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The Sims 4: Get Together

Chalet gardens is a special lot assignment featured in The Sims 4: Get Together. It is not available anywhere else to use, and is only found in the Von Haunt Estate neighborhood in Windenburg. Sims might get a random call in the evenings or at night to attend a special party at the estate. This special party includes a DJ booth and a bar with a bartender. Special parties are also available on island bluff and ancient ruins lots.

Von Haunt Estate[edit | edit source]

Von Haunt Estate
Lot type Chalet Gardens
Value §228, 936
Lot size 40x30
Number of floors 3
Neighborhood Von Haunt Estate
World Windenburg
Game The Sims 4: Get Together

Von Haunt Estate is the only chalet gardens lot located in Windenburg. Its only residents are a ghost couple Mimsy and Bernard, who died in the house due to a fire. The house has now created into a museum for Sims to view and has plaques that often tell about this house, and that there are no ghosts and any strange happening is "pure imagination".