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The Sentinel Apartments in Belladonna Cove.

Not to be confused with Penthouse.

An apartment is a multi-purpose residential lot, allowing multiple households to reside in the same building. This type of lot was introduced in The Sims 2: Apartment Life and returned in The Sims 4: City Living and The Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle. Apartments are arguably a semi-communal residential lot. In The Sims 2: University and The Sims 2: Bon Voyage, dormitories and hotels serve a similar purpose, but neither of these enable multiple households to stay at the same lot simultaneously.

In The Sims 3, penthouses from The Sims 3: Late Night and apartments from The Sims 3: University Life serve as semi-communal residential lots, but work differently from the apartments in The Sims 2: Apartment Life. Neither one allows the player to have multiple households residing on the same lot. A penthouse allows Sims to live in a designated space within a shell building, while an apartment merely allows Sims to have unselectable roommates.

The Sims 2: Apartment Life[edit | edit source]

Overview[edit | edit source]

In the neighborhood view, an apartment building can be recognized by the building icon that appears above the lot. If the icon glows bright, it means it has been occupied by at least one household. If it is dim, then it has not been occupied, or all playable households living there are saved on a vacation or an owned community lot. Apartment buildings can be placed in the base neighborhood, downtowns, and business districts, but cannot be placed or made in colleges or vacation destinations. Premade apartments can be found in the Lots and Houses bin under the specialty lots tab.

The players can see the price range of an apartment building by clicking on it in the neighborhood view. If there's a playable household living there, clicking it will show the family information. Pointing at the apartment building will only show which households are living there, and if Seasons is installed, the season of each household. Each household has separate seasonal conditions, so one household can be in heavy snow, while another might be in the middle of summer. This is similar to the traditional residential lots, where each lot has a different world, and all the playable members grow older while other families outside the lot will not change save for any relationship changes with the playable Sims. This mechanism works the same in apartment buildings, except the playable occupants now have neighbors who actually live next door and can be visited.

An apartment building cannot be occupied by more than four different households, no matter how many apartment units are available. This means, once all four slots have been rented by four playable households, the other units will be occupied by a social group townie. Individual apartment households can consist of 8 Sims or 6 pets, with no more than 10 household members total. Roommates will count as pets, so there can actually be 9 Sims in a household. Therefore, one apartment building can hold up to 36 player-controlled Sims. However, the more Sims there are living in an apartment building, the slower the game will perform.

Moving in[edit | edit source]

Apartment hunting[edit | edit source]

When a household has been moved onto an apartment lot, they will go apartment hunting until they rent an apartment. While apartment hunting, Sims can use any objects in any common areas or interact with the household members or the landlord. The landlord will remain on the lot indefinitely until Sims rent an apartment. However, there are many things Sims cannot do before they rent an apartment:

  • Sims cannot knock on doors or ask members of other existing playable households to come out, and Sims already living in apartments will not come out.
  • Sims cannot order groceries or hire services, except for adoption and matchmaking services.
  • Sims cannot go to community lots. Sims can go on a date or outing, but are limited to the apartment lot.
  • Sims cannot go on a vacation.
If FreeTime is installed, at exactly 10 o'clock or after 2 hours, Rod Humble will come, but since there is no valid home where he can place his delivery, the game will hang and the player can only go back to neighborhood view. If the player is playing with testingcheatsenabled true, he will constantly produce error messages, and the only way to stop it is by choosing "Delete". The only known way to get around this issue is to move the family in before 10 o'clock, or by using the setHour cheat.

Fortunately, no social class townies will appear to rent any of the vacant apartments until the player selects an apartment for the household to rent. If, by chance, the player decides to quit or switch to another household from the apartment hunting household, players can still continue playing them later. However, if the players play a household that lives in the apartment where the previous one is still hunting, they will never see the apartment hunters anywhere on the lot. They are considered to be not yet living there, and all the vacant slots will be occupied by social group townies. When the apartment hunting household is played again, the slots will still be vacant for rent, though.

