Coaches sometimes appear on a lot, whether it's a college community lot, dorm, Greek house, or even a private rental house. They will yell at Sims and try to force them to work out, but can often be avoided.
  • University mascots[TS2:U]: There are two types of mascots. One is the llama mascot, who appears to be a costumed male version of the cheerleader. The other is the evil mascot, who is dressed as a cow. They may appear on any lot in a college sub-neighborhood. The llama mascots will autonomously do the school cheer in front of any Sims. The evil mascots will do pranks, will irritate and annoy Sims, and may even do some flirting. When the llama and cow mascots see each other, they will fight. The llama mascots will always win because their Body skill is maxed, while the cow mascots have little or no body skill. The llama mascots have varied personalities, while the cow mascots only have full outgoing and playful points, and are completely lazy, sloppy and mean.
  • Cheerleaders[TS2:U]: Cheerleaders are similar to llama mascots, except that they are always female and do not wear full-body costumes.
  • Streakers[TS2:U]: Streakers streak in any lot in a college sub-neighborhood. Other Sims will be shocked when they see the nude streakers. They can be interacted with, but they usually don't stay on the lot for very long.
  • Mrs. Crumplebottom[4][TS2:NL]: This cranky, strict old woman can be seen in any community lot in Downtown. Mrs. Crumplebottom hates to see two Sims are doing romantic social interactions in public. When she sees any, she will beat them with her purse. She will ruin any dream date, making it into a bad one. She will also lecture any Sims who are wearing undies or swimsuits, or are naked. Mrs. Crumplebottom cannot be interacted with in the usual way and will lecture anyone attempting to talk to her.
  • Dateable slobs[TS2:NL]: These slobs are very lazy and sloppy, and have the Pleasure aspiration. They can only be found in Downtown or on hobby lots. Slobs are easy to recognize since they wear very dirty clothes, and tend to fart or burp occasionally.
  • Mr. Big & The Diva[TS2:NL]: Mr. Big and The Diva have different (randomly generated) names in each neighborhood, but they always have the same appearance. Mr. Big wears a red lounge suit and has neat hairstyle, while The Diva wears black dress with red scarf, and has long hair. They are Downtownies and very rich, but also not very nice. If they move into a family, they will add §70,000 to the family funds. They always are at the top of the Slacker career, as Professional Party Guests.
  • Grand vampires[TS2:NL]: They are the leaders of the vampires in Downtown, and can only be found in Downtown at night. Grand vampires have a bluish skin tone, red eyes, and fangs. They have the pleasure aspiration. Grand Vampires always have the prefix "Count" in their name if male and "Contessa" if female. If playable Sims makes friends with them, they can bite those Sims and turn them into vampires.
  • Wolves[TS2:P]: Wolves are a unique breed of large dog, but are slightly different from dogs. Wolves may wander around a lot, and can be summoned by a werewolf.
  • Pack leaders[TS2:P]: Pack leaders appears as wolves with black fur and glowing yellow eyes. If a Sim makes friends with them, they can nibble that Sim, and he or she will become a werewolf. They mostly appear at night. They can be greeted and interacted with, but they usually break things and make messes. They also can't be taught any commands or be given commands. Pack Leaders have their own names.
  • Stinky Skunk[4][TS2:P]: Stinky Skunk wanders around residential lots. Sims may pet him, watch him, or chase him off, though the former two actions will cause him to spray them. If sprayed, Sims will get a negative memory, have an empty hygiene bar, and will be a subject of gossip. Pets can also be sprayed. Stinky Skunk is actually based on a cat, and is a universal NPC - making it playable will damage the game files.
  • Penguin[4][TS2:S]: Penguins may appear at a house if it's snowing, there's a snowman in the lot (Whether finished, unfinished, or broken), or a fish is mounted on the wall. He will talk to the snowman for hours and leave. Sims can pet him or shoo him. If he's unhappy, he will leave the house or may eventually pee himself.
  • Unsavory Charlatan[4][TS2:BV]: He appears in all community lots frequently. He is a pickpocket, and cannot be interacted with. He may autonomously greet any Sims, and may eventually pick their pocket. Sims with high logic skill may prevent it. If the Sims became his victim, they can attack him or report it to police using the phone.
  • Ninjas[4][TS2:BV]: Ninjas only appear randomly in Far East Vacation Destination Community Lot. Sims can learn to teleport by answering a questions from Ninjas, much like Chance Cards. Ninjas always teleport here and there in a lot, and then disappear, so it's quite hard to approach them.
  • High witches[TS2:AL]: There are two high witches, good and evil. Sims who make friends with one can ask to be turned into a witch. They appear on every community lot, including those in college sub-neighborhoods. The good witch will cast Beautificus Locus and summon a good spectral cat when arriving in a lot, while the evil witch will cast Corruptus Locus and summon an evil spectral cat. When both Witches appear at the same time, they will usually fight each other. The high good witch has full nice points, while the high evil witch has none.

