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Skills are talents that Sims need in their everyday life and to advance in their working career.

In The Sims, only adults can earn skill points. In The Sims 2, The Sims 3 and The Sims 4, however, any age group from toddlers on up can gain at least some skills.

In The Sims 2, certain aspiration reward objects such as Smart Milk, the Thinking Cap, and the SimVac can also aid in the building of skills, as do the career reward objects which focus on one skill. All 7 main skills (Cooking, Cleaning, Mechanical, Logic, Creativity, Body, and Charisma) are covered by at least one object. If Seasons is installed, drinking a veggie cocktail will aid in skill building, and drinking eggplant juice will give a random skill point. All skill building is also boosted during the fall season. If a Souvenir Rack has five Far East Souvenirs on it, all nearby sims will build skills faster.

In The Sims 3, skills have been expanded, and something roughly similar to the talent badges from The Sims 2 has been worked into the skill system. Skills still have 10 levels of proficiency. Sims who have maxed out any skill receive a certificate which can be sold for §1,000 (price will drop after some time) or hung up proudly on their wall. The interface for The Sims 3 was redesigned, so that information about a skill, statistics and challenges can now be found in the skill journal. Additionally, classes in all the skills can be taken at various community buildings. Another difference from previous games is that Sims can learn skills on any lot. Previously, Sims could not gain skills on community lots, though some expansion packs for The Sims 2 had limited exceptions to this.

In The Sims 4, skills work similarly as they do in The Sims 3. Skills usually have the max level of 10, and unlike previous games, there is no "level zero" with skills. Instead, Sims will immediately start at level 1. After a Sim has started learning new skills, the information regarding those skills along with the statistics will be stored in the skills panel. As in The Sims 3, Sims can learn skills on any types of lots such as community lots, if the required conditions is met. Toddlers and children also have their own unique set of skills that are not available to teens and older. If a toddler has mastered all of their skills, the Sim will gain a special reward trait after aging up. If a child has mastered their skills, they can start learning normal adult skills, which will be transferred after aging up into a teen.

Skills by game[edit | edit source]

;Regular skills

Icon Skill Age EP
Cooking Teen and older &BG
Mechanical Toddler and older &BG
Charisma Toddler and older &BG
Body Child and older &BG
Logic Toddler and older &BG
Creativity Toddler and older &BG
Cleaning Child and older &BG
Life skills
Icon Skill Age EP
Anger management Child and older &EP08
Couples counseling Child and older &EP08
Fire prevention Child and older &EP08
Lifelong happiness Child and older &EP08
Parenting Teen and older &EP07
Physiology Child and older &EP08
Hidden skills
Skill Age EP
Chess Child and older &BG
Dancing Child and older &BG
Drafting &EP07
Meditation &BG
Painting Child and older &BG
Pool &EP01
Study Child and older &BG
Tai chi &EP06
Writing Child and older &BG
Yoga &BG