Checking out[edit | edit source]

Other apartments will darken to help the player determine which side is part of the apartment slot

Before renting, Sims can check out an apartment. While checking out, the inside of the unit will be visible to the player and accessible to the Sims in the household, and all other apartments except the one Sim is checking out will be dark. This helps players determine which areas belong to each apartment unit. This is just an optional procedure and Sims don't need to check out an apartment before renting it.

Renting[edit | edit source]

To rent an apartment, the player must click an apartment door and choose the Rent interaction. It will show the weekly rent price, which is based on the apartment size and the furniture in its unfurnished state (kitchenware, plumbing, etc.). If Sims can afford to rent the apartment, the renter will approach the landlord and sign the lease.

Once rented, apartment doors can be locked to prevent lot visitors or neighbors from entering the apartment, in addition to the other lock options. Moreover, Sims can lock certain doors to prevent roommates from passing through them.

Apartment units are technically fully furnished for use by apartment townies; however, these furnishings will not appear for playable Sims when they move into the apartment. Players can rent the apartment unit fully furnished by enabling the testing cheats, shift-clicking on the apartment door, and choosing the Rent Furnished interaction.

Apartment living[edit | edit source]

Landlord duties[edit | edit source]

The landlord is an NPC who will come every morning and perform daily services and maintenance on the apartment lot.

  • Landlords will clean up messes, exterminate roaches, and repair broken things in common areas.
  • Landlords will tend all gardening tasks in the common areas as well as in Sims' apartments, even if they lock it.
  • Landlords can be requested to repair and exterminate roaches that are in Sims' apartments.
  • Landlords will come and complain if an apartment is dirty or noisy.
  • Landlords will ask for overdue rent.

Paying rent[edit | edit source]

Rent is due every Monday. Sims can pay the rent by clicking the apartment mailbox near the street. If Sims don't pay the rent on Monday, the landlord will come to collect the overdue rent by knocking the apartment door. Sims will be forced to pay the rent and the relationship toward the landlord will decrease. If the Sims cannot pay the rent, the relationship damage will be worsened, and the landlord will come again the next day. If Sims don't respond to the landlord or are away while the landlord comes, no relationship damage will occur.

If the rent is overdue for three days or until Friday, the landlord will stop coming but the rent will be added to the bill, which will be sent on the next Tuesday.

The rent can be lowered by:

  1. Having a roommate.
  2. Befriending or being romantically involved (-10% reduction), or becoming BFFs (-25% reduction) with the landlord.
  3. A secret networking benefit (-10% reduction)

Additionally, Sims can get an extra +5% rent from a secret networking penalty. The rent price change will only affect the week after Sims receive the benefits or penalties. A roommate's share depends on how many Sims are in a household. For example, a household with 3 members will deduct one-third of the rent, or with 6 members will deduct one-sixth of the rent. Thus, the smaller the household, the more the roommate's share.

Fire[edit | edit source]

A fire that occurs in an apartment building will be noticed by all apartment tenants. Even if a room that is on fire lacks a smoke detector, a firefighter will eventually arrive to put it out, although the smoke detector will summon them more quickly.

When a fire breaks out, all Sims will leave their apartments, then panic. They will not gather around the fire, unlike Sims on normal residential lots. If there is a baby or toddler in an apartment, an older Sim will carry them out to the mailbox.

Neighbor's apartments cannot be set on fire. Evil witches can cast Inflammo, but the fire will not start.

Apartment services[edit | edit source]

Since most maintenance services are controlled by the landlord, some service Sims cannot be hired. The services or people that cannot be hired or called include:

  1. Gardener
  2. Exterminator
  3. Repairman
  4. Garden Club member

Since the apartment garden doesn't belong to the tenant, Sims cannot ask a Garden Club member to inspect or become a member of the Garden Club. Sims can buy the Planthopic-C from the gypsy matchmaker if they turn into PlantSims. Sims also cannot run a home business in an apartment.

