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See also: Register (talent badge)

Registers were introduced in The Sims: Hot Date, reintroduced in The Sims 2 and carried forward later in expansion packs for later games. They allow Sims to make purchases on community lots. Except for the register from The Sims: Makin' Magic, which is a kiosk with a cashbox, registers must be placed on a surface, usually a counter.

The Sims[edit | edit source]

Game Hot Date/Vacation/Unleashed/
Superstar/Makin' Magic
Buyability Community lot only
Object type(s) Electronics/Other
Size 1x1 table

Hot Date included two registers, one cheap and one expensive, and each subsequent expansion pack added a new type of register. Any register can be used on any community lot, and each register will spawn an NPC clerk or cashier. These NPCs are functionally identical, but their appearance will depend on the register that spawned them. The clerks spawned by the Hot Date registers will be generic downscale or upscale, depending on which register was used. Clerks spawned by the registers from expansion packs after Hot Date will generally fit the theme of the community area introduced in the expansion the register is from.

List of cash registers[edit | edit source]

Object name Game Buyability Price Size Description Notes
BS-PA4 Cash Register
Community lot §120 1x1 table Barrow & Steele registers are loved by clerks and patrons worldwide. The sleek and sophisticated design is as appealing to the eye as the increased speed and accuracy is to the temper. And with our new InvenStory control software, keeping track of what's for sale is just a button push away. So whether you own a pub, restaurant, corner shop or boutique, let BS do the selling for you!

Type: Electronics

Antique Cash Register
Community lot §310 1x1 table These antique mechanical marvels and their metal successors are a tribute to the tinkering and obsessive engineering skill of the truly evolved mind. Not many are left in this era of computer glitches and "user interfaces," and those that do are highly coveted by up-scale storeowners and antique dealers. 100% original brass and walnut trim. Wooden nickel drawer.

Type: Electronics

Room: 1

Bayes "InvenStory" Register
Community lot §229 1x1 table When Rev. Thomas Bayes first wrote his mathematical probability formula back in 1763, who could have imagined it would be controlling our lives today? Not only does the hyper-efficient InvenStory software track what MIGHT be sold in the near future, it can remember shop-and-effect relationships, model shoplifting scenarios, predict irrational customer complaints and, best of all, time employee lunch breaks down to the second.

Type: Electronics

Mechanique Cash Register
Community lot §275 1x1 table Mechanique was one of the first cash register companies, and they'll probably be one of the last. Despite all the advances in electronics, inventory software, and finger preservation, you just can't beat the sounds and FEELING these registers give your store. "If you don't mind the creak, try Mechanique."

Type: Electronics

Electronic Estimator Cash Register
Community lot §289 1x1 table This cash register by Abacus Inc. has forsaken that company's signature retro look for a no-nonsense Plastic Age modernism. Industry analysts are puzzled by the company's new direction, and have dubbed the move a "desperate grab for more cash". Regardless, it's clear that this machine possesses all of the usual Abacus amenities, such as padded buttons, finger-strain protection, and an advanced transaction calculation engine.

Type: Electronics

Kurrency Kiosk LX
Community lot §99 1x1 table Appearances can be deceiving and this little booth is no exception. Hidden behind the aged wood and brightly colored streamers is an impenetrable money managing device. More secure than any cash register previously on the market while still retaining that outdoorsy-rustic feel, this financial fortress will keep your money safe while you pull in the patrons.

Type: Other

The Sims 2[edit | edit source]

Game The Sims 2/Open for Business/The Sims 2: H&M Fashion Stuff
Buyability Buy mode
Object type(s) Electronics
Size 1x1 counter

The Sims 2 included a normal-looking register, Open for Business added a second, antique-looking register, and H&M Fashion Stuff added a third, fashionable register. Without Open for Business, or on unowned community lots with it, the cashier will be one of several teen NPCs set aside as cashiers. NPC cashiers wear a pale yellow shirt, blue jeans, and a green apron.

With Open for Business, the cash register is necessary for most player-run businesses and for learning the Register talent badge. Unlike other employee positions, Sims can be assigned to be the cashier without having to approach them. Additionally, the cash register can be used to quickly set the price of all objects marked for sale on the lot. Players should note that while NPC cashiers may demonstrate gold talent badge proficiency on unowned community lots, they may not actually have a talent badge in cashiering when hired for an owned business.

If a cash register in an owned business is left unattended or is staffed by a slow employee, customers may lose their temper, drop their shopping bags in frustration, and leave. If the owner leaves the lot before all customers have paid for their merchandise, they will pay the next time they visit the lot.

List of cash registers[edit | edit source]

Object name Game Buyability Price Size Description Notes
Llamark Electronic Cash Register
Buy mode §205 1x1 counter Change will do you good...when it's inside your very own Llamark Electronic Cash Register that is. The large buttons enable fast transaction entry, and its wide drawer and bill slots provide make it easy to stuff all those simoleons you'll no doubt be raking in. A store just isn't a store without a Llamark Electronic Cash Register.

