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Gameplay mechanic · Featured in: The Sims 4


A Sim demonstrating the "Genius" trait

For trait systems in other games, see Trait.

Trait is a personality system in The Sims 4, similar to the trait system in The Sims 3. The personality system as a building block of Sims in The Sims 4 is a combination of traits from The Sims 3 and aspirations from The Sims 2. There are four kinds of traits in the base game: personality, bonus, death and reward. Each kind has different ways to earn them.

Learning traits[edit | edit source]

See also: Trait conflict

As Sims socialize with others, they may reveal their traits from certain interactions. For example, asking a Sim's career will reveal if they have the ambitious trait, or flirting with a Sim may reveal the romantic trait. The Observant reward trait allows a Sim to instantly learn the traits of other Sims.

Personality traits[edit | edit source]

Adult Sims created in Create a Sim may have up to three traits. Teens created may have up to 2 traits, children may only have 1 trait, and toddlers and infants have 1 personality trait that is different from the other traits. All traits affect a Sim's behavior and emotions, for example, a creative Sim may randomly become inspired, while a Sim that loves outdoors will sink into a low mood if they stay inside too long.

The following lists all traits that appear in the game.

Emotional traits[edit | edit source]

Icon Trait Description Pack
Active These Sims tend to be Energized, can Pump Up other Sims, and may become upset if they don't exercise for a period of time. &BG
Cheerful These Sims tend to be Happier than other Sims. &BG
Creative These Sims tend to be Inspired, can Share Creative Ideas with other Sims, and may become upset if they're not creative for a period of time. &BG
Genius These Sims tend to be Focused, can Share Ideas with other Sims, and may become upset if they haven't improved their Mental Skills for some time. &BG
Gloomy These Sims tend to be Sad, can Share Melancholy Thoughts to other Sims, and while sad, gain a boost to their Creative Skill. &BG
Goofball These Sims tend to be Playful. &BG
Hot-Headed These Sims tend to be Angry, can Rile up other Sims, and become Angry when targeted with Mischief. &BG
Romantic These Sims tend to be Flirty and may become Sad if they don't have any Romantic social interactions for a period of time. &BG
Self-Assured These Sims tend to be Confident. &BG
Unflirty These Sims get Tense around Flirty Sims and seldom get Flirty themselves. It's difficult for them to be Romantic in public. &EP03

Hobby traits[edit | edit source]

Icon Trait Description Pack
Art Lover These Sims gain powerful Moodlets from Viewing works of art and can Admire Art and Discuss Art in unique ways. &BG
Bookworm These Sims gain powerful Moodlets from reading Books and can Analyze Books and Discuss Books in unique ways. &BG
Foodie These Sims become Happy and have Fun when eating good food, become Uncomfortable when eating bad food, and can Watch Cooking Shows for ideas. &BG
Geek These Sims become Happy when Reading Sci-Fi or Playing Video Games, may become Tense if they haven't played much, are better at finding Collectibles, and can Discuss Geek Things with other Geek Sims. &BG
Maker These Sims become happy when making things. They become sad when it's been too long since completing a project on a Fabricator, Candlemaking Station, Juice Fizzer, or Woodworking Table. They do not receive negative effects from crafting or repair failures. &EP09
Music Lover These Sims gain powerful Moodlets and boost their Fun Need when Listening to Music and become Happy when playing instruments. &BG
Perfectionist These Sims take longer to craft items but tend to make them higher quality, gain powerful Moodlets after crafting a high quality item, and gain negative Moodlets after crafting a low quality item. &BG

Lifestyle traits[edit | edit source]