Additionally, apartment dwellers have a special service: babysitting. Adults or elders can ask teen or older neighbors to babysit their child(ren) by using the "Ask to Watch Kids" interaction. The interaction is never rejected, and the neighbor serves as a babysitter until they are dismissed. Babysitters will have their needs frozen and will never tend to their own routines, like going to work or school. The only drawback is that they cannot track the Sims' schedule, so Sims must ask them every time they need their services. Sims must ask them in person to babysit, so if they are off the lot to work or school, or asleep, Sims must wait until they become available. Babysitters can also be asked to take care of the children and pets if the Sims are going on a vacation.

Weekend parties[edit | edit source]

Every Saturday, the landlord will throw a weekend party; this party is not a scenario event. In this weekend gathering, the landlord will announce it, turn on a communal stereo, make drinks at a communal bar, and grill or order a pizza.

Sims can throw a building party by using the phone. Sims cannot invite particular Sims in the party, but all neighbors count as the invited guests. This party is quite difficult though, because sometimes all the neighbors are away to work or just don't feel like hanging out with the host. They also tend to stay in their apartments, making it harder to socialize.

Roommate[edit | edit source]

Roommates are an effective way to reduce the weekly rent. Roommates are treated like pets; they are selectable, but not controllable. Thus, roommates will act on their own free will. They will take care of themselves to replenish their needs, and if they have low enough needs, they will run some errands by going to a community lot, and all their needs will be full. Going to work will also fill up their needs to the top.

Sims can search for a roommate by using the newspaper or computer. Sims can also place an ad over the phone. Occasionally, Sims will receive phone calls from social group townies who want to become a roommate. The number of roommates available by newspaper and computer will decrease if the searching Sim's reputation is worse than Dubious Delinquent. Only social group townies are available as roommates through the newspaper or computer. Sims can ask any townie to become their roommate if their relationships are high enough.

Roommates are only available in an apartment. Roommates have jobs and go to work, but their salary will not contribute to the family funds. Their only contribution is to reduce the rent price. The player cannot access and see a roommate's inventory. The inventory tab will be replaced with Roommate Satisfaction tab. The roommate satisfaction will change depending on their mood and their relationship towards the household members. Unsatisfied roommates are likely to move out if their satisfaction is not improved.

Building in apartments[edit | edit source]

Similar to living in a dorm and hotel, some elements in Build mode are restricted. The noticeable difference is that players can use the Sledgehammer Tool and the Collections feature in apartments. Players are able to add and remove wallpaper/paint, ceilings, landscaping, gardens, and columns. Players cannot remove walls, doors, and windows. Sims can add flooring, but cannot remove it.

There are several objects that are not available to buy in apartments, including the iN Style v1.5/v.2 Closets by Simsational Inc., the built-in closets which Sims can use for a closet WooHoo, and the Very Mysterious Shelving, the secret door bookcase. The player cannot remove these items if they are in the apartment when a household moves in.

Additionally, players can buy some architectural parts, such as cornices and pipes in the Miscellaneous Decorative section. If Mansion and Garden Stuff is installed, the objects appear in the Architectural catalog in the Build Mode, thus disabling it from access. Players however can still buy them if they appear in the collections.

To see how to build a custom apartment, see Game guide:Building an apartment.

Neighbors[edit | edit source]

One specialty of living in an apartment is that Sims now have visible neighbors that actually live next door. Sims can socialize with them and gain some benefits by befriending them, or even find a new romance. Vacant apartments are occupied by a selection of social group townies. Thus, neither townies nor downtownies will become apartment neighbors. The type of social group that will occupy the vacant apartments depends on the lot class. Low class apartments will be occupied by gearheads and bohemians, Middle class apartments will be occupied by bohemians, jocks, and techs; and High class apartments will be occupied by techs and socialites. Additionally, the player may move up to four households onto the lot, and each households' members can interact with the others in the same manner.

Fog of privacy[edit | edit source]

Apartments that are occupied by other households will turn dark with the fog of privacy, similar to dormies' rooms and hotel suites. This helps distinguish which part belongs to the Sims' apartment, as well as to reduce the loading time.

