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For fame systems in other games, see Celebrity (disambiguation).

The Fame career track is featured in The Sims: Superstar. Sims can enter this career by signing up to the SimCity Talent Agency through the Studio Town tabloid, which Nancy the Paper Girl delivers each day. Unlike other careers in The Sims, the Fame career is tracked by a series of 5 stars known as Star Power, which represents an individual Sim's level of fame. Star Power will increase or decrease in half-star increments based on performances and behaviour in Studio Town. It's not possible to be fired from the talent agency, but they will decrease a Sim's ranking if they do not work in Studio Town regularly, give poor performances, or suffer from a nervous breakdown.

The Fame career has no set hours of work; earning money and increasing fame requires the Sim to travel to Studio Town, and perform successfully when using fame-related objects. The usual metrics of mood and skills are also required, but the number of friends a Sim has is irrelevant; only the total star power of their personal friends is counted, e.g. having two five-star friends is equivalent to having five friends with two stars each. However, it's difficult for a Sim to make friends with celebrities who don't have similar levels of star power. Increasing star power is not guaranteed, even if the Sim has enough famous friends and is in a good mood. At low levels, a Sim simply needs to interact with the stage or set in order to receive payment and increased fame. Higher-level sets require performances to be conducted in a specific order, and payment is based on success at this. Prior to the performance, the director will describe to the Sim how they want the scene, song, photo shoot or fashion show to be performed, and a choice of three different actions will be presented. The Sim must please the director by performing actions in the correct order, to which they will react positively. If the wrong choice is selected, the director will react negatively, and offer multiple chances to make the correct selection.

If The Sims: Makin' Magic is installed, magical Sims can cast the Price of Fame charm to instantly become a 4.5 star celebrity. However, the charm will backfire if they already have a 3 star ranking when cast.

Studio Town[edit | edit source]

Sims in the Fame career must travel to Studio Town in order to work and progress. They can call a car which will take them to Studio Town for free, but they can only visit Studio Town once per day. It is not a requirement to visit Studio Town every day, but if a famous Sim does not visit Studio Town for two consecutive days, their star power will begin to decrease.

Studio Town is broken up into several distinct areas, based around three disciplines; Acting, Modelling and Singing. The lots focused around Acting can be identified by their golden rooftops and beige stucco exteriors; KWLW Studios, Fairchild Film Studios and Meeker Studios. Two lots are designed for Modelling, and have blue roofs and white stone exteriors; Buckingham Galleries and The Gast District. The three lots with black roofs and black brick exteriors are based around Singing; Cameron's Lounge, Midlock Multiplex, and Music for the Eyes Inc. Finally, Studio Town Center is the central hub of the town, and is more oriented towards non-famous Sims.

Fame Objects[edit | edit source]

The following objects will give Sims fame if they successfully perform at them, and cause them to lose fame if they fail. However, Sims will only be allowed to use fame objects if they have the required level of fame. A Sim who attempts to use a fame object when they are not yet famous enough will be turned away by the director.

Fame level Objects
0 stars Karaoke, Open Mic
0.5 star Photo Shoot: Print Ad
1 star Recording Studio: Jingle
1.5 stars TV Set: Commercial
2 stars Photo Shoot: Model
2.5 stars TV Set: Soap Opera
Fame level Objects
3 stars Recording Studio: Album
3.5 stars Fashion Runway
4 stars Music Video Set
4.5 stars Movie Set
5 stars All fame objects

Star Power[edit | edit source]