Special NPCs[edit | edit source]

Special NPCs come when a special or rare occasion occurs.

  • The Grim Reaper:[4] The Grim Reaper only appears when there's a dead Sim on a lot. Most of the time, Sims can plead with the Grim Reaper to bring the dead Sim back to life, unless they died of old age, drowning, or have been eaten by Cowplant. When a Sim dies of old age happily, The Grim Reaper will appear with 2 Hula Zombies accompanying him.
  • Hula Zombies:[4] Hula Zombies appear only when a Sim dies of old age. They will dance hula while The Grim Reaper escorts the dead Sim. Their face resembles Bella Goth a lot.
  • Social Bunnies:[4] If there's a Sim with critical social need, a Social Bunny will hop and appear in front of the lonely Sim. Only the Sim with low social need can see them. Sims can interact with them, friendly or mean. Either way, Social Bunny will fill up the social need by any interaction. When the need is halfway to full, they will hop to disappear. There are 3 colors of Social Bunnies: pink, blue, and yellow.
  • Headmasters: Headmasters appear when Sims invite them to send their children or teens to private school. They will arrive for dinner at 5 PM. The Sims need to schmooze and impress him in order to get his approval to send the children to private school. Some pre-made headmasters have grey hair and look like elders, even though they are, in fact, adults.
  • Burglars: Burglars steal things from homes. On rare occasions, a burglar appears at night and steals something on the lot. Sims can't apprehend a burglar themselves. Players can buy a burglar alarm or get a Sim to call the police. The police officer will attempt to apprehend the burglar, but may lose the fight, in which case the burglar will get away. However, if the police officer wins, the victims will get a reward for catching the burglar.
  • Therapist:[4] Often called Sim Shrink. When there's a Sim with critically low aspiration, the Therapist will appear. Only the Sim with aspiration failure can see him. He will help the Sim to push their aspiration a bit higher. After that, he'll be gone.
  • Big Bosses: Although the Big Boss scenario was removed from the final version of the game, the game will still generate Sims of this NPC type to respond to phone calls whenever a Sim calls in sick. These Sims may occasionally show up on community lots, but they can be difficult to distinguish from townies, since they don't have a fixed uniform.
  • Reporters[TS2:OFB]: Reporters come to owned business lots, browse the shop, and score it. If the owner can impress the reporters, they will give it a positive review, or maybe even the Best of the Best Award. Reporters don't have a fixed uniform, so it can be hard to distinguish them from townies, unless they are seen taking notes. Reporters always have top fitness, but they will be thin, not fit.
  • Bigfoots[TS2:BV]: Bigfoot can be found in Hidden Burrow, the secret lot in Three Lakes. They have maximum skills and gold in every talent badge. When Sims make friends with them, Bigfoots will give them Bigfoot hug, and they will get a "Befriended Bigfoot" vacation memento. If Sims become best friends with a Bigfoot, they can ask him to move in, and another Bigfoot will be generated.
  • Wise Old Man[TS2:BV]: The Wise Old Man can be found in Pagoda in the Shadows, the secret lot in Takemizu Village. He will tell the dragon tale story. Sims who listened to the story can tell it to other Sims, and they will get a vacation memento. Sims must serve tea or bow to Wise Old Man, and then perform Tai Chi with him in order to be told the dragon tale story.
  • Witch Doctor[TS2:BV]: Despite the name, he's not a witch. The Witch Doctor can be found in the Mystery Hut, the secret lot in Twikkii Island. On arriving there, all his appliances and plumbing are broken. He will be relaxing in his hammock, and Sims can offer to help him. After a Sim is done fixing his broken stuff, he will give them a voodoo doll, and they will get a vacation memento. However, if the Sim didn't accept the doll, or was too slow to accept it, or the player canceled the interaction, the Witch Doctor won't give the voodoo doll again, unless the Sims reenter the lot.
  • Pirate Captain Edward Dregg[TS2:BV]: The Pirate Captain appears in the pirate ship if Sims plunder the captain's cabin. When befriended, he will teach Sims to sing a sea chantey.
  • Hobby instructors[TS2:FT]: Each hobby has its own instructor. Hobby instructors can be met when a Sim gains 5 levels of enthusiasm in a specific hobby, has gained maximum hobby enthusiasm, or is in the hobby club. When they're on the secret hobby lot, Sims can ask the instructors for instruction in their hobby.
  • Rod Humble[4][TS2:FT]: Whenever a new family or household moves in (merging families does not count), or a family is played for the first time, Rod Humble will appear, deliver a new computer with The Sims 3 game in it, and leave. He will not appear if the player is currently playing in a college sub-neighborhood.
  • Spectral assistants[4][TS2:AL] Both good and evil witches can summon a spectral assistant, each with different purposes. Good witches can summon one by using the Apello Servantus spell. The spectral assistant will help clean the house and garden, like a maid and gardener combined. Evil witches can summon another by using Servantus Attackum. The spectral assistant will attack the intended Sim.
  • Spectral cats[TS2:P][TS2:AL]: Also known as feline familiar. A witch can summon a spectral cat by using the Apello Cattus Amicus spell. The spectral cat's alignment depends on the alignment of the caster. Each witch can only summon one spectral cat, and the cat will always be the same if summoned again. Spectral cats will behave like common cats, with some exceptions. In particular, they don't have the bladder need, can't get a job, don't age, and can't have litters.
  • Santa Klaus[4][TS2:HHS]: Often being mistaken as Santa Claus. He will appear if there is a fire in the fireplace and there's a Santa Cookies in the same room as the fireplace. He will automatically become best friends if a Sim interacts with him.
  • Father Time[4][TS2:HHS]: When throwing a New Year Bash, Father Time will appear on the sidewalk around 11 PM. He will occasionally make a ruckus and other Sims will react to it. At midnight, he will turn into Toddler New Year.
  • Toddler New Year[4][TS2:HHS]: Father Time will eventually turn into Toddler New Year at midnight. Toddler New Year will autonomously smustle dance and fade away.