While the apartment is covered in a fog of privacy, the players cannot see objects or Sims inside it. To view the content of the apartment, Sims must knock on the door and be welcomed in. This is a bit different from dorm and hotel fog of privacy, because normally, the player can see what's inside by viewing the inventory or while in Buy mode or Build mode.

Welcome wagon[edit | edit source]

Newly moved-in households will be welcomed to the neighborhood, similar to when a household is moved into a single family house. However, in apartments, the welcoming neighbors are all residents on the same apartment lot. Additionally, the manner in which the neighbor Sims introduce themselves is dependent on where the household Sims are.

  • If all of the members of the household are inside the apartment, neighbor Sims will come in and introduce themselves.
  • If a member of the household is in a common area, neighbor Sims will approach him/her and introduce themselves.
  • If none of the members are present, a message will notify the Sims that they are off the lot.

Visiting the neighbors[edit | edit source]

By default, neighbors will not invite themselves into Sims' apartment, unless the Sims unlock the apartment door. Neighbors can be invited into the apartment through a phone call, or by calling the neighbor Sim over if they're in a common area. If a neighbor Sim is in their apartment, they can be asked to come out, then led to the household apartment.

Sims can also visit their neighbor's apartments by knocking on the neighbor's door. If they haven't met, introducing to neighbors will always accept Sims to enter their apartment. Once accepted, their apartment will load slowly and their objects become visible. The neighbors are always in front of their apartment door.

When knocking, either to enter a neighbor's apartment or to call a neighbor out of theirs, the following conditions must be met:

  • The neighbor must be on the lot
  • The daily relationship score between the neighbor and the knocking Sim must be at least 30
  • It must be between 6 AM and 10 PM.

All objects remain at the state when they were last saved if the neighbor is another playable household. For example, if there is a painting in an easel, the visiting Sims can scrap the painting and use it to paint a new one. Or they can steal a Thinking Cap by bringing it to their own apartment, or break things, or even leave messy trash. This state, however, will not be changed when the other household is played again. The easel remains intact, the Thinking Cap is untouched, things are not broken, and everything is clean, as if neighbors have never visited the place. This can be quite beneficial since neighbors can share things for their own good, such as career rewards.

Some interactions cannot be done while visiting neighbor's apartment. Fires cannot be started while visiting. Sims only have limited, if not at all, interactions to babies, toddlers, kittens, and puppies. Sims cannot pick them up and leave them outdoors. Sims can cook in a neighbor's apartment, but the food points are deducted from their own fridges, not the neighbor's, and they cannot eat at the neighbor's apartment; they will leave to eat after they finish cooking. Sims cannot pass through locked doors in a neighbor's apartment.

Mingling in common areas[edit | edit source]

Neighbors usually mingle around common areas and use communal objects. This is a good way to socialize with the neighbors. If the apartment door is unlocked to enable them to enter, they will be more likely to spend their time there. They will eventually return to their apartments if their needs become too low.

Neighbor toddlers and pets will never get out of their apartments by themselves. If they manage to get out, they can go back by themselves.

Errands[edit | edit source]

Neighbors may or may not be available to interact with. Neighbors still have their own responsibilities. They will go to work and school, and their schedule depends on their career. They will depart as soon as the work hour starts, even if they're in the middle of conversation. Playable neighbors won't gain or lose any salary, work performance, school grades, career level, skills or enthusiasm when another household is being played.

Neighbors have a longer bedtime compared to that of other Sims. They go to sleep at 10 PM and wake at 6 AM, and Sims cannot visit nor call them during this time, compared to the usual calling hours for non-apartment Sims. Sims living in apartments can still be called during the usual times by Sims not living on the same lot.

Complaints[edit | edit source]

When Sims make loud noises or too many messes, neighbors or the landlord will start complaining. These complaints pop up every 15 minutes and reduce the relationship between the played Sim and the complaining Sim. Receiving complaints drops the responding Sims' actions queue and disturbs sleeping Sims. Sims might respond well or shrug to the complainer. Both responses reduce relationship, but the latter is worse.

