Sunset Valley

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Sunset Valley
World · Featured in: The Sims 3

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Sunset Valley
Before Pleasantview, there was Sunset Valley. Founded by the Goth family, and built up by the Landgraabs to be a quiet, peaceful town. But when the Altos arrive with uptown ideals, will the townsfolk feel the need to choose sides?
Name Sunset Valley
Game  The Sims 3

Sunset Valley is the world that shipped with The Sims 3.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Sunset Valley is very large compared to the neighborhoods in previous The Sims games, having a total of 92 lots with various playable characters and about 86 in total pre-made. The main part of the town is the park, where Sims can have a picnic, go fishing, or take a stroll and maybe meet someone new; there is also a local cinema, a gym, restaurants, shops, pools, and other recreational facilities. Sims can now visit all their friends' and neighbors' homes and call up their friends with the new cell phone, for a night on the town.

Sunset Valley mixes modern and futuristic building ideas with nostalgic architecture and design rooted in American suburbs of the 1950s. The town is very unique on all accounts and hosts a whopping 25 playable families. Sunset Valley is full of places to explore and has a very diverse cityscape, leaving players hours of fun while exploring alone.

The houses in Sunset Valley are diversely priced, but every little group of houses are generally similarly priced. For example, the homes by the public beach are generally cheap, making them homes for lower-middle class type Sims, although (if viewing the water as south), the further west you go the nicer they become, until they're more like upper-middle class type homes. Summer Hill Court contains the largest, most expensive lots. The area directly behind city hall has some of the poorest houses, and behind that zone is a middle class area. Along the east side of Sunset Valley along Skyborough Boulevard are some very nice homes, probably for upper-middle class Sims.

A full view of Sunset Valley

There are 21 available empty lots for players to build on. They are priced from §1200 at the cheapest, to §14,700 as the most expensive. The amount of space (in squares) for building goes from 19x29 at the smallest to 60x60 at the largest. The most expensive lot, 15 Summer Hill Court, is on the same hill as the Landgraabs' and Alto's mansions (although if the Pets expansion pack has been installed, this lot may be taken up by the equestrian center).

Spawner locations[edit | edit source]

Lots[edit | edit source]

Residential lots[edit | edit source]

Inhabited[edit | edit source]

All owned are considered households.

Uninhabited[edit | edit source]

Empty Lots[edit | edit source]

  • 100 Redwood Pkwy 25×30
  • 130 Redwood Pkwy 40x30
  • 180 Redwood Pkwy 40x30
  • 350 Oak Grove Road 30x30
  • 365 Oak Grove Road 30x30
  • 74 Landgraab Ave 30×40
  • 99 Landgraab Ave 30×30
  • 17 Maywood Lane 30×40
  • 18 Maywood Lane 20×30
  • 415 Skyborough Ave 40×40
  • 299 Skyborough Ave 40×40
  • 53 Waterfall Way 36×47
  • 2200 Pinochle Point 30×30
  • 2250 Pinochle Point 30×30
  • 2300 Pinochle Point 30×30
  • 2350 Pinochle Point 30×30
  • 2400 Pinochle Point 40×30
  • 2450 Pinochle Point 30×20
  • 2500 Pinochle Point 40×40
  • 9 Sun Song Ave 20×30
  • 477 Sunnyside Blvd 30×30
  • 15 Summer Hill Court 60×60
  • 58 Water Lily Lane 30x40

Community lots[edit | edit source]

Sunset Valley center

Rabbit holes are not listed

Families[edit | edit source]

New families[edit | edit source]

There are a total of 86 Sims living in Sunset Valley.

