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Greek house

A toga party in a Greek house

Greek houses are available in The Sims 2 University expansion pack. They return as fraternities and sororities in The Sims 3: University Life, and as gender restrictions for university housing in The Sims 4: Discover University.

The Sims 2: University[edit | edit source]

Sim State University and La Fiesta Tech each have pre-made Greek Houses. In addition, Sims can turn any on-campus residential lot into a Greek House by using the telephone and selecting "apply for charter." It costs 20 simoleons to start a Greek House, and a House will keep its charter as long as at least one member is living in it. Dorms and community lots cannot be Greek Houses.

While the pre-made Greek Houses are set up as single-sex fraternities and sororities, Greek Houses do not have to be single-sex. Since joining a Greek House is never autonomous, whether or not a given Greek House is single-sex is completely within the player's control.

Pre-made Greek houses[edit | edit source]

Sim State University[edit | edit source]

La Fiesta Tech[edit | edit source]

Related wants[edit | edit source]

  • Join a Greek House
  • Throw a "Toga Party"
  • Ask Sim to Pledge
    • This can be a want to ask any Sim, or to ask a specific Sim.

Greek house levels[edit | edit source]

As the residents of a Greek House gain more friends, the House goes up in rank. There are six ranks, and a House's rank can be checked by clicking on the Greek letters on the house. Each increase in rank increases the number of members that the Greek House can have. (Regardless of rank, a Greek House cannot have more than eight residents at a time, but members do not need to live in the House.) At the highest rank, Sims visiting campus may bring back objects as well as pizza.

In order to track and begin leveling up, the household must have a Greek letter decoration—without it, the Greek house will not be able to increase the member capacity or number of family friends.

While household members are not counted when determining a Greek house's rank, off-campus friends are. However, friends of non-resident members do not count, only household member friends.

Level # of Family Friends Member Capacity
1 0 8
2 3 10
3 5 15
4 7 20
5 10 30
6 15 32,000

Advantages of Greek life[edit | edit source]

  • Sims can visit campus autonomously, bringing back pizza and, at rank six, inexpensive objects. These include TV sets, coffee tables, desks, sofas, armchairs, game consoles, bonsai plants and toy cars. The Greek House is not charged for these items.
  • Sims can throw toga parties- they wear a special toga outfit.
  • Sims can use a "Sleep On Floor" interaction. Unlike passing out, sleeping on the floor will not decrease a Sim's comfort. In addition, noise will not wake up a Sim sleeping on the floor.
  • Sims can show affection towards one another by "horsing around" (note- has to be with a Sim they have a 100-point relationship with.)

Visiting campus[edit | edit source]

Sims will only visit campus autonomously; the action cannot be selected. The "Visit Campus" action appears at random, and may appear at any time, regardless of what the Sim is doing. It may even appear while a Sim is asleep or at class. Even very shy Sims will visit campus in whatever they happen to be wearing. If Seasons is installed, they will also visit campus regardless of the weather—even in a thunderstorm or blizzard. The player can stop the Sim from visiting campus by canceling the action while he or she is still on the lot.

A Sim who brings back a pizza will stop near the mailbox, open the pizza box, and smell the pizza. The Sim will then find a surface to put the box on and will eat a slice, regardless of how hungry he or she is. If the player cancels the "Visit Campus" action after the Sim opens the box, the Sim will put the box down and will not eat any of the pizza. If the player cancels the action before the Sim opens the box, the pizza will disappear.

If the Sim is carrying a garbage bag, it will contain an item. The Sim will walk through the front door, and an object will appear. (Players should note that, if the House has an outbuilding, its door may be considered the "front door" for this purpose.)

Joining[edit | edit source]

Becoming a member of a Greek House can be done in three ways.

By Phone[edit | edit source]

A Sim can use the "join Greek House" option using the phone. If this is done, members of the House will come to meet that Sim. A scenario begins, and the Sim has a few hours to gain enough daily relationship points (10-25) with each of the members who have arrived. If the Sim does not gain enough relationship points in the allotted time, they can continue to build relationship scores with the Sims from the Greek House, and try again. If the Sim already had enough relationship points before calling, the scenario will end immediately upon their arrival with a success notification.

Asking[edit | edit source]

If the playable Sim and the Greek House member have a high enough relationship, asking to join the Greek House will have a positive outcome or start the Greek House scenario.

Pledging[edit | edit source]

When the Greek House is the active household, members can ask other Sims to pledge the Greek House. Pledges can be influenced to do anything without using influence points, though they will still leave if their needs become low enough. After spending a certain amount of time on the lot, the pledges become full members. Greek House members can then ask these Sims to move into the Greek House.

Non-resident members[edit | edit source]

Sims who become full members of a Greek House do not have to move into the House. When playing a Greek House, non-resident members are more likely to walk by, and may be able to use some objects that visitors normally cannot use.

Non-resident members of a Greek House who are on the lot can be asked to move in if there is room for them. Unlike the normal "Propose...Move In" interaction, this does not require a high relationship between the two Sims; any resident of the House can ask. A playable Sim who is a non-resident member of a Greek House can move into the House by using the telephone, if the House has room for another resident.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • If The Sims 2: Apartment Life is installed, there is a glitch which makes the Poised Podium by Performance Arts, which is an object for community lots only, buyable in Greek houses. The object is a podium for Human Statues.

The Sims 3: University Life[edit | edit source]

Greek houses return in The Sims 3: University Life as single-sex fraternities and sororities; Sims University has one of each. Because college terms are much shorter in University Life than in The Sims 2: University, there are no pledging or joining requirements; Sims can simply move in when they arrive. In effect, they are treated as single-sex dormitories.

The Sims 4: Discover University[edit | edit source]

In The Sims 4: Discover University, fraternities and sororities aren't separate lot assignments, but rather special types of university housing. Gender restrictions for dorms can be set in their configuration panels, similar to configuring settings for a business.[1]

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