Other NPCs[edit | edit source]

Some NPCs only appear as thumbnails, cannot even be met. and never appear in the game. NPCs in this category are not included in any category above.

  • Pollination Technician:[4] If an adult, male Sim who is more than 5 days away from becoming an elder is abducted by aliens, he will get home impregnated by Pollination Technician, and will give birth to a half-alien baby. Pollination Technician will appear in the child's family tree, but is not a real Sim. It's actually a set of genetics which is given to the half-alien baby.
  • ideal plantsim[4][TS2:S]: When a PlantSim spawns a sporebaby, the baby will inherit genetics from the father/mother and ideal plantsim. Like Pollination Technician, ideal plantsim is actually a set of genetics, not an actual Sim.
  • Weather[4][TS2:S]: Weather is the weatherman on the TV Weather Station. He gives information about the current weather and predicts the weather that could possibly happen for the rest of the day. However, he is often wrong, and may forecast weather that could not happen in the current season. Sometimes, Weather tells jokes, but at others, he appears rather resentful.
  • Genie Midlock[4][TS2:FT]: Though Genie can be interacted with in the game, he is hardly a Sim. He grants 3 wishes to Sims after they have the Dusty Old Lamp, then leaves, whether the wishes succeed or fail.

Invisible NPCs[edit | edit source]

There are some objects that move because there's an invisible NPC that makes them do so. The names of these NPC's are visible when using the Tombstone of Life and Death.

  • NPC - Remote Control Car:[4] The remote control cars, both from base game and FreeTime, as well as the remote control helicopter from FreeTime, are being controlled by this NPC when Sims play with them.
  • NPC - Robot[4][TS2:OFB]: All the crafted robots except Servo are being controlled by this NPC whenever they're turned on.
  • NPC - Bird[4][TS2:P]: When the bird cage is left open, the bird might fly around the room. When it does, it is controlled by this NPC.
  • NPC - Penguin[4][TS2:S]: The truth is: Penguin is an object with animations; not a Sim or a pet. Thus, this "object" is being controlled by this NPC to make it move.

