Almanac of time

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The Sims 3: Into the Future

Almanac of time

Emit Relevart giving the Almanac of Time to Jamie Jolina

The almanac of time allows the player to keep track of their Sim's progress with the future in The Sims 3: Into the Future. The time almanac can be seen being used by Emit Relevart and is given by him after activating the time portal for the first time. The time almanac can be found in a Sim's inventory.

The almanac of time has three tabs: the Events tab, the Descendants tab, and the Legacy Statues tab.

The almanac may be a reference to Back to the Future since the movie features the "Sports Almanac" that Marty McFLy bought was a pivotal item that triggered the alternate timeline in Back to the Future Part II when it was stolen by Biff Tannen.

Events tab[edit | edit source]

The Events tab shows all three possible outcomes for Oasis Landing. By default, the outcome is set to the normal future, although the player can change it to dystopian future or utopian future by clicking "Trigger This Event". This however requires either at least level 1 of Advanced Technology skill and can only be done at the present neighborhood or Sims must complete a set of opportunities. The outcome can be reset if the Sim has level 10 of the Advanced Technology skill.

Descendants tab[edit | edit source]

The Descendants tab shows the active household and each member's descendants. It also shows the location of their descendants, house size, and the budget of the family. The status of Sims' descendants will reflect on Sims' family net worth, traits, getting married on other Sims, or even how many members in their family. However, their descendants' status can be change once a Sim travel back to the preset day and earning or loosing the goals. Players will know if a message shows that the Sims' future is changing.

Legacy Statues tab[edit | edit source]

The Legacy Statues tab shows the five legacy statues that can be earned. The statues are found in the Legacy park. When a Sim completes the requirements, he/she will take over the legacy statue status a Sim choose.

Unlocking a Legacy statue[edit | edit source]

The Lustrous Entertainer[edit | edit source]

How to achieve this:

  • Reach level 10 in Laser Rhythm-a-con skill
  • Have 10 different Sims watch or listen while playing the Laser Rhythm-a-con.

Reward: Receive an increase in relationship with other Sims who watch or listen while playing the Laser Rhythm-a-con

The Pioneer of Plumbotics[edit | edit source]

How to achieve this:

  • Make a "Future Tech" Quality Plumbot while in present-day
  • Install the Sentience Trait Chip to the Plumbot, while in present day.

Reward: Increase relationship with Plumbots at a faster rate and receive more Simoleons when selling Plumbots.

The Reowned Philantropist[edit | edit source]

How to achieve this:

  • Win the Lotto in present-day
  • Donate §50,000 to the Plan the Future fund at present day city hall

Reward: Gain the ability to give away Simoleons to other Sims.

The Time Keeper[edit | edit source]

How to achieve this:

  • Become best friends with the time traveler
  • Change the future to dystopia and utopia
  • Repair the future timeline back to normal Oasis Landing

Reward: Receive the Time Remote which allows different timelines to be set at the click of a button.

The Trendsetter[edit | edit source]

How to achieve this:

  • Set up a Clothing Pedestal in present-day
  • Have 4 Sims use the Clothing Pedestal to change their outfit, while in present day.

Reward: Nearby Sims will periodically change into the same outfit that you're wearing. pl:Almanach Czasu ru:Временной альманах