Type: Electronics

Aunt Julianna's Old Moneymaker
Buy mode §225 1x1 counter Your clientele are the sort of stodgy, respectable Sims whose ancestors lived here long before it was even a country. They're not usually willing to part with their money, but since they own the gas company and the factories that supply you, they know they'll be getting it right back again. Keep their money in this distinguished old till while you hold it for them.

Type: Electronics

Available colors: Bronze, Black

Register Bisquit Number Cruncher by Typax Co.
Buy mode §249 1x1 counter The Register Bisquit is a perfect way to allow you to keep all the simoleons you'll be pulling in safe and protected. The cash drawer even includes a top-of-the line WashMiMoney system so money goes in grimy and comes out shiny! Perfect for giving change on the rare occasion you ever have to.

Type: Electronics

Available colors: White, Black

The Sims 3[edit | edit source]

Game The Sims 3: World Adventures
The Sims 3: Ambitions
The Sims 3: Supernatural
The Sims 3: University Life
The Sims 3: Into the Future
The Sims 3 Store
Buyability Buy mode
Price in game Varies
Object type(s) Other
Size 1x1, 1x3[TS3:ITF]

Cash Registers in The Sims 3 were first reintroduced in The Sims 3: World Adventures and come in four different forms:

  • Bookstore Register
  • Nectary Register
  • General Store Register
  • Food Register
  • Relics Register

Each register spawns its respective merchant Sim at markets in vacation sub-neighborhoods. These registers can be placed in home neighborhoods like Sunset Valley or Twinbrook, but will not contain full purchase inventories. For example, the bookstore register will only sell those books sold in the bookstore rabbit hole when it is placed in a main neighborhood, and not the rare exclusive books sold in the respective sub-neighborhoods. These objects can only be placed on community lots, and they have three recolorable channels.

Unemployed NPCs will be used to staff the cash registers on a lot. If there is more than one cash register on the lot, it may take a while for all of them to be staffed. This may or not pertain to cash registers from other expansion packs.[confirmation needed]

New registers were added with other expansions, buyable in the community lot objects under build mode. With Ambitions came the consignment shop register. The limited edition of Pets came with a pet register for the pet shop, Supernatural came with a register for the elixir consignment store, University Life came with a register for the nerd shop, and Into the Future came with a register for the bot emporium.

The Sims 3 Store added a premium content set, the Savvy Seller's Collection, which allows the players to run a business, albeit not as complex as the business system in The Sims 2: Open for Business.

Another The Sims 3 Store set, Baker's Bazaar Collection, allows Sims to sell food.

While the registers are purposed to be places in their own dedicate lot type, these will still function regardless where they're present at.

List of cash registers[edit | edit source]

Image Game Name Price Notes
  • Books Register
  • Food Register
  • General Store Register
  • Nectary Register
  • Relics Register
§0 They are separate objects, but they look similar to one another.
Consignment Register §0 For Consignment Store
Pet Store Register §4 For Pet Store (Limited Edition only)
Elixir Store Consignment Register §0 For Elixir Consignment Store. Sells alchemy skill books, elixirs, ingredients for elixirs, recipes and even sometimes gardening skill books.
Roentgen Register §0 For Nerd Shop (Comics)
Coortena Holo-Register by Arasika Industries §250 For Bot Emporium. Sells bot building skill books, crystal flowers, nanites, processors and trait chips.
Savvy Seller's Register §100 Can be used with Savvy Seller's Collection from The Sims 3 Store.
Sweet Nothing Simoleon Register §100 Can be used with Baker's Bazaar Collection from The Sims 3 Store. Sells food.

The Sims 4[edit | edit source]

Cash Registers in The Sims 4 are introduced in Get to Work. So far there has only been registers for retail businesses.

Image Game Name Description Price Notes
Bizoleans Cash Register "It's not just a POS, it's an all-in-one owner solution! Open and close your store, hire (and FIRE) employees, set your prices, and view your daily finances. You're a management maven with the Bizoleans Cash Register in your POSsession!" §50
Suros Pecuniary Cash Register "Suros engineers designed the Pecuniary Cash Register using recovered Golden Age schematics. Forced out of production by a crippling shortage of Simoleans, the few remaining models are cherished by those shopkeepers fortunate enough to trade perk points on the black market to procure one." §330 Unlocked by purchasing the Register of Tomorrow Retail Perk

Console games[edit | edit source]

The Sims 2[edit | edit source]

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In The Sims 2 for PSP, The Curio Shoppe in Service Station is run by Mambo Loa. The main character can buy things from her by interacting with the cash register.

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