Icon Skill Description Age Max level EP
Advanced technology What will the Future hold? It's anyone's guess! Advanced Technology might appear daunting at first, but the Advanced Technology Skill will be gained at an accelerated rate while visiting the Future. With practice and patience, (Sim name) will know how to use Advanced Technology like a pro! Novices will have the ability to change the Future on the Time Portal, program the Fruiti Bobs recipe into the Food Synthesizer, and unlock additional Dream Pod dreams. Child and older 10 &EP11
Alchemy (Sim name) has taken the first step into the mystical magical world of alchemy. There are lots of elixirs to create, each with their own unique power to transform a Sim's life. Those elixirs won't mix by themselves so get cracking! Teen and older 10 &EP07
Artisan Are you a true artisan? Build your Artisan skill by trying to make glass gnomes jewelry, statues, stained glass windows and more with the ARtisan's Glassblowing and Jewelry Making Station. (Sim name) can unlock new glass objects and accessories as his/her skill increases. Even if the blowtorch explodes in your face, don't give up! Teen and older 10 &Store
Athletic Some Sims seek to trim a few carbs so they look good in a bathing suit, whereas others see health fitness as a 24/7 lifestyle choice. It's time to invest in some athletic equipment! (Sim name) now also has the option to avoid breaking a sweat while exercising. Teen and older 10 &BG
Bass Draw the crowd's attention with the beautiful low-pitched sounds of the bass. No matter what the skill level, admirers will flock to watch (Sim name)'s pizzicato technique. Teen and older 10 &EP03
Bot building A Bot Builder is a tinkerer at heart who's capable of building everything from simple mechanical Nanites to complex Sim-like Plumbots. It'll take time and practice before (Sim name) is ready to build advanced Plumbots, but even a novice acan design or create Trait Chips and Nanites to get started! Teen and older 10 &EP11
Charisma (Sim name) is ready for the lifestyle of fantastic conversation, becoming a socialite of renown, and always knowing the right thing to say. To become more Charismatic, (Sim name) will constantly need to get out and socialize with Sims in the neighborhood! Teen and older 10 &BG
Cooking (Sim name) is ready to jump into the frying pan of the culinary crafter, the kitchen specialist, the deliverer of delicacies! It'll take a lot of time behind the stove and in front of a cook book, but Holden will never be without company when everyone knows he can perfect their favorite foods. Teen and older 10 &BG
Dancing So many dances, so little time. Whether you're performing a ballet or dancing the [sic] The Smustle, (Sim name) will be dazzling on the dance floor before you know it! Child and older 10 &Store
Drums Drums your way into the heart of any Sim with the smooth drum beats! The rat-a-tat rhythm of (Sim name)'s drums will bring venues and parties to life! Teen and older 10 &EP03
Fishing Nothing beats watching the sun rise over calm waters. Fishing is for Sims of great patience and determination. The waters can be a cruel mistress, but with fishing rod in hand and the right attitude, any fish can be caught. Fish can be sold to the super market for Simoleons, used as fertilizer, or cooked fresh at home as a tasty meal. Child and older 10 &BG
Gambling As if the daily minefields of everyday life aren't risky enough to satisfy your sense of adventure; Grab your lucky rabbits foot and your four leaf clover, and hold tight to your uncanny intuition which allows you to believe the odds will actually be with you. Your volatile courtship with Lady Luck begins today...GO ALL IN... you are now a Gambler! Teen and older 10 &Store
Gardening Anything worth doing requires a little dirt under the fingernails, at least if you're a gardener. (Sim name_ should be prepared to fertilize, weed, water, and talk to every plant he encounters. Go forth (Sim name), with spade in hand! You now have some seeds in your inventory to plant! Teen and older 10 &BG
Guitar The rocking lifestyle of the guitar is often heroic. Gifted musicians can both move and entertain an audience with a song. Has (Sim name) found his muse? Teen and older 10 &BG
Handiness Common household objects are built with so many widgets and whats-its these days that something breaking is inevitable. With hammer in hand, (Sim name) will hopefully be able to fix any mechanical or electrical situation gone awry, and perhaps make some things just a bit better in the process. Teen and older 10 &BG
Inventing Throw safety goggles to the wind and harness the power of invention! A brilliant mind and blowtorch can turn yesterday's Scrap into tomorrow's must-have life improvement gadget. Who knows what nthe next big discovery or explosion will yield? Child and older 10 &EP02
Laser rhythm-a-con Playing the Laser Rhythm-a-con is like no other instrument ever invented! It takes a unique blend of quick feet and a steady hand to throw down some serious beats. Music will never be the same after mastering this exotic instrument! Teen and older 10 &EP11
Logic Mind over matter, the successful application of logic to solve conundrums, and the pursuit of science and truth are what should compel (Sim name) in his/her study f Logic. Games of Chess, Stargazing, and books are a good place to start, but the journey of logic is long, winding, and at times perilous! Child and older 10 &BG