Removed NPCs[edit | edit source]

  • Big Boss: An NPC called the Big Boss was originally intended to be included as part of the Boss scenario. The scenario was removed from the final version, and the boss character remains unfinished. Its portrait can be seen when calling for a sick day, and the NPC can be rarely encountered on community lots. His files can be found using SimPE.

The Sims 3[edit | edit source]

Playability[edit | edit source]

Many NPCs in The Sims 3 can become playable, mainly through befriending them and inviting them into the active household. Since The Sims 3: Late Night the CharacterImport.xml in world files has been tuned to specify preferred NPC roles for homeless Sims.

For a full list of ways to make NPCs playable see Turning a Townie into a Playable Sim.

Townies[edit | edit source]

  • Townies - In The Sims 3 townies are simply all Sims that are not in the active household. Townies can be residents in other households, they can be homeless, or they can be part of the invisible Service NPC household.

Service NPCs[edit | edit source]

Main article: Services
  • Maid - In pre-made worlds such as Sunset Valley maids are pre-made, otherwise they are randomly generated. Maids carry the Makes No Messes hidden trait, and are often Flirty or Kleptomaniacal. The maid service recurs until it is cancelled.
  • Repairman - In pre-made worlds such as Sunset Valley repairmen are pre-made, otherwise they are randomly generated. They can be phoned when plumbing and electronic devices break down.
  • Babysitter - In pre-made worlds such as Sunset Valley babysitters are pre-made, otherwise they are randomly generated. They are always teens and are also often kleptomaniacs.
  • Adoption Service - In pre-made worlds such as Sunset Valley adoption service workers are pre-made, otherwise they are randomly generated. They are rare and usually only appear when bringing new adopted children to a lot.
  • The Pizza Man/Women - Delivers pizza. In official towns they are pre-made Sims that as time goes by are replaced by randomly generated Sims. They have the Pizza Appreciator hidden trait, which allows them to get the powerful "Amazing Meal" moodlet from eating pizza.
  • Butler[TS3:LN] - In Bridgeport there are several pre-made butlers, otherwise these service NPCs are randomly generated. They have black uniforms and will do many different tasks: cooking, cleaning, massaging, putting out fires, repairing broken objects, fighting burglars, and helping with children. Butlers are a very expensive service and require a bed to sleep in.
  • Mixologist[TS3:LN] - These bartenders can be hired for parties. In Bridgeport they can be pre-made Sims, otherwise they are likely to be randomly generated.

Emergency NPCs[edit | edit source]

These Sims will normally stick around to patrol the house after their job is done allowing Sims to talk to them.

  • Police - When a burglar appears on the playable lot and an alarm is installed, they will arrive soon after and fight the burglar, but without an alarm they can be called. However, calling the police when there's no burglar will fine the Sim §500.
  • The Fire Department - Sims with a low cooking skill that attempt to cook anything involving an oven or a microwave will sometimes cause a fire. A fire can also be started by lighting a fireplace with flammable objects nearby, or a birthday cake can spontaneously combust. The fire alarm should alert the fire department whenever there is a fire, but they can also be phoned. Prank calling them when there is no fire or putting it out too fast will cost Sims a §500 fine.

Visiting NPCs[edit | edit source]

  • Grim Reaper - These randomly generated Sims are difficult to make playable. They only appear to take away Sims that have just died. At rare occasions they will stay around the house allowing Sims to talk to him. There was a bug that allowed Sims to WooHoo the Grim Reaper and have children with him, but that has been fixed in a patch.
  • Burglar - A burglar appears at night when Sims are sleeping or out on the town. A Sim can befriend them by choosing to "Set Free" shortly after the police have made their arrest, allowing them to become acquainted so that Sims can call them on their own time. However, befriending burglars does not stop them from stealing from the sim. Burglars will be in the Criminal career track; playable sims can also become burglars. NPC burglars carry the hidden Burglar trait, which allows them to sneak.
  • Child Protection Worker - In pre-made worlds such as Sunset Valley they are pre-made, otherwise they are randomly generated. They take neglected children away from active households.
  • Paper Delivery - Appears every morning to deliver the papers. Can either be male or female, but is always a child. In official towns they are pre-made Sims that as time goes by are replaced by randomly generated Sims.
  • Mail Carriers - They are the people that deliver the bills in the mail. In official towns they are pre-made Sims that as time goes by are replaced by randomly generated Sims. They also deliver mail such as smelted metals, cut gems, mounted fish, and complimentary copies of books.
  • Repo-man - Repo-men go repossess the household's items when they don't pay their bills.
  • Science Geek - Science geeks are very rare. In official towns they are pre-made Sims that as time goes by are replaced by randomly generated Sims. They will visit lots during a certain move in scenario.
  • Time Traveler[4][TS3:ITF] - Appears at the beginning of the game to give the almanac of time. Also gives certain future related opportunities and information about the future if asked.

