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The Sims 3: World Adventures

A nectary, the game's equivalent of a winery, is a unique community lot introduced in The Sims 3: World Adventures, an expansion pack for The Sims 3.

At a nectary Sims can browse and taste a wide assortment of nectars and also purchase the L'amour des Fruits Nectar Maker which is needed to create nectar at home.

By default, a nectary is only found in Champs Les Sims, although players can add the lot type to their home neighbourhood.

Champs Les Sims Nectary[edit | edit source]

Lot type Community
Value §842,611
Lot size 64x64
Number of floors 3
World Champs Les Sims
Game The Sims 3: World Adventures

The Champs Les Sims Nectary is the Nectary in the travel destination Champs Les Sims, located at number 1 Flower Road. It is also the centre of several adventures, and it contains an extensive tomb in its basements. There is a wide variety of grapes and other fruits growing on the lot, and players can use these to make nectar with the Nectar Making skill. There are quarters to sleep and bathe upstairs. On the ground floor is the nectar shop, including a large range of tastable nectar in nectar racks. Here, there is also a bathroom, a kitchen, and two L'amour des Fruits Nectar Makers. There is a Dive Well in the basement, set with purple water, presumably to look like fermenting nectar. Also, behind the nectary is a farm, where ingredients can be harvested.

Creating a Nectary[edit | edit source]

Copying the Champs Les Sims Nectary is not recommended as it contains a huge underground tomb. Making one is not difficult though. The lot type requires several conditions be met to function properly:

  1. It must be set as 'Nectary' so that it generates the right map tag. Since Patch 12 this can be done without using cheats.
  2. It must contain a 'Nectary Register' object, which will automatically assign available sims to the role of 'Nectary Merchant'. It is available in Build mode -> Community Objects -> Misc.
  3. It must contain nectar racks that are set using the Shift + Ctrl + click command to contain sellable (and tastable) nectar bottles.