Martial arts Martial Artists study Martial Arts for self-defense and self-enrichment. THey can improve their skill by training with the training dummy and board breaker objects, or by meditating alone in a quiet place. Martial Artists can Spar with other martial artists by asking them to spar. At a high enough level, Martial Artists may travel to China, where they can set up tournament matches using the telephone. Teen and older 10 &EP01
Mixology (Sim name) has started the path that will make him a true chemist of the liquid world. True mixologists will be able to concoct liquids of incredible power, from instilling romance to keeping you up all night. With practice he/she can make quite a bit of cash moonlighting at various bars as well. Teen and older 10 &EP03
Nectar making Your Sim has learned the Nectar Making skill! Nectar Making is an art that has been passed down through generations. Great Nectar can only be made from the best fruits! Teen and older 10 &EP01
Painting With brush and canvas, (Sim name) hopes to better define the world in which he/she lives. The limitations of the paints are few, as it's the creativity and imagination that (Sim name) must nurture and push to become a true master. Child and older 10 &BG
Photography The entire world is a canvas for photographers! Every touching moment between Sims, the triumphant look on a child's face, or the setting sun can be instantly recorded onto film to cherish forever. Child and older 10 &EP01
Piano Tickle the ivories of the Piano and jam out the tunes. Venture to venues and jazz up the night. (Sim name) will surely find others ready to sway along. Teen and older 10 &EP03
Riding (Sim name) has decided to see life from the back of a Horse! It takes more than a rear end to sit in the saddle, but after a little riding time with a patient four-legged partner, (Sim name) will soon be blazing trails, leaping gates, and training Horses like a pro. Teen and older 10 &EP05
Science As a Scientist, (Sim name) receives performances and salary bonuses to Science and Medical careers and could start his career at a higher than normal level. Teen and older 10 &EP09
Scuba diving (Sim name) is ready to begin his/her underwater adventure exploring the deep depths of the ocean floor. (Sim name) can continue building on this skill by snorkeling or scuba diving. Teen and older 10 &EP10
Sculpting All the world is a sculptor's canvas; will it be clay or ice, chainsaw or chisel? Only you can answer these questions as you seek to craft the subtleties of your subject matter. Be bold and savvy and your skill could reap great rewards! Teen and older 10 &EP02
Social networking With a few swipes of his/her finger, (Sim name) has discovered the vast, digital world of Social Networking! From texting to blogging, his/her customizable Smart Phone will take (Sim name) to new apps and beyond. Teen and older 10 &EP09
Street art As a Street Artist, the world is (Sim name)'s canvas and nothing can escape a random act of art! Put a Street Art Kit in your inventory and paint the town! Teen and older 10 &EP09
Violin It is said that the violin is one of the hardest instruments to learn how to play, so (Sim name) has his/her work cut out for him/her. However, as the old saying goes, "Practice makes perfect!" Teen and older 10 &Store
Writing Can words move another Sim to cry? To laugh? To fall in love? (Sim name) has begun the literary path, one that is not always the less traveled, but perhaps one in need of Excellence. Will the next bestseller be penned by (Sim name)? Child and older 10 &BG
Pet skills
Icon Skill Description Species Max level EP
Hunting Stalk a variety of prey including birds, bugs, reptiles, and more! No matter what the skill level, delicious creatures are just a prowl away! Devour critters on the spot, or Present them to favorite Sims to show how much they are loved. Cat only 10 &EP05
Hunting All breeds of dogs can learn to hunt! Proper training will prepare any dog's nose to sniff out the rarest of collectibles hidden throughout the neighborhood. Dog only 10 &EP05
Jumping Some horses might be content to stay on the ground, but (horse name) has taken a different path. Becoming a skilled jumper will take a lot of practice on different jumping obstacles and courses, but with dedication and the right rider (horse name) could be come an equestrian legend! Horse only 10 &EP05
Racing (Horse name) feels the need...the need for speed! He/she might be pokey now, but if he/she keeps galloping to and fro, follows a race training routine, and finds a good jockey, he/she could join the storied ranks of the greatest racehorses of all time! Horse only 10 &EP05
Toddler hidden skills
Icon Skill Description Age Max level EP
Learn to talk Every toddler learns to talk eventually. It takes dedication and patience from the parent to get verbal skills up to snuff. Toddler only 1 &BG
Learn to walk A child's first steps are some of the most rewarding for parents. Teaching children to walk takes time and patience, but is worth every step! Toddler only 1 &BG
Peg box Being knowledgeable with pegs during childhood is instrumental in successfully wielding the power of Logic later in life. Toddler only 3 &BG
Potty training Potty Training is a crucial component of a Sim's formative years. The day when dirty diapers no longer occur is a momentous one. Toddler only 1 &BG
Xylophone Child musicians often grow up to be adult prodigies! Toddler only 3 &BG
Child hidden skills
Icon Skill Description Age Max level EP
Ballet N/A Child only 3 &EP04
Blocks Young children that exhibit a skill with the blocks often grow up to be quite handy around the home! Child only 3 &BG