Wandering NPCs[edit | edit source]

  • Tourist[TS3:WA] - Tourists are Sims from other locations who are visiting foreign worlds like Shang Simla. Tourists can be any Sim that does not live in the active world, so Sun Young Kim can be a tourist in Sunset Valley and Cornelia Goth can be a tourist in Shang Simla. Tourists can also be explorers.
  • Explorer[TS3:WA] - Explorers are tourists from other adventure neighborhoods that appear in whichever one the active Sim is visiting. For example, Sun Young Kim from China may appear as an explorer when a Sim visits Egypt or France.They wear tan and khaki explorer outfits and visit tombs and graveyards.
  • Paparazzi[4][TS3:LN] - Paparazzi are recruited from the pool of homeless pre-made Sims and if there are not homeless then they are randomly generated. They follow celebrities and take photos. They are very difficult to interact with. However, there is a bug that sometimes makes them clones of pre-made and player-made Sims.
  • Future Resident[TS3:ITF] - Similar to explorers, future residents stay in the base camp of Oasis Landing.

Community Lot NPCs[edit | edit source]

  • Location Merchant[TS3:WA] - These NPCs are recruited from residents, not from the pool of homeless Sims. They only appear naturally in adventure worlds, but can appear in base neighborhoods that have World Adventures cash registers placed on community lots.
  • Consignment Specialist[TS3:A] - A resident Sim who works at the Consignment store. Since the consignment specialist is a randomly picked Sim, even sims in the neighborhood can work there. If the Consignment Specialist is moved in via Edit Town, he/she loses the job.
  • Stylist[TS3:A] - Stylist NPCs appear on community lots with at least one styling station on them. They wear a trendy outfit and will makeover a Sim for 175 simoleons. Active Sims can also interact with them to join the Stylist career. They are recruited from the pool of homeless Sims.
  • Tattoo Artist[TS3:A] - Tattoo artists can give Sims tattoos. Tattoo artists are recruited from the pool of homeless Sims. Tattoo artists appear on community lots that have a tattoo chair placed on them. Tattoo artists always have lots of tattoos on their body.
  • Bartender[TS3:LN] - These mixologists are different to the service ones; they are recruited to Bars on community lots. Bartenders are recruited from the pool of homeless Sims and if there are no homeless then they are randomly generated.
  • Bouncer[TS3:LN] - Bouncers guard doors with velvet ropes placed before them. They can be bribed for entry. Bouncers are recruited from the pool of homeless Sims and if there are not homeless then they are randomly generated.
  • Pianist[TS3:LN] - Pianists are recruited to always play the piano in lounges only. Pianists are recruited from the pool of homeless Sims and if there are not homeless then they are randomly generated.
  • Proprietor[TS3:ST] - Sims in the Singer, Magician or Acrobat careers can audition for a gig to proprietors.
  • Waiter[TS3:ITF] - These NPCs are spawned when a food synthesizer is placed in any type of community lot. They take orders from Sims, use the food synthesizer to create the food the Sim has ordered, and deliver the dish to the customer.
  • Chef[Store] - Chefs can be hired when an industrial oven is placed in a community lot. Chefs take order from Sims, prepare the dishes, and serve the food.

