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The Sims 4

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A Sim programming something on his computer.

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Programming is a skill in The Sims 4. It allows Sims to perform various code-based interactions on the computer, such as creating plugins or mobile apps, and earn money from doing so.

Description[edit | edit source]

Programming is a very important skill to learn for Sims interested in technology. It allows them to create plugins, mods, mobile apps, and games, as well as hacking. Programming is mainly raised through interactions on the Computer, but Skill Books relating the skill can be purchased. Focused is the optimal emotion for building Programming skill. The Start Up branch of the Tech Guru career focuses on raising this skill and improving it.

Useful Traits[edit | edit source]

The best traits for Sims to raise this skill are, as follows:

  • Genius: A random Focused +1 Moodlet appears at times, helping to reach the emotion.
  • Geek: Geeks gain Fun while using Computers.
  • Lazy: Lazy Sims become Happy when they spend their time on a chair, and extra Happiness boosts the Focused Moodlet.
  • Loner: This can give Sims more happiness when spending time alone in their office Programming, but may not be good if they want to be social.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Level Ability Notes
1 Practicing Programming Boosts Programming Skill.
2 Make Plugins, Hack Llamacorn Listserv Awards you money and a Confident +2 moodlet for 3 hours upon completition.

Hacking can provide various amounts of money depending on the account being hacked. New accounts unlock as Sims gain new levels.

3 Mod Game, Hack Lothario Trust Fund When playing a modded game, Sims earn the "Epic Game" moodlet, which gives Happy +2 during gaming and 4 hours after gaming.
4 Make Viruses, Teens can Hack School Grades An "evil" counterpart to Plugin Making, which awards more money.
5 Perform Freelance Work, Hack Landgraab Systems Takes a long time to be completed but provides a hefty sum of money, varying between §400-§1200, as well as a Confident +2 moodlet for 3 hours.
6 Hack Work Performance Gives a small boost to work performance.

Make Mobile Phone Apps, Hack National Sims Security Agency

Takes a long time to create but provides mediocre to large royalties of money depending on the Programming Skill.
8 Become Better At Hacking This increases the rate at which the task is performed.
9 Make Computer Games, Hack Plumbook Takes longer than the App to create, but the royalties compensate for it.
10 Hack Crumplebottom Servers, Hack Supercomputer ---

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