Child athletic N/A Child only 3 &EP04
Child bass N/A Child only 3 &EP04
Child cooking Childhood cooks tend to grow into culinary masters as adults. Always start 'em early! Child only 3 &BG
Child drums N/A Child only 3 &EP04
Child gardening N/A Child only 3 &EP04
Child guitar N/A Child only 3 &EP04
Child piano N/A Child only 3 &EP04
Scouting N/A Child only 3 &EP04
Teen hidden skills
Icon Skill Description Age Max level EP
Driving Learning how to drive is an exciting yet embarrassing rite of passage for any teen. You've just taken your first step towards independence. It will take time and extreme patience, but it will all be worth it in the end when (Sim name) earns his/her driver's certificate. Teen only 3 &EP04
Social group hidden skills
Icon Skill Description Age Max level EP
Jock influence Jocks are a socially motivated group that are great at balancing the social life with other needs. Teen and older 10 &EP09
Nerd influence Being a Nerd is all about winning via superior knowledge! Teen and older 10 &EP09
Rebel influence Rebels are an artsy type of Sim that challenge the Status Quo. Teen and older 10 &EP09
Occult hidden skills
Icon Skill Description Age Max level EP
Fairy magic (Sim name) feels the power of the Fae grow stronger within. If (Sim name) wishes is to inspire, he/she need only harness the power of the Aura of Creativity to draw inspiration from his/her mystical powers. (Sim name) can also use Flight of Felicity to speed others in their travels. Child and older 10 &EP07
Lycanthropy (Sim name)'s senses are running wild! He can see more clearly, catch new scents on the wind, and hear the slightest of sounds. With time and practice, (Sim name) may be able to improve on his newfound Werewolf abilities! Teen and older 10 &EP07
Spellcasting The path to magical power is a bumpy and sometimes dangerous one, but playing with magic and casting charms, curses and spells is well worth the risk. (Sim name) has started down the path to magical mastery by learning the Good Luck Charm! He/she can also use the Conversion Ritual to magically change one collectible into another, different collectible. Teen and older 10 &EP07
Other hidden skills
Icon Skill Description Age Max level EP
Acrobat career N/A Teen and older 10 &EP06
Air Guitar N/A Teen and older 10 &BG
Arcade machine N/A Child and older 10 &EP03
Band Playing in a band is a special bonding experience. Through the language of music, you communicate an experience within the group as well as with the audience. Regular topics include strife, drama, excitement, and the number 11. Young adult and older 1 &EP03
Bowling On the surface, bowling looks like a wacky and simple sport. Throw the ball, knock some pins over, and earn a strike. Or better yet a turkey! Knocking pins down is tougher than it looks, but it sure is fun! DO NOT TRANSLATE [sic] Child and older 5 &EP09
Broom riding N/A Teen and older 10 &EP07
Bubble blowing N/A Teen and older 10 &EP03
Bug eating N/A Child and older 3 &EP11
Chess N/A Child and older 10 &BG
Club dancing N/A Child and older 3 &EP03
Collecting Become a renowned collector of precious gems, valuable minerals, moon rocks, and all sorts of bugs. Scavenge the town for collectables! Child and older 10 &BG
Consignment The consignment store's services are perfect for inventors, sculptors, farmers, fishermen, painters, photographers, and more! Young adult and older 10 &EP02
Dancing It takes time for Sims to dance their way out of a second left foot. Practice makes toe tapping perfection! Child and older 3 &BG
Darts N/A Teen and older 10 &EP03
Diving Graceful dives come after lots and lots of practice. Be prepared to get wet! Child and older 2 &BG
DJ turntable N/A Teen and older 5 &EP06
Dominoes N/A Child and older 10 &EP06
Firewalking N/A Teen and older 2 &EP10
Foosball N/A Teen and older 10 &BG
Gambling N/A Teen and older 10 &EP06
Gnubb N/A Child and older 10 &EP02
Golfing N/A Teen and older 10 &EP06
Hacking N/A Child and older 10 &BG
Homework N/A Child and older 10 &BG
Hopscotch N/A Child and older 10 &EP04
Horseshoes N/A Child and older 10 &EP08
Karaoke N/A Teen and older 3 &EP06
Magician career N/A Teen and older 10 &EP06
Mooch N/A Child and older 10 &BG
Pool N/A Teen and older 10 &EP06
Sandbox Playing in sand all day long is not the neatest way to have some fun, but it may just benefit those artistic Sims in other ways! Child and older 4 &EP04
Shuffleboard N/A Teen and older 3 &EP03
Singer career N/A Teen and older 10 &EP06
Skating Looks like (Sim name) is getting better at skating. He/she hardly slips anymore. Child and older 6 &EP08
Snake charming N/A Teen and older 10 &EP01
Snowboarding (Sim name) has gotten a hang of snowboarding. Keep practicing and he/she may learn a few tricks. Child and older 2 &EP08
Styling N/A Young adult and older 10 &EP02
Table tennis Time to bust out the rubber paddles and learn the art of Table Tennis! Serve it up and hit the ball back and forth waiting for the perfect time to hit a blazing smash shot past your opponent. Teen and older 5 &EP09
Tattooing N/A Young adult and older 10 &EP02
Trampoline N/A Child and older 10 &EP02
Tricks N/A Adult dogs and older 5 &EP05
Video gaming N/A Child and older 10 &BG
Water balloon / snowball fight Looks like (Sim name)'s throwing arm has gotten stronger! He's/she's now a better dodger and a more accurate chucker in snowball and water balloon fights. Child and older 3 &BG
Waterskiing N/A Teen and older 10 &EP10
Wildlife friend N/A Child and older 6 &EP05
Windsurfing N/A Child and older 10 &EP10