Other NPCs[edit | edit source]

A Bus Driver
  • Carpool/Taxi Driver/School Bus Driver[4] - These Sims are never playable and always have randomly generated names, appearances, and traits. They are not drawn from the homeless pool.
  • Mummy[4][TS3:WA] - NPC Mummies are randomly generated in tombs from sarcophagi. They have unique mummy-like names and cannot be made playable. Playable mummies are made by turning active Sims into a mummy or by summoning one with relics.
  • Bonehilda[4][TS3:SN] - This skeleton maid can be summoned from her Living Quarters if a Sim rings the bell. She will clean the lot, repair objects, fight burglars, put out fires, train dogs, prepare food and you can chat with her. She will return to her living quarters when her chores are completed. If a maid sees Bonehilda roaming the lot he/she will quit.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

The Sims 4[edit | edit source]

Residential NPCs[edit | edit source]

Service[edit | edit source]

  • Maid: Can be hired on a one-time or scheduled basis. The maid will clean the house, leaving once their chores are completed. If there is nothing to clean on a particular day, they will immediately leave for their next client. Maids do not work on weekends.
  • Nanny: Can be hired for a §60 payment along with §10/hr maintenance cost. Nannies can be male or female and can cook, clean and play with children, toddlers and babies.
  • Gardener: As of Patch 30, a gardener can be hired on a one-time or scheduled basis. The gardener will tend all plants on the lot, leaving when their duties are completed. Sims can also discuss gardening techniques with the gardener, or ask them for gardening advice.
  • Pizza deliverer: Appears to deliver pizza orders to the household.
  • Repairman: As of Patch 26, the repairman appears to repair broken objects.
  • Caterer: Can be hired for §100. Caterers will cook meals or bake cakes, depending on the type of party being hosted. Can also hire Vegetarian Caterer for §120.
  • Tragic Clown: Appear when your sim see the "Tragic Clown painting" or can randomly appear on the world.
  • Entertainer: Can be hired for §100. Entertainers will perform on instruments or with the microphone to entertain guests.
  • Mixologist: Can be hired for §100. Mixologists will man bars on the lot and serve drinks.
  • Masseuse:[TS4:SD] A masseuse can be hired by Sims who own a massage table or reflexology chair.
  • Landlord:[TS4:CL] Owns apartments. Can be hired to repair broken objects.
  • DJ:[TS4:GT] Two types of DJs can be hired: Professional DJ (§100) or DJ Headliner (§250).
  • Butler:[TS4:VGS] Can be hired for a §175 payment along with a §12/hr maintenance cost weekly. They are randomised NPCs with random appearances and traits; their traits dictate how well they will work as a butler. They are a live-in service so they require a bed to sleep in.
  • Adoption Officer:[TS4:C&D] Pet adoption service
  • Skeleton:[TS4:JA] Skeletons can be summoned through a relic found in the temple of Selvadorada. Summoned skeletons can help do chores around the house and look after children when parents are gone.
  • Firefighter: Added in Patch 95. Firefighters will extinguish all fire on the lot. There's a chance they will do a dance after finishing their job.
  • Eco Inspector:[TS4:EL] Will inspect eco footprint to vacuum the smog, returning the eco footprint to neutral. They can also be bribed to add smog to the neighborhood.

Public Service[edit | edit source]

  • Mail carrier: Delivers mail and bills to the household. Bills are delivered every Monday. Failure to pay bills will result in power and water to the home being shut off, rendering electronic and plumbing objects non-functional.
  • Grim Reaper: Appears when a Sim dies.
  • Senior Pollination Technician #3:[TS4:GTW] Impregnate male sims during an alien abduction.
  • Father Winter:[TS4:S] When a holiday has the "Father Winter" tradition, Father Winter will spawn from the fireplace or on walkby if there's no fireplace to deliver presents. Sims can also fight Father Winter for presents.
  • Flower Bunny:[TS4:S] When a holiday has the "Flower Bunny" tradition, Flower Bunny will spawn at 11 AM to spawn flowers and interact with Sims either hugging, high five, or give flowers. Sims immediately become friends if interacted by Flower Bunny. Sims can also fight Flower Bunny for eggs.
  • Scarecrow:[TS4:S] Once the scarecrow become friend with the Sim, Patchy will sometimes come to life and help with the garden.
  • Repo Person: Added in Patch 95. failure to pay bills after water shut-off or failure to pay loans will result the Repo Person to arrive and repossess objects to cover the bills. However, it will not cover the loans.
  • Civic Inspector:[TS4:EL] They will inspect if the house is following guidelines for the neighborhood action plans and will fine the household if they are not.
  • Yamachan: [TS4:SE] When the Festival of Youth is going on, Yamachan will give awards to children who find a certain number of Voidcritters.