Noise[edit | edit source]

Noise made by the playable Sims is cumulative. The more noisy activities Sims do, the more likely neighbors will come to complain. The types of noise acceptable during the day and during the night differ. Some activities can make noise and disturb neighbors at any time, including:

  • Jumping on the bed or couch
  • Playing instrument with low Creativity skill
  • Drums
  • Karaoke

However, there are several activities or noises that are prohibited only at night:

Throwing a party becomes more difficult if started in the afternoon, because it will usually end at nightfall, and neighbors will constantly complain about it. Try throwing one in the middle of the day.

Neighbor noise[edit | edit source]

Neighbor noise coming through a shared wall.

Neighbors can also produce noise through shared walls. Walls that are adjacent to neighbor's apartment are likely to cause noise, which will significantly lower the environment and disturb sleep. The probability of the noise production depends on the lot class and the average lifetime relationship between all members of both neighboring households:

Lot class Noise probability
Low class 10%
Medium class 5%
High class 2%
Lifetime relationship Additional chance
-100 – 0 +10%
1 – 50 +5%
51 – 100 +0%
A Sim banging on the wall in response to neighbor noise.

When neighbors make noise, Sims can bang on wall or complain to the neighbor. Both ways will stop the noise, but complaining will reduce the relationship between the complaining Sim and the neighbor that answers the door.

There are several ways to prevent the trigger of noise. If apartments don't share the same walls, neighbors cannot make noise. Apartments that are separated by each story will never produce any noise. Technically, neighbor noise is an invisible object. This invisible object cannot be made if there's no free space adjacent to the wall, so placing objects against the wall will prevent noise from occurring.

Smell[edit | edit source]

The complaints that are caused by smell is similar to noise. If the apartment is full of stinky objects, such as garbage, dirty dishes, or diapers, neighbors will start to ring the bell and complain.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Death by flies is a tough way to die in apartment, because neighbors will start complaining before Sims can even step on the fly-infested objects.
  • Sims cannot throw a new year's bash in an apartment.[TS2:HHS]
  • Souvenir benefits can be spread all over the apartment lot by visiting an apartment that owns souvenirs. After that, the benefit will stick to the Sims even after they leave the apartment.[TS2:BV]
  • Genie lamp delivery can be intended for anyone who lives in an apartment building, but only the currently played household can accept it. This means the chances are greater because roommates and neighbors count as the eligible Sims.[TS2:FT]
  • Date and outing rewards, as well as genie lamps will be stuck in front of Sims' apartments, but they won't appear if other playable households are played.[TS2:NL][TS2:FT][1]
  • If Sims who live in an apartment have an outing in which one of the members is in a neighboring apartment, it will be tricky to go to a community lot. The neighbor must be present on the lot and must be available to go to the community lot. Otherwise, Sims must wait for them until they are present and available. For example, if the outing occurs after 10 PM and the Sims are leaving for the outing by taxi, the taxi will remain unmoved until morning when the neighbor is awake. If the neighbor goes to work in the morning, the taxi will have to wait until they get home. This will not count as standing up other members of the outing, but will waste Sims' time.[TS2:NL]
  • The gift that bigfoot usually brings home from work will be stuck in front of the mailbox.[TS2:BV]
  • Receiving a restaurant coupon from the apartment mailbox will cause an error.[TS2:NL][1]
  • If Sims who live in an apartment have an outing in which one of the members is in a neighboring apartment, it may cause the game not to recognize the Sim who lives in that apartment. If the player hovers the mouse over the apartment door, it will just say "Unique Separator".[TS2:NL]
  • Sims might occasionally be unable to use the spiral staircase, as if something is blocking in their way.