;Regular skills

Icon Skill Description Age Max level EP
Acting Teen and older 10 &EP06
Archaeology Teen and older 10 &GP06
Baking Baking is science in action. You can't just throw random ingredients into a bowl like some chef. You have to plan. Fortunately, the plan involves large helpings of sugar. Increasing your baking skill will unlock new Baked Goods for your Oven and Cupcake Factory. Teen and older 10 &EP01
Bowling Teen and older 5 &SP10
Charisma When in a conversation, Charisma skill can be your best friend. Whether making friends, romancing, or calming down strangers, the charismatic Sim knows how to proceed.

Charisma can be worked on in the mirror or in conversations with other Sims. Increasing this skill will unlock new Socials as well as new Social Media Interactions on the Computer.
Teen and older 10 &BG
Comedy As soon as one realizes that everything is a joke, being a comedian is the only thing that makes sense.

Comedy skill is useful when talking with other Sims and with the microphone stand. Increasing this skill will unlock new Joke Socials, Comedy Routines, and the ability to Improvise Routines on a Microphone.
Teen and older 10 &BG
Cooking Anyone can cook, but Sims who are epicurious will benefit from spending a little extra time and attention in the kitchen.

Cooking skill is built primarily by cooking with the fridge, stove, and counter. Increasing this skill will unlock new Cooking Tricks, Moodlets, and Recipes.
Teen and older 10 &BG
Cross-stitch Teen and older 5 &EP03
Dancing Sims with this skill can never resist the urge to bust a move. They love to move and are always ready to hit the dance floor.

Dancing can be improved by shaking it on the dance floor, moving along to the music of a DJ booth or stereo, and even by practicing in a mirror. Improving the Dancing Skills unlocks new dance moves for your Sim to use.
Teen and older 5 &EP02
DJ mixing Anyone can scratch a record, but only Sims with the DJ Skill are always ready to drop a beat. They can play on the DJ Booth, create mixtapes, and entertain a crowd.

DJ Skill is gained by practicing on a DJ Booth or by playing for a crowd. Incresing this skill unlocks new genres and interactions on the DJ Booth.
Teen and older 10 &EP02
Entrepreneur Teen and older &EP12
Fabrication Teen and older 10 &EP09
Fishing Most Sims with this skill aren't shy to admit that they're hooked on fishing. Others who say otherwise are just koi.

The fishing skill is improved via fishing, more fishing, and reading about fishing. Increasing this skill will unlock Fishing with Bait and Increases the likelihood of catching bigger and better fish.
Teen and older 10 &BG
Fitness While all Sims want to stay healthy, fitness-minded Sims frequently go above and beyond the call of duty to keep their bodies in tip-top shape.

Fitness can be worked on via the treadmill, weight bench, or punching bag. Increasing this skill will unlock new Workout Interactions and Socials.
Teen and older 10 &BG
Flower arranging Arranging flowers in intricate ways takes some mad floral skills. Develop these skills to not only create beautiful organic creations, but also create feelings in Sims they might not even understand themselves.

Flower Arranging Skill is built by using Violets are Blue Flower Arranging Table. Increasing this skill will allow Sims to create different types of arrangements with different flowers. High-skilled Sims will also be able to Scent arrangements with flowers, allowing Sims to have an emotional response to the arrangements.
Teen and older 10 &EP05
Gardening How does your garden grow? It can bloom with flowers and fruits galore, but such an endeavor takes time and effort, and more than a bit of Gardening Skill.

Gardening Skill is built by working with plants, seeds, and planters. Increasing this skill will allow Sims to be more efficient when Gardening as well as unlock new Gardening Interactions and Socials.
Teen and older 10 &BG
Gourmet cooking Ready to take your culinary creations to new heights? The Gourmet Cooking skill can help deliver some fancy foods to your mouth and your guests.

Gourmet Cooking is developed through cooking gourmet foods on the fridge, stove, and countertop. Increasing this skill will unlock new Gourmet Cooking Tricks, Moodlets, and Recipes.
Teen and older 10 &BG
Guitar Guitar: the one instrument that defies class, genre, and boundaries. A guitar can be a good fit for a romantic evening, a casual get-together, or a sold-out performance.

Use the guitar to improve Guitar SKill. Increasing this skill will unlock new Songs and Interactions on the Guitar, including the ability to Write Songs and Serenade Sims.
Teen and older 10 &BG
Handiness Do it yourself! That's the motto of a handy Sim. Handy Sims aren't afraid to repair things when they break, can upgrade regular household objects, and may even dabble with a bit of woodworking.

Handiness is built by repairing and upgrading objects, or using the woodworking table. Increasing this skill unlocks new craftables on the Woodworking Table and improves Sims' ability to Repair and Upgrade objects.
Teen and older 10 &BG
Herbalism How can a nature lover best take advantage of the gifts of the forest? Rare and wondrous Herbs aren't just leafy greens, but precious ingredients! The Herbalism skill is built by Identifying Herbs after collecting them and Brewing Remedies on the Grill or Stove. Teen and older 10 &GP01
Juice fizzing Teen and older 5 &EP09
Knitting Teen and older 10 &SP17
Logic A practiced mind can be a wonderful thing, and Sims who focus on Logic want to hone their minds until they're sharper than a llamacorn's horn.