Alto Family and Goth Family
Difficulty: 3
Nick Alto, Vita Alto, Holly Alto
The Altos are new money. Their unscrupulous business practices have gotten them far in this town. Unofficially, they own most of the local shops. But how did their daughter become such a Goody Two-Shoes?
Difficulty: 3
Iqbal Alvi, VJ Alvi, Miraj Alvi
Young Miraj Alvi wishes that his teen-age brother would stop giving their dad such a hard time. Is there some way he can help the two make amends?
Difficulty: 2
Beau Andrews, Victoria Andrews
Beau Andrews is an insensitive slob who spends most of his time watching television. Victoria is an artistic bookworm who spends most of her time reading. How is it that these two seem to be living happily ever after?
Difficulty: 5
Jack Bunch, Judy Bunch, Ethan Bunch, Lisa Bunch, Arlo Bunch, Darlene Bunch
Here’s the story: Two working parents juggle family, household chores, and their careers while their four children run wild. What is the right balance for this family of six to stay sane?
Difficulty: 2
Buster Clavell, Bessie Clavell, Xander Clavell
Xander Clavell is a party animal still living in his parents’ house. Buster is tired of Xander’s mooching and wants him out. Will Bessie have to choose between her son and her husband?
Difficulty: 2
Connor Frio, Jared Frio
The Frio brothers are cool – but in very different ways. Connor is shy and seems aloof; Jared is downright cold to people after he befriends them. Can anything be done to change them into the next level of cool: awesome?
Difficulty: 3
Gus Hart, Dorie Hart, Bebe Hart
Bebe Hart has a hard time as the only responsible person in the entire Hart lineage. It’s no secret in the neighborhood that both of her parents are slightly insane, so Bebe feels that the neighbor’s eyes have been scrutinizing her for ages, just waiting to see if she’ll crack too.
Difficulty: 1
Jamie Jolina
Jamie Jolina is as intelligent as she is beautiful. Can she prove to the world that the two traits can coexist?
Landgraab Family and Keaton Family
Difficulty: 2
Marty Keaton, Justine Keaton
Avid outdoorsy Sims, Marty and Justine Keaton both have active careers and active hobbies. What effect will the impending arrival of their first child have on their lifestyle?
Difficulty: 1
Erin Kennedy
Erin Kennedy is a long-term military woman who was recently transferred to town. Making friends has always been difficult for her, and she worried that things might be the same in this town. Will her fears come true?
Difficulty: 1
Gobias Koffi
Gobias Koffi is a well-meaning single Sim who just hasn’t met the right woman. Is this because he actually prefers the company of his male friends?
Difficulty: 4
Tamara Donner, Emma Hatch, Stiles McGraw, Cycl0n3 Sw0rd, Blair Wainwright
Can five young adults from five different backgrounds really stand living together in a single house? Just about every personality is represented in this wacky household...but who is the exceedingly plain guy who doesn’t socialize with others? And how did he manage to get his own room?
Difficulty: 3
Yumi Sekemoto, Leighton Sekemoto, Sam Sekemoto
Yumi Sekemoto has recently moved in with her son, Leighton, to help him raise his toddler, Sam.
Difficulty: 4
Fiona McIrish, River McIrish, Molly French, Sandi French
Fiona McIrish is used to living alone with her teenage daughter, River. But when Fiona’s best friend needed a place to live with her own young daughter, Fiona readily invited the two to live in her home. Will Molly be the perfect housemate or Fiona’s biggest regret?
Difficulty: 1
Christopher Steel
Christopher Steel is lucky by nature. Things have always come easily for him, which is starting to get boring. Now that he’s in a brand new town with no friends or job, how will he fare?
Difficulty: 1
Claire Ursine
Claire Ursine is a reclusive angler living by the ocean. Since she lives alone, she is hopeful that no one will notice her unexpectedly changing waistline.
Difficulty: 2
Susan Wainwright, Boyd Wainwright
Susan and Boyd are techno geniuses who spend all of their available time with electronics. When their daughter, Blair, was a child, they bought every toy she asked for in the hopes that she would amuse herself and give them more free time for their hobbies. Now that Blair has moved out on her own, the Wainwrights are thinking of converting her old room for their next big project...
Difficulty: 2
Pauline Wan, Hank Goddard
Pauline and Hank are certain that they will be 2-gether 4-ever because they have so much in common: parties, the beach, and music. The only question is whether they can maintain their lifestyle.
Difficulty: 2
Thornton Wolff, Morgana Wolff
Both the arts and having children are very important to Morgana Wolff, but she has just learned that her new husband, Thornton, actively dislikes both. Oops. Can these newlyweds save their young marriage? Should they even try?
Difficulty: 3
Madison VanWatson, Monika Morris, Tori Kimura, Ayesha Ansari
Four women trying to make their way in the world have come together to share this house. Madison and Monica are best friends forever, Tori is a best-friend wannabe, and Ayesha is the tomboy who couldn’t care less.

Returning families[edit | edit source]

Difficulty: 3
Simis Bachelor, Jocasta Bachelor, Michael Bachelor, Bella Bachelor
The Bachelors are a tightly knit family and Simis sees to it that everything – and everyone – is in its place. Now if only the other neighborhood kids were as well behaved as his Michael and Bella.
Roomies household and Crumplebottom family
Difficulty: 1
Agnes Crumplebottom
Agnes Crumplebottom hadn’t even changed her last name to her husband’s when an unfortunate accident on her honeymoon ended their marriage. Between her growing bitterness and her husband’s ghost scaring away gentlemen callers, only the bravest Sim would ever even try to win her heart and fortune now.
Difficulty: 3
Gunther Goth, Cornelia Goth, Mortimer Goth
The Goths have lived in town since time immemorial. The aura of gloom from the nearby cemetery suits them, but can a young boy named Mortimer grow up to be well-adjusted in such a place?
Difficulty: 3
Geoffrey Landgraab, Nancy Landgraab, Malcolm Landgraab
The Landgraabs are old money. Nancy’s family more or less founded the town, so it was no surprise that when she married Geoffrey, it was Geoffrey who changed his last name, not Nancy. Will young Malcolm be a mild-mannered doctor like his father or a voracious business tycoon like his mother?
Difficulty: 4
Kaylynn Langerak, Zelda Mae, Dustin Langerak, Parker Langerak, Iliana Langerak
Kaylynn Langerak cleans up after her brother and stay-at-home dad while her mother works all day. Now Kaylynn’s Aunt Zelda has arrived with a jungle of half-dead plants in tow and things are messier than ever!