The Sims 3 Late Night & University Life[edit | edit source]

Apartments, although not explicitly defined, is a feature in The Sims 3: Late Night. Many of the apartments exist in the form of penthouses, although they can't be set up without out. Unlike in the previous game, the player cannot move in more than one household nor play as neighbors. Instead, a random towny is chosen to inhabit units that are built with the hidden room marker. NPC residents of the apartment can be asked to come out by clicking on their door or buzzing them with a callbox. However, the active household cannot visit the units of the resided NPCs.

Any residential lot with an apartment system can be built, via with the use of public and room markers. Communal areas (such as lobbies) need to be marked with the public room markers, so that visitors can interact in public spaces without having to be greeted. Rooms that are purposed to be apartment units for NPCs need to be marked with hidden markers. After marking, the doors of these then must be assigned as NPC doors by ^ Ctrl⇧ Shift-clicking them. The hidden room marker can also be used to conceal up inaccessible rooms that serve no practical use. Rooms that don't have a public or hidden room marker in them are designate space for active household to live and refurnish.

With The Sims 3: University Life, an apartment is featured as a lot assignment for residential type. Much like dorms, Sims rent instead of buying it when moving in. Sims added to one will be considered part of the same active household and will be controllable by the player. When a household is moved in, it will automatically be joined by a number of NPC roommates, who will each contribute to the rent payment. Apartment households will be filled with roommates at 9 o'clock in the morning. Each individual rooms can be assigned to specific roommates with the new upgraded locking system, leaving room markers completely optional for incorporation in building the lot.

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The Sims 4[edit | edit source]

The Sims 4: City Living[edit | edit source]

Overview of an apartment building.

In the map view, an apartment complex can be recognized by a building that has a light blue outline on it when hovering over it. On top of the building, there is a grey/green icon with a white plumbob indicating that there are residents in the building. If there is no plumbob icon, there are no households living in the apartments. When selecting one of the buildings, a new view of the building is shown with all of the apartments and their interior. Unlike previous games, apartment buildings in City Living can not be built in other worlds, and are only available in San Myshuno and Evergreen Harbor.

When hovering over an apartment in the special view, it will show the cost of the furniture, the deposit/rent, the lot traits and the household that lives in the apartment, if any. Apartment buildings usually have 2-4 apartments per building and up to 4 families can live in the same complex. Clicking on one the apartments shows the description the apartment has and more information on the lot traits. The options the player can use such as moving households in and out or going to build mode is the same as with normal lots.

Apartment living[edit | edit source]

Landlord duties[edit | edit source]

Landlords are NPCs who the Sim has to pay the rent for. Sims can call landlords to help on things such as clearing out pests, repair broken objects and fix plumbing or faulty electrical wires. A Sim who has a good relationship with the landlord will have them wanting to fix broken objects more frequently. If the landlord is called to way too much, they will refuse to fix whatever problems are in the apartment.

Paying rent[edit | edit source]
A Sim paying rent.

Rent is due on a weekly basis. Sims can pay the rent by clicking their apartment mailbox located in the common area, on the computer, or on their personal cellphones. The amount of the rent depends on the apartment. Some low-end apartments have very cheap rent and richer apartments will have more costly ones. If the rent has not been payed by a Sim who is a teen or older, their utilities will be turned off one by one until the rent has been payed, similarly to bills.

Pests/Filth[edit | edit source]

In San Myshuno, some apartments have a special lot trait that can't be removed by the player. This lot trait adds special pests and filth to the apartment such as cockroaches, mice and sludge filth that leaks through the sewers. These pests will give Sims tense and uncomfortable moodlets. Sims can try to exterminate them by themselves, but there is a chance of a failure and making the pest even worse. The landlord can easily destroy them, but it is depended on the relationship the Sim has with the landlord. Cats can also hunt mice.[TS4:C&D]

Fire[edit | edit source]

A fire that occurs in an apartment building will be noticed by Sims living in the building. When a fire breaks out, Sims will leave their apartments, then panic. They will not gather around the fire, unlike on normal residential lots and some Sims in the household will immediately extinguish the fire. If there is a toddler in the apartment, an older Sim will carry them out.

Bulletin board[edit | edit source]
The bulletin board.