Community Lot NPCs[edit | edit source]

  • Community Gardener: Periodically tends to the plants located on community lots and within open areas of the neighborhood.
  • Librarian: Appears on lots with the Library lot assignment and will put away books and interact with the patrons.
  • Gym Trainer: Appears on lots with the Gym lot assignment and will train Sims.
  • Fisherman: Identified by their unique overalls, fishermen can be randomly found fishing in the park.
  • Homeless Sim: Randomly selected from the pool of created Sims with the erratic trait. Will appear in the park at daytime and sleep on benches. They can be recognized by their distinctly unkempt appearance.
  • Co-worker:[TS4:GTW] Randomly selected from the pool of created Sims. They appear on the work lot when a Sim in the Doctor, Detective or Scientist Career is at work. They will only talk to other people and use things corresponding to their respective Career. Co-workers that appear on crime scenes will interview witnesses and collect clues much like the player's controlled Sim. The co-workers will automatically be hired in the respective job and be at the listed promotion level.
  • Patient:[TS4:GTW] Randomly selected from the pool of inactive Sims that are not working in the Doctor Career. They randomly appear on the work lot when a Sim in the Doctor Career is at work. They will have a disease and display certain symptoms which must be treated with medicine, a shot or surgery. Some patient cases have emergencies like the patient collapsing and pregnancy. The patient will almost always require surgery if there is an emergency.
  • Criminal:[TS4:GTW] Randomly selected from the pool of homeless Sims. They appear on the work lot when a Sim in the Detective Career goes to work. They will be locked in cells when the Sim arrives at work, but can be released from and locked in the cell again. They will simply talk to other criminals and bang on the gate of the cell. The player's Sim can take mugshots of them, scan their fingerprints and search them.
  • Retailer:[TS4:GTW] Appears on lot with the Retail lot assignment and will restock the shelves.
  • Witness:[TS4:GTW] Randomly selected from the pool of inactive Sims not working in the Detective Career. They will randomly appear at the work lot or crime scene when a Sim in the Detective Career is at work. At the police station a notification will appear indicating what they said when a report is taken. At a crime scene they will provide information that may help you find clues when a report is taken.
  • Barista:[TS4:GT] Works only in cafés, and serves coffee and pastries to customers.
  • Chalet Gardens Ghosts:[TS4:GT] Mimsy and Bernard may appear at the Chalet Gardens estate in Windenburg.
  • Forest Ranger:[TS4:OR] The Forest Ranger will roam Granite Falls and can be asked for advice about the surrounding area.
  • Bear:[TS4:OR] A Sim wearing a bear costume can appear in Granite Falls or during a Bear Night in a bar and will attempt to scare other Sims.
  • Hermit:[TS4:OR] Located in the Deep Woods of Granite Falls. The hermit can be befriended to learn a special Herbalism recipe.
  • Campfire Ghost:[TS4:OR] A ghost may appear when Sims tell ghost stories around the campfire or tent.
  • Massage Therapist:[TS4:SD] Assigned to massage tables on Spa lots and can be hired for back massages.
  • Reflexologist:[TS4:SD] Assigned to massage chairs on Spa lots and can be hired for hand and foot massages.
  • Yoga Instructor:[TS4:SD] Appears on Spa lots to teach Yoga classes which are held at set times. When a class is about to begin, a pink icon will appear over their head to indicate their role.
  • Chef:[TS4:DO] Mans the chef's stove and prepares food and drink ordered by customers.
  • Waiter:[TS4:DO] Take orders from customers, deliver them to the chef, and brings prepared food and drink to customers. Waiters with a low body skill are more likely to drop food.
  • Host:[TS4:DO] Works the host podium, greets and seats customers, and takes payment from customers.
  • Restaurant critic:[TS4:DO] Appears at owned restaurants, and will give reviews that can significantly affect the rating of a business.
  • Stall Vendor:[TS4:CL] Appear in the public spaces around San Myshuno to run the food/swag stalls. Later expansion will run food stalls in every world. They can be hired on a lot with a food stall for §100 and they can also be haggled with to reduce the price of the food they're selling.
