Bluewater Village

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This article is about a neighborhood. The Sims 2: Open for Business

Bluewater Village
Come enjoy an exciting new shopping and entertainment destination! If you're looking to update your closet, your image or your family room, Bluewater Village will have something for you.
Name Bluewater Village
Game  The Sims 2: Open for Business
Bluewater Village is a shopping district sub-neighborhood that was introduced in The Sims 2: Open for Business expansion pack. Bluewater Village can be added to all neighborhoods and played separately in each. There are seven pre-created families in Bluewater Village. Five already have homes and two are in the family bin. Bluewater Village doesn't have a long neighborhood story, as the main idea is for the residents to make money and expand their businesses. The community lots are all designed to be run as owned businesses. All deceased Bluewater Village Sims can be resurrected in game, though none of them have graves.

Lots[edit | edit source]

Residential lots[edit | edit source]

Inhabited[edit | edit source]

(All owned are considered households.)

Uninhabited[edit | edit source]

Community lots[edit | edit source]

Families[edit | edit source]

Playable families[edit | edit source]

Florence Delarosa
Looking for a way to say "I love you"? Look no further than Delarosa Flowers. Florence's arrangements are almost as famous as her delicious pasta dishes. The secret to her sauce? Rose-hips!
Denise Jacquet, Gilbert Jacquet
The Jacquets left everything they had behind and tried to build a new life in Bluewater Village. Will they go from rags to riches and create a healthy franchise system that goes public? Or will they fail and watch their dreams crumble like a week old croissant?
Malcolm Landgraab IV
Ruthless. Cunning. Brilliant. Ridiculously wealthy. These are just a few words the locals use to describe the Landgraab Family, whose entrepreneurial ambitions can't be stopped by anything but their own mistakes. When you have this much money, you're your own worst enemy.
Checo Ramirez, Lisa Ramirez, Tessa Ramirez
Checo and Lisa Ramirez have worked hard to get their furniture store off the ground. Though salesmanship has always come easy to Checo, running a business has its own challenges. Now that their daughter Tessa is in school, they can concentrate fully on making their business the best.
Stephen Tinker, Wanda Tinker, Melody Tinker
Wanda and Stephen hoped their toy shop would be in the family for generations to come, but their daughter seems to have other plans. Can Melody follow her own dreams and still keep her parents happy?

Family bin families[edit | edit source]

Chester Gieke
The Gieke Family is a quirky bunch. They tend to keep to themselves and pay far too much attention to the latest technology instead of people. Can Chester break the Gieke mold?
Jason Larson, Jodie Larson
The twins Jodie and Jason moved out of their parents house and are now trying to make it on their own in the "real world." Using "monetary donations" from house parties they threw. They are finally ready to get down to business!

Deceased Sims[edit | edit source]

Townies and NPCs[edit | edit source]

Townies[edit | edit source]


Adults (Cont'd)



NPCs[edit | edit source]

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