Logic is built on the chessboard, telescope, and microscope. Increasing this skill will unlock new Interactions on the Microscope, Observatory, and various Collectibles.
Teen and older 10 &BG
Media production Teen and older 5 &EP06
Medium Teen and older 5 &SP18
Mischief Mischief-oriented Sims tend to be sly devils, delighting at tricking, pranking, and otherwise mocking their fellow Sims. Life's a party, and a Mischief Sim is out to crash it.

Mischief is mainly tied to social interactions and the voodoo doll. Increasing this skill will unlock new Mischievous Socials on Sims as well as Mischievous Interactions on the Voodoo Doll, Computer and Phone.
Teen and older 10 &BG
Mixology Mixing drinks and making small talk seems easy enough, but the right proportions of juices and the right amount of chatter is a subtle skill.

Mixologists primarily use the bar. Increasing this skill will unlock the ability to make new Drinks, Bar Tricks, and Mixology Socials!
Teen and older 10 &BG
Painting The art of putting brush to canvas and creating something that can evoke an emotional response is not easy. For those Sims that explore the Painting Skill, colorful creations - and maybe some big sales - lie in their future.

Painting is primarily tied to the easel. Increasing this skill will unlock new Painting Genres and Sizes!
Teen and older 10 &BG
Pet training Teen and older &EP04
Parenting A skilled parent knows when to influence, when to encourage, and when to discipline children. They know the best way to clean a kid up and how to solve their needs.

Parenting skill is built by caring for children, talking to other parents, and researching on the computer. Increasing this skill will unlock new ways to parent children and solve their motives.
Teen and older 10 &GP05
Photography From a phone to a fancy camera. Sims who are skilled in Photography will have greater success as they hone their skills by taking lots of pictures, upgrading their equipment, experimenting with picture settings and using the In a Flash Photo Studio. Teen and older 5 &BG
Piano When ivories need tickling and aural senses need soothing, a pianist is the only Sim that can help. Practice, practice, practice that Piano Skill and while you may never be a rock star, you'll be played in elevators forever.

Piano Skill is improved on the Piano.
Teen and older 10 &BG
Pipe organ Teen and older 10 &GP04
Programming Almost like speaking a second language in today's world, programming is becoming more and more essential. Get ahead by learning to make machines do your bidding!

Programming is done on the computer. Increasing this skill will allow Sims to create Plugins, Games, Mods, and Mobile Phone Apps. Sims will also be able to Hack on the Computer!
Teen and older 10 &BG
Research & debate Research & Debate is all about learning information and then utilizing it—whether that be in a debate or through social influence.

This skill can be improved and used with the Research Archive Machine to Research varying topics, and the Mirror to Practice Debating.
Teen and older 10 &EP08
Robotics Technology should help make a Sims [sic] life better. By creating robots to do chores, protect, and entertain the masses Sims are freed up to do... other Sims specific things!

Robotics Skill is built by Tinkering at the Robotics Table and repairing Utili-Bots and Servos. Increasing this skill unlocks new craftables on the Robotics Table.
Teen and older 10 &EP08
Rock climbing Teen and older 10 &EP10
Rocket science There are those who'd rather keep their feet on the ground, their eyes looking down. Not you! Throw off the shackles of what-is and take on the challenge of what-can-be. Build, upgrade, and fly where no Sim has gone before with the Rocket Science Skill.

The Rocket Science Skill is built using the rocket ship. Increasing this skill will increase build speed and unlock new Upgrades on the Rocket Ship.
Teen and older 10 &BG
Selvadoradian culture Teen and older 5 &GP06
Singing While any Sim can sing, can they sing well? Sims with the Singing Skill love to belt it, no matter where they are at.

Sims love to sing using the Karaoke Machine, but they can also sing using instruments or the Microphone. Skilled singers will unlock more songs, have the ability to Sing in Shower, and serenade other Sims. High skilled singers can write lyrics on instruments and even license lyrics to earn a few more Simoleons!
Teen and older 10 &EP03
Skiing Teen and older 10 &EP10
Snowboarding Teen and older 10 &EP10
Vampire lore Teen and older 15 &GP04
Veterinarian It takes a steady hand, compassionate heart, and good knowledge of animal medical anatomy to be a great veterinarian.

Examine and Treat pets at your Vet Clinic to increase this skill!
Teen and older 10 &EP04
Video gaming Being good at video games used to only be good for bragging rights against your siblings, but in this brave new world, video game prowess can actually make money and bring fame! What wacky times we live in.