All common areas in apartment buildings have a bulletin board that can be used by Sims. They are usually used as a way to check out the latest festival and to leave either a passive-aggressive note or an affirming note based on the Sims' mood. Neighbors will occasionally leave notes on the board that Sims can read. If a Sim reads a note leaved by their neighbor, a notification will appear telling the notes content and the Sim will gain a happy moodlet.

Building in apartments[edit | edit source]

As apartments are located inside big buildings with other residents, some elements in Build mode have been restricted. Players can't remove outer walls, windows or doors. However, inner walls can be added and removed by the player, along with wallpapers, flooring, columns, and fences being modifiable. Basements and fountains can't be built in apartments, but pools can be.

Some apartments have special objects that can't be removed in any form by the player. These include special fireplaces, memorial plaques, sewers, mouse holes, pipes, and electrical wires. On the other hand, all normal build mode objects are available in apartments except for rocket ships.

Lot traits[edit | edit source]
Main article: Lot trait

Every apartment in San Myshuno has pre-selected lot traits that can be modified by the player. However, some apartments have special locked traits that can't be removed. This is because some shells have objects (or pests) in them that require these specific traits.

Neighbors[edit | edit source]

Living in an apartment complex comes with its own upside and downsides, with one of them being close door neighbors. Sim can socialize and befriend with them, become enemies, or even find a new romance. The apartment buildings in San Myshuno have usually one pre-made household in them, but the player can add as many households the building can occupy. Unlike other residential lots, the game will not create random townies to live in the apartments. Instead the player has to put manually their own neighbors if the pre-made ones have moved out, been deleted, or died.

Sims who have high friendly relationships with their neighbors or any other Sim can give them the key to their apartment, allowing them to walk into the household apartment anytime they like. The key holders come out randomly in the day starting a social event, which is usually things such as pop ins, game nights, and normal hangouts. Players can cancel the Sims' social event whenever the player wants. After doing that the key holder will disappear, with no relationships being reduced. Additionally, Sims can revoke the keys from the key holders.

While Sims are cooking or doing something "cool", neighbors will knock on the Sims' door and ask if they can come in. Sometimes neighbors will be bored and ask the apartments Sims to do something interesting, and sometimes they might ask to use the shower if their apartment is having water problems. Sims can deny and accept all of these requests and when accepting the neighbor will come in, do the things they want to do, and leave.

Fog of privacy[edit | edit source]

Apartments occupied by neighbors will turn grey with a ceiling type texture on top. This helps distinguish which part of the building belongs to the players Sims' apartment.

While the other apartments are covered in a fog of privacy, players cannot see objects or Sims inside it, but can see the layout of the apartment. In order to view the content of the apartment, Sims must knock on the door and be welcomed in.

Welcome Wagon[edit | edit source]

Newly moved households will be welcomed to the neighborhood, similar to when a household is moved into a normal lot. The neighbors will come to greet the new residents with gourmet fruitcake and they arrive about 3 hours after the household has moved in. If the neighbors are not greeted within a couple hours, the welcome wagon event will end and the neighbors will leave with a decrease in their relationships with the members of the household.

If there are no neighbors in the apartment building, Sims from other apartment complexes in the neighborhood will come instead. If there aren't Sims living the neighborhood, there will be no welcome wagon at all.

Visiting the neighbors[edit | edit source]

Neighbors will not invite themselves over to the Sims' apartment, unless they have the goofball trait. They can be invited into the apartment through the cellphone, by talking to them when they're in the common area, or by knocking on their door. When a neighbor is visiting, they will autonomously try to enjoy themselves. The neighbor will leave on their own sometimes later, or Sims can just ask them to leave.

Sims can also visit their neighbors apartments, but when doing so a loading screen will appear. After that, Sims can knock on the door and if the neighbors are in the apartment, the Sim will usually be invited in. While visiting the neighbor Sims can do pretty much the same things as in their own apartments, but they can do inappropriate actions such as sleeping on their beds, cooking food, or taking a shower. The neighbor will warn the Sim from doing these actions and if it's continued, the Sim will be kicked out and can't go in again for a while. This can however be avoided by purchasing the "Always Welcome" aspiration reward trait.