Families in the Family bin[edit | edit source]

Difficulty: 4
Svetlana Baker, Heathcliff Baker, Becky Baker, Topher Baker
Svetlana and Heathcliff love their daughter Becky, so of course they took her in when she and her son Topher needed a place to stay. But will they be able to enjoy their retirement with a noisy toddler in the house?
Difficulty: 5
Rhett Funke, Sabrina Funke, Spencer Funke, Irene Funke, Carol Funke
Some might say Sabrina and Rhett Funke are too flaky to be successful at raising kids. Will their three talented tots turn out OK in the end, or will they let the pressure get to them?
Difficulty: 2
Gwen Glover, Holden Wozny
Roommates Gwen and Holden are an odd pair: she’s artsy and outgoing; he’s spacey and bookish. Will they be just good friends, or something more?
Difficulty: 3
Lawrence Lum, Theodore Lum, Lily Lum
Lawrence Lum is a bright, friendly teen with outgoing parents. Will he take after his computer whiz father or social climbing mother?
Difficulty: 2
Pablo Martinez, Jennifer Martinez
Lovebirds Pablo and Jennifer Martinez are outdoorsy folk looking to explore nature. Will they thrive in a new town, or will the suburban lifestyle eventually drive them to tears?
Difficulty: 3
Aimee Williams, Malika Williams, Marley Williams
Aimee Williams is a marvel in the kitchen, but her husband Marley is a bit of a dreamer. Will he be able to support the two of them and little Malika, or will Aimee have to use her skills to earn some dough?

Homeless Sims[edit | edit source]

These Sims are pre-made, but homeless when Sunset Valley is first loaded.

NPCs[edit | edit source]

Deceased Sims[edit | edit source]

Mobile version[edit | edit source]

Sunset Valley was totally different in the mobile version. The park in the middle of town was replaced with a small lake, and only a few neighborhoods and families from the PC version were found here.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Secret Mine in the Night.
Rock mural with the sun, plants, snails and snakes.
Rock mural depicting an alien attack on ancient Sims.
  • The abandoned mine can be found close to Pinochle Point, there are glowing yellow eyes peeking out of it during the day and night.
  • In the rocky gully in between Crystal Springs and the Llama Memorial Stadium, there are archaic rock murals that depict snails, plants, snakes, aliens firing lasers from their spaceship, ancient Sims holding spears running away from the attacking aliens and monkey-like creatures approaching the alien ship.
  • Many players believe that Sunset Valley is Pleasantview several decades before The Sims, where it is called Old Town. Others believe it cannot be as Gunther Goth, the founder of Pleasantview, would have been too young. Sunset Valley is set 50 years before The Sims 2 and 25 years before The Sims. Also, some believe that Sunset Valley is set on the West Coast because of the way the sun sets and rises. However, there is also a real-life city in Texas also named Sunset Valley.
  • In EA's Burnout Paradise, an area is also named Sunset Valley which may have given its name.
  • As the Sunset Valley description states, there seems to be a rivalry between the Landgraabs and the Altos. Meanwhile, the Goths are living elsewhere in town and seem to have nothing to do with it.
  • There is a Simhenge located far back from Pinochle Pond just across the hills in the outskirts of Sunset Valley. Nothing is much known about it other than being rich in deposits of iron, metal, gold and such. Though there are no major occurrences happening in that part and it doesn't seem to have any connections with the Goth family even supposing it stands close to the Goth manor.
  • The Roomies household may be a spoof of The Real World where different strangers, with very different personalities, live together.
  • Many NPC service Sims in Sunset Valley share similar facial features, eye color, hair color and some clothing between each other. All of the NPC Sims have their voice set to Voice Type A for both males and females with the pitch dead center.
  • The character Gobias Koffi is a spoof of the character Tobias Fünke on the television show Arrested Development. The Funke family also shares his surname.
  • Sunset Valley is mentioned in The Sims 4, specifically when getting a postcard through the computer. It is mentioned how "everybody and their mothers used to live at Sunset Valley" and how times have changed, an easter egg directed at The Sims 3.
    • Additionally, there is a social interaction titled "Joke about Sunset Valley" under the funny category.
    • Higher-level Sims in the law enforcement career (usually the Chief) will note their new officers to have "originated from Sunset Valley" if they become too casual with them.

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