Video Gaming SKill is improved via the computer, motion game system, and tablet. Increasing this skill will unlock new Video Gaming Socials as well as new Interactions on the Computer.
Teen and older 10 &BG
Violin Whether a haunting dirge or a lively dance, the violin can evoke a myriad of emotions. Work up from unpleasant screeching to dulcet chords with the VIoling Skill.

Violin Skill is improved via the violin. Increasing this skill will unlock new Songs and Interactions on the Violin, including the ability to Write Songs and Serenade Sims.
Teen and older 10 &BG
Wellness Teen and older 10 &GP02
Writing Putting pen to paper (or more likely, fingers to keys) is no easy task. The blank page can be one of the most daunting foes, but writers take on the challenge of finding a way to put emotions into words day after day.

Writing is primarily done on the computer. Increasing this skill will unlock new Writing Interactions on the Computer as well as the ability to Publish and Self-Publish books!
Teen and older 10 &BG
Child skills
Icon Skill Description Age Max level EP
Creativity Using imagination is one of the hallmarks of childhood, and developing that imagination can pay big dividends in the future.

The Creativity skill can be developed on the activity table as a child sim and an easel as an adult. Increasing this skill will unlock new Activity Table Drawings, Dollhouse Interactions, and Socials!
Child only 10 &BG
Mental The minds of children may be physically smaller, but they are also less cluttered with junk, like fun facts about llamas or algebra. Kids that can hone their mental muscle early may find themselves more easily able to grasp more complex logic later in life.

Mental Skill is built on the science table and chessboard. Increasing this skill will unlock new Science Table Potions, Computer Interactions, and Socials!
Child only 10 &BG
Motor Motor Skill is essential for all children, but beyond simply enabling them to walk, run, and jump, Motor Skill can be focused on to build early muscles and prepare for a lifetime of fitness.

Motor Skill can be built on monkey bars and jungle gyms.
Child only 10 &BG
Social Learning to talk is the first step in every child's journey to becoming a social creature. For those children who decide to focus on Social Skill, friendships are sure to come easier to them throughout life.

Social Skill can be developed on the dollhouse and stuffed animal. Increasing this skill will unlock on the Computer, Doll Interactions, and Socials!
Child only 10 &BG
Toddler skills
Icon Skill Description Age Max level EP
Communication Talking is a huge step for any Toddler.

Communication skill teaches Toddlers advanced socials. Improve it by talking with others, and studying advanced Flash Cards.
Toddler only 5 &BG
Imagination Toddlers with Imagination play in their own world.

Imagination skill teaches Toddlers to read and create fantastical worlds with their toys. Gain Imagination skill by playing with Toys and Dolls, listening to music, or looking at Toddler Books.
Toddler only 5 &BG
Movement Toddlers who focus on Movement really get around.

Movement skill helps Toddlers walk faster, run, climb stairs, and dance, dance, dance. Improve it by walking around, building with Nesting Blocks, dancing, or via Play wrestling with adults.
Toddler only 5 &BG
Potty Toilet training makes dirty diapers a thing of the past.

Potty skill teaches toddlers to use the Potty Chair. Improve it by having an adult Train the toddler.
Toddler only 3 &BG
Thinking Thinking Skill helps toddlers throw fewer tantrums and be more capable of taking care of themselves. It reduces defiance, and helps to solve needs. Thinking Skill is improved by being curious, or by playing with Flash Cards, Nesting Blocks, or the Tablet. Toddler only 5 &BG

Skill benefits[edit | edit source]

A Sim training her cooking skill.

A few examples of skills that are needed in everyday life:

  • Sims will be less likely to set ablaze their kitchen or burn their food when they know how to cook.
  • If a Sim is experienced in the mechanical or handiness skill, they can repair broken things in the household faster and the chance of electrocution while repairing objects (e.g. a trash compactor or TV) decreases significantly. This is particularly useful in The Sims 2, The Sims 3 and The Sims 4, since it can mean not having to call the repairman.
  • Skills can affect the job performance of a Sim, specifically skills related to that job.
  • Sims with high charisma tell better stories and jokes. They are also not too likely to be rejected for these interactions by other Sims they might want to make friends with.
  • Sims will clean things in the household slightly faster if they have gained enough cleaning skill. However, some players report that it also depends on the neatness of the Sim.[confirmation needed]
  • The body skill of a Sim is built by using treadmills, weights, or swimming. When Sims are fat, they can train and not only get thin, but also stronger. When two Sims fight with each other, it is said that the Sim with the higher body skill is more likely to win the fight. At least in The Sims 2, more active Sims build this skill faster.
  • The creativity skill, when high enough, will lead to Sims who create masterpieces on the easel which that sell for a lot of money (in The Sims 3, up to several thousand simoleons for master painters). Alternatively, creative Sims can also write novels (in The Sims 3, a masterpiece by a truly talented and experienced writer can fetch over 10,000 per royalty payment, which adds up to over 70,000 Simoleons). Sims with high music skill can earn tips when they play an instrument in front of an audience; in The Sims 3, a virtuoso with maxed out guitar skill can make a couple of thousand Simoleons per session.
  • If a Sim has every skill maxed they will also begin a career halfway into it. Also when they pick up a job at this stage the career reward usually becomes immediately available, enabling them to achieve all the rewards within a few days.[TS2]
  • Perfecting a skill unlocks new abilities; for example, a high logic skill lets a Sim tutor other Sims, new cooking skill levels unlock new recipes, and new fishing skill levels lets Sims catch new types of fish.[TS3][TS4]
  • Sims get a "Power Study" moodlet if they study at the library.[TS3]
  • Gaining a skill would unlock new social interactions. By simply taking to others, a Sim with particular skill (don't need to be maxed), they can help others gain skills, also gaining friendship at the same time.[TS4]