When trying to visit the neighbors or ask them to hangout, the following conditions must be met:

  • The neighbor must be on the lot
  • The Sim hasn't been kicked out of the neighbors apartment recently

If a visiting Sim leaves trashes on the ground, unfinished paintings on the easel, dirty and broken objects, or steals objects in the neighbors apartment and leaves, when the player switches to play as the neighbors, everything will remain in the same state as they were when the visiting Sim left. If the Sim visiting is still in the apartment when the player changes to play as another household, the visiting Sim will still be there, but in a different position.

Mingling in common areas[edit | edit source]

Neighbors usually come out from their apartments into the common area to pay rent, take the trash, or go to work/school. It is a good opportunity for Sims to socialize with them. The neighbor(s) will eventually return to their apartments.

Neighbor toddlers will never get out from their apartments, if the Sim isn't visiting them.

Errands[edit | edit source]

Neighbors aren't always available to be interact with as they will still have own responsibilities. They will go to work and school, and their schedule depends on their career and the career level. They will depart as soon as the work hour starts. Playable neighbors won't gain or lose any salary, work performance, school grades or career level when another household is being played.

Neighbors seem to never go to sleep and are usually available at any time of the day or night, unless everyone is at work or school. If Sims call their neighbor in the night, the neighbor will answer and say that they are sleeping, even though they're completely awake when visiting them. Sometimes the neighbors aren't also available when Sims try to ask them to hangout.

Complaints[edit | edit source]

A neighbor complaining about noise.

As Sims live in close quarters in apartments, a lot of the things they mostly do is everybody's concern. If Sims make noise very late in the evening, at night, or very early in the morning, a neighbor might come to the front door and ask if the Sim could be quiet. Sims might respond willingly or shrug to the complainer, with both reducing the relationship. If the Sim who made the noise won't answer the neighbor at all, they will call that Sim a horrible neighbor and walk back to their own apartment.

Noise[edit | edit source]

Noise made by the playable Sims can be annoyingly loud for the neighbors. The more noisy activities the Sims do, the more likely neighbors will complain. The types of activities that can create noise are:

  • Playing stereos in the loudest option
  • Playing an instrument
  • Using the microphone
  • Singing in the shower
  • Singing karaoke
  • Playing the DJ booth[TS4:GT]

Throwing a social event such as a house party or a costume party in the evening can be very hard for the Sims to achieve, as the party can easily end at night, and neighbors will likely complain about it. It is suggested to throw these parties in the afternoon for no neighbor complains.

Neighbor noise[edit | edit source]
Neighbor noise coming through a neighbor's front door.

Neighbors will also produce their own type of noise. The probability of the noise production can also depend on the lot traits of the apartment. If the quiet lot trait is locked into the Sims' apartment, the noise will never happen. Apartments locked with the lively neighbors lot trait will instead cause the neighbors to produce noise even more frequently.

A Sim pounding on a neighbor's front door in response to noise.

When neighbor noise is produced, all sleeping Sims in the apartment will wake up and everyone will gain either an angry or a tense moodlet. Sims can either knock or pound on the neighbors door to make them answer. Sometimes the neighbor will not hear a Sim knock on their door, but will react immediately when a Sim is pounding on it. When a neighbor answers the Sims complain, they will either accept it or just shrug it off, both reducing the relationship between the neighbor and the complaining Sim.

One of the noises neighbors can produce while partying is "Turgid Apocalypse", a metal song from The Sims 2.

The Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle[edit | edit source]

Apartments are also featured in The Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle, in the world of Evergreen Harbor. They work very similarly to those in San Myshuno, but there are some differences. They do not feature noisy neighbors, one apartment lot has no elevator, and neither of them are owned by landlords. However, if City Living is installed, there will be landlords.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. 1.0 1.1 These glitches have been fixed in the Apartment Life patch
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