Fame Career Levels
0 stars) Nobody
The lights! The cameras! The adoration! Maybe some day, but for now you're just a little stain on the big sheet that is Studio Town. Figure out an obnoxious way to get noticed quick, or the show WON'T go on. Cooking 0 Mechanical 0 Charisma 0
Body 0 Logic 0 Creativity 0
Tips Friends Total Star Power requirement 0
0.5 star) Stepping Stone
Most dogs get treated better than this... and your earning power is about as exciting as your lowly star power... Channel your bitterness and frustrations into your work, so someday... YOU'LL be on top. Cooking 0 Mechanical 0 Charisma 0
Body 0 Logic 0 Creativity 0
§50 per job Friends Total Star Power requirement 0
1 star) Insider
It's time to leave your delusions behind. This isn't magic... this ISN'T glamour... THIS IS A SYSTEM, and you had better start learning to work it if you want to see the big bucks and your name in lights. Get creative... of they will tell you to get lost. Cooking 0 Mechanical 0 Charisma 1
Body 0 Logic 0 Creativity 1
§65 per job Friends Total Star Power requirement 0
1.5 stars) Name Dropper
You've arrived... At the understanding that being a star is HARD work! Pump up your body and presentation skills, as you pump palms around Studio Town. Nobody said this would easy. Cooking 0 Mechanical 0 Charisma 2
Body 1 Logic 0 Creativity 2
§80 per job Friends Total Star Power requirement 0
2 stars) Studio Fly
People are talking. Your fan mail is growing! Sure, you're only B-list, but people recognize you on the street, plus it SORT OF feels good to see yourself in the tabloids! In fact, maybe you should look for NEW ways to get famous. Sure it's great to "be discovered," but can you afford to wait? Cooking 0 Mechanical 0 Charisma 3
Body 2 Logic 0 Creativity 3
§100 per job Friends Total Star Power requirement 0
2.5 stars) Sell Out
You thought it couldn't happen to you... You were going to make a masterpiece, stick to your friends, and change the system... from the "inside." Think again. Studio Town is nothing more than an unstoppable, unregulated, unthinking, UNFEELING money-making machine. You can't fight it... you can only RIDE it, so hang on! Cooking 0 Mechanical 0 Charisma 4
Body 3 Logic 0 Creativity 4
§150 per job Friends Total Star Power requirement 2
3 stars) Trendsetter
Those ridiculous pants you wore last week are hugging every hipster's waist this week! You're an underground smash just WAITING to break out, if only you knew the right people! Separate from the herd, by MAKING yourself heard, by everyone in Studio Town. Cooking 0 Mechanical 0 Charisma 6
Body 4 Logic 0 Creativity 4
§200 per job Friends Total Star Power requirement 4
3.5 stars) Player
This is the point at which your fans start getting... obsessive. Just go with it. The more they squawk, the more famous you become. Fan the flames by dropping names, and making sure you get lots of "face time" in Studio Town. Fame... it's the only game in town... STUDIO Town that is! Cooking 0 Mechanical 0 Charisma 6
Body 5 Logic 0 Creativity 6
§325 per job Friends Total Star Power requirement 7
4 stars) Talk of the Town
15 minutes of fame... HA! Magazines, billboards, talk shows... your face is everywhere! But nobody told you it would be so much work! Plus it seems the more money you earn, the more money you burn... Keep your name in lights, or you might find just yourself... a fading star. Cooking 0 Mechanical 0 Charisma 7
Body 6 Logic 0 Creativity 7
§425 per job Friends Total Star Power requirement 11
4.5 stars) Celebrity
They say the candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long... and your star has been VERY bright lately. This is the DEFINING moment of your career... will you claw your way to the top to become a TRUE superstar... or just another HAS-BEEN, born to litter the tabloids in a pseudo-celebrity limbo? The choice is up to you. Cooking 0 Mechanical 0 Charisma 8
Body 7 Logic 0 Creativity 8
§750 per job Friends Total Star Power requirement 14
5 stars) Superstar
The world... is your OYSTER! Who said it was lonely at the top? You've got more friends and fans than you know what to do with! Sure, you've burned some bridges on the way, but that's the mark of a true artist, nay... A GENIOUS! No wonder they worship the ground you walk on! You DESERVE IT! HOW SWEET IT IS!!! But... will it last? Cooking - Mechanical - Charisma 10
Body 8 Logic - Creativity 9
§1000 per job Friends Total Star Power requirement 18

Chance cards[edit | edit source]

Chance cards have a random chance of occurring when returning home from Studio Town, provided the Sim is at the required level.

Fame Chance Cards
1.5 stars) Name Dropper
Thanks to your agent's publicity machine, The SimCity Confectioner's Corporation has issued a commemorative lollipop in the shape of your face. Now everyone can enjoy your tasty good looks! This deal earns you §1000.
2.5 stars) Sell Out
Oh no! The Studio Town Insider has written a malicious and scathing expose of your childhood. Luckily, your agent got to the tabloid before it went to print... and purchased the article. You owe them §2000.
3 stars) Trendsetter
Wow! Your agent's phone won't stop ringing. It seems everyone wants to say they know you, and who'd want to stop them? Your relationship with all your current celebrity friends has improved.
4 stars) Talk of the Town
Uh oh, a nasty rumor about you is creeping around Studio Town. It seems that everyone who matters has heard it by now. Is there any truth to it? Who cares! People are keeping their distance. This incident has lowered your relationship with anyone who's anyone.

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