Skill-related wants and wishes[edit | edit source]

This section describes features that are only available in The Sims 2 and The Sims 3.

In The Sims 2, Sims of any age and aspiration may roll wants to gain a skill point or to gain a point in a specific skill. These wants are more common for Knowledge Sims, and Knowledge Sims may also have wants to increase a specific skill to a certain level, to maximize a specific skill, and to maximize all skills. These wants have higher values, and are also influence wants. Also, Fortune and Family Sims have a somewhat higher chance of rolling skill-related wants. Fortune Sims will frequently want to gain skills needed for promotion, while Family Sims will often want to gain cooking and cleaning skill.

The Sims 2: FreeTime changes this somewhat, in that Sims who do not have Knowledge as a primary or secondary aspiration may have wants to increase a specific skill to a certain level. Sims with hobby enthusiasm may have wants to increase skills related to their hobbies.

In The Sims 3, Sims above the toddler age may also wish to gain a particular skill point or to increase their skill in a particular area. These wants are influenced by a Sim's traits or lifetime wish (artistic Sims will want to gain points in the painting skill, Sims who wish to be monster makers will want to gain points in the inventing skill).

Skill journal[edit | edit source]

A Sim mastering his skill.

This section describes features that are only available in The Sims 3.

Players do not see a skill in the Sim panel until the first point is unlocked, then they can view the skill journal. Each skill has a tab in the skill journal detailing the level of the skill, statistics, what the challenges are, and sometimes other special information. For example, the athletic skill journal shows the statistics: hours of cardio workout, hours of strength workout, distance jogged. The skill journal is viewed by pressing the J key in-game or selecting the skills tab and clicking the small document that appears at the end of the skill bar after unlocking the first point.

Various challenges are also available in the skill journal. For example, in the painting skill journal, a challenge to paint thirty paintings is available. When completed, the Sim earns a reward of being able to paint significantly faster than normal Sims.

There are multiple skill challenges for each and every skill, as well as collections. All of them earn some kind of benefit, such as quicker completion, better results, etc.

Community lot skill buildings[edit | edit source]

This section describes features that are only available in The Sims 3.

There are certain rabbit holes where Sims can go to learn skills:

Skills Rabbit holes
Advanced Technology Stellar observatory
Alchemy Vault of Antiquity
Athletic Stadium, plumbot competition arena(Plumbot only)
Bass Theater, college of arts
Bot Building Plumbot competition arena
Charisma City hall, college of business, plumbot competition arena(Plumbot only)
Cooking Diner, bistro, college of arts
Drums Theater, college of arts
Fishing Grocery
Gardening Science lab, college of science
Guitar Theater, college of arts
Handiness Military base, annex
Inventing Science lab, college of science
Laser Rhythm-a-con Theater
Logic Science lab, college of science
Mixology Bistro, college of arts
Painting School, college of arts
Piano Theater, college of arts
Riding Equestrian center
Science Science lab, college of science
Scuba Diving Science lab
Sculpting College of arts
Social Networking Office building, college of business
Street Art College of arts
Writing Office building, college of arts, college of business

These lessons take a few hours to complete, and are available to children and older. The lessons may cost around 300 - 600 Simoleons. They are also a much more efficient way to train skills, due to their price. Sims can only be trained once for each skill. They'll need to use other methods (read books, practice, etc.) after the class.

If The Sims 3: Generations installed, children and teens can also learn skills from certain afterschool classes or field trips.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In The Sims 2: Apartment Life, there's a glitch where learning Physiology would often cause Sims to be able to learn skills extremely fast.
  • In The Sims 4, Reaping was a semi-visible skill that was present at the game's launch, but was removed in an unknown patch. It went up to level 10, and it was maxed out in every generated Grim Reaper. It had no known purpose.[1][2]

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