  • Weirdos:[TS4:CL] A Sim wearing a raccoon/luchador/Bathrobe Elder costume will appear in the public spaces of San Myshuno at night time. A Sim in towel will also appear leaving in panic. They will throw away any food or drink that has been left unattended and can be seen taking a nap in public benches. The raccoon will also be found digging around in trash cans. All weirdos will have the hidden trait_isWeirdo which carries the same attributes to Erratic Sims. The raccoon will always have the Kleptomaniac, Slob, and Glutton trait.
  • City Repairman:[TS4:CL] Repairs electrical equipment on the streets of San Myshuno.
  • Statue Busker:[TS4:CL] Appear around San Myshuno to pose like a living statue for tips. They wear an astronaut or cowboy outfit in golden color.
  • Romance Guru:[TS4:CL] Appears at the Romance Festival in San Myshuno. When spoken to they will tell Sims all about their romantic destiny and if their future is bright or bleak.
  • Selvadorada Native:[TS4:JA] Appears around Puerto Llamante Marketplace in Selvadorada. They sell jungle equipments and souvenirs as well as Selvadorada foods and drinks for learning recipe.
  • Fan:[TS4:GF] Pre-made or randomly generated Sims who are a fan of celebrities "Rising Star" and higher. They appear on public lots and will be happy to see their celebrity idol.
  • Paparazzi:[TS4:GF] Appears when a Sim is B-Lister or higher in the celebrity ranks. They will always carry cameras to follow and take pictures of any celebrities "B-Lister" and higher.
  • Bouncer: Appears on lot with the VIP rope. Bouncers will guard the door and prevent Sims who do not meet a minimum fame level from entering. Venue employees can still enter to get to their workplace.
  • Director:[TS4:GF] This Sim only appears in the Plumbob Pictures lot. Directors are the Sims who give actors notes and who to tell when a Sim is ready to perform.
  • Co-Star:[TS4:GF] This Sim only appears in the Plumbob Pictures lot. These Sims are there to act alongside the player's Sim and they can be interacted with to rehearse scenes and other social interactions.
  • Background Actor:[TS4:GF] This Sim only appears in the Plumbob Pictures lot. These Sims usually will be practicing their acting skills while in their costume and makeup. They will also watch Sims during a performance.
  • Producer:[TS4:GF] This Sim only appears in the Plumbob Pictures lot. Producers work at a near video station or music station during the performance.
  • Stationary Camera Operator:[TS4:GF] This Sim only appears in the Plumbob Pictures lot. These Sims will be operating the cameras during a performance.
  • Dolly Camera Operator:[TS4:GF] This Sim only appears in the Plumbob Pictures lot. These Sims will be operating a dolly camera that can be pushed from either side of the side.
  • Special Effects Operator:[TS4:GF] This Sim only appears in the Plumbob Pictures lot. These Sims will be operating the special effects machine nearby the crew and will operate special effects for the set.
  • Wardrobe Stylist:[TS4:GF] This Sim only appears in the Plumbob Pictures lot. These Sims will be in the clothes fitting room where they will wait for actors to be styled in their costumes.
  • Makeup Artist:[TS4:GF] This Sim only appears in the Plumbob Pictures lot. These Sims will be in the makeup room where they will wait for actors to be styled in hair and makeup.
  • CurioShop Owner:[TS4:SV] Tends the curio shop in Strangerville from 9 AM to 3 AM.
  • OGA Agent:[TS4:SV] Appear after the Welcome Wagon event in strangerville, they'll take the fridge with Bizzare Fruits for evidence and will also remove all Bizzare Fruit plants.
  • Scientist:[TS4:SV] Can be found wandering around Strangerville and in the library.
  • Military Personnel:[TS4:SV] Can be found wandering around Strangerville and in the bar.
  • Conspiracy Theorist:[TS4:SV] Can be found wandering around Strangerville. They always have the Paranoid trait.
  • Possessed sim:[TS4:SV] Pre-made or randomly generated Sims with "Infected" trait may appear wandering around StrangerVille with Possessed moodlet, they can also be other StrangerVille NPCs such as military or scientists, their amount depends on current state of the infection. Mother Plant can summon possessed sims which will fight with sims attacking her.
  • Sage:[TS4:ROM] Three mentors of magic within The Magic Realm. They can turn Sims into Spellcasters and each sage teaches a different school of magic.
  • Astral Projection Vendor:[TS4:ROM] This Sim tends to the shops at Casters Alley within The Magic Realm.
  • Night Wraith:[TS4:ROM] A skinny spellcaster ghost that will stalk and scare spellcaster cursed with Curse of The Night Wraith.

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