Icon Trait Description Pack
Adventurous These Sims seek out new and unique experiences. &EP10
Ambitious These Sims gain powerful Moodlets from career success, gain negative Moodlets from career failure, and may become Tense if not promoted. &BG
Cat Lover These Sims tend to make cats their companions, preferring the company of cats to other Sims. &EP04
Child of the Islands These Sims experience a spiritual connection to islands of Sulani. Honor the islands by partaking in their culture, summon powerful elementals and reap the rewards of their blessings—or the consequences of their disfavor. &EP07
Child of the Ocean Answer the call of the ocean! Sims with this trait will prefer water related activities and feel closer to denizens of the sea. &EP07
Childish These Sims gain powerful Moodlets from watching the Kids Network, become Playful when playing with Children, and become Happy when playing with Children's toys. &BG
Clumsy These Sims tend to fail more often at physical activities and tend to laugh at failure instead of becoming upset. &BG
Dance Machine These Sims can't wait to get down, boogie, and party all night! When at venues like Bars, Nightclubs, and Lounges, these Sims can get a burst of energy with the Party Time interaction. &EP02
Dog Lover These Sims love to be near dogs. They will gain relationships faster with dogs and socialize with dogs more than the average Sim. &EP04
Erratic These Sims can Talk to themselves and have unpredictable Emotions. &BG
Freegan These Sims reject consumerism and prefer to reduce wasteful spending by any means. They enjoy finding re-used or thrown away goods and foods. In fact, they have the best luck at finding the highest-quality treasures in Dumpsters! They may become tense or uncomfortable if they spend too much time earning or spending Simoleons. &EP09
Glutton These Sims have a greater negative reaction to Hunger, always enjoy eating, no matter the quality of the food, and will eat Spoiled Food. &BG
Green Fiend These Sims are happiest when living on a green street and will continuously work towards making their environment more eco-friendly. &EP09
Kleptomaniac These Sims don't mind "borrowing" things from others with a simple swipe, but will get Tense when they have not swiped anything in a while. &BG
Lazy These Sims gain powerful Moodlets from Watching TV or Napping as well as from Comfortable furniture, become Fatigued more quickly from exercise, and grow Tense when performing household chores. &BG
Loves Outdoors These Sims can Enthuse about Nature to other Sims and become Happy when Outdoors. &BG
Materialistic These Sims can Admire and Brag about Possessions and become Sad when they haven't purchased a new item for a period of time. &BG
Neat These Sims become Happy and have Fun when performing household chores, can have a Cleaning Frenzy, and become really Uncomfortable in dirty surroundings. &BG
Recycle Disciple These Sims are rabid recyclers that benefit from recycling and rummaging for bits and pieces, but should they go too long without indulging in their hobby... &EP09
Slob These Sims are not affected by dirty surroundings, make household items dirtier faster, and can Rummage for Food in garbage. &BG
Snob These Sims can Critique Work on low quality items, are bored by "low brow" television, and gain Confidence around other Snob Sims. &BG
Squeamish Squeamish Sims are nauseated by the sight of creepy crawlies, vomiting, violence and death. These Sims become Uncomfortable near anything dirty. &GP01
Vegetarian These Sims will actively avoid eating foods that contain meat products and can become sick if they eat such foods. &EP03

Social traits[edit | edit source]

Icon Trait Description Pack
Bro These Sims can Bro Hug other Bros, gain Confidence around other Bros, and become Energized from Watching Sports. &BG
Evil These Sims become Happy around Sims with negative Moodlets, can Laugh Maniacally and Discuss Evil Plans, and become Angry when interacting with Good Sims. &BG
Family-oriented These Sims become Happy around family members, become Sad if they don't interact with family for a period of time, and can Boast about Family. &BG
Good These Sims become Happy around Sims with positive Moodlets, can Donate to Charity, become Sad with interacting with Evil Sims, and can Discuss World Peace. &BG
Hates Children These Sims become Angry around Children, become Tense after Try for a Baby, and can be Mean to Children. &BG
Insider These Sims love being in Clubs, and tend to be happiest when surrounded by their friends. &EP02
Jealous These Sims get Jealous more easily than other Sims. They gain a boost of Confidence from being around their significant other, but get Tense if they haven't seen them recently. &BG
Loner These Sims become Happy when alone, do not receive negative Moodlets when their Social Need is low, become Tense around strangers, and become Embarrassed more often by social rejection. &BG
Mean These Sims become Happy when being Mean or Mischievous to other Sims and become Confident after winning a fight. &BG
Noncommittal These Sims become Tense after a while in the same job or relationship, become Happy when they Quit a Job or Break Off a relationship, take longer to Propose, and can Discuss their Fear of Commitment. &BG
Outgoing These Sims gain powerful Moodlets from Friendly socialization, have their Social need decay quickly, and gain more negative Moodlets when their Social need is low. &BG
Paranoid Paranoid Sims feel that danger is around every corner, and that people are always talking about them. Paranoid Sims feel a sense of security while hanging out in basements. &GP07
Proper These Sims tend to disapprove of other Sims' improper behavior such as Mean or Mischievous socials, but find themselves happier in Formal Outfits and have a much easier time with Friendly and Romantic socials. &EP10
Self-Absorbed These Sims are all about themselves! They can Fish for Compliments, are more excited when receiving a present, and may become tense when they haven’t gotten enough attention. The celebrity spotlight is something they generally relish. After all, everyone else should love them as much as they do themselves, right? &EP06

Toddler traits[edit | edit source]

Toddlers can only have one of the following traits. Regular traits can be selected once the toddler Sim ages up to a child.

Icon Trait Description Pack
Angelic Idyllic, easygoing Toddlers. They are never defiant and they don't throw a tantrum. They can easily talk to strangers. &BG
Charmer These Toddlers love to socialize. They earn Communication skill faster, and don't suffer Stranger Danger from strangers. They can Share the Love with other Sims. &BG
Clingy These shy Toddlers avoid Sims outside the household and get sad if left behind. They gain extra skill when taught. And they recover faster from bad moods when Comforted. &BG
Fussy Tiny trouble-makers who love to Cry, cause trouble, and Throw Fits. But being noticed makes them Happy and helps them overcome negative Moodlets. &BG
Independent These Toddlers love their freedom, and don't like to take orders from caregivers. They gain extra skill when they are left alone, and need less Attention than other Toddlers. &BG
Inquisitive Curious explorers. These Toddlers gain Thinking skill slightly faster. They are happiest when learning something, and sad if they haven't learned anything lately. &BG
Silly Goofy and curious. These Toddlers love to tell jokes and get Playful. They earn Imagination skill slightly faster. &BG
Wild Spirited and full of Energy. These Toddlers love to explore and get Energized. They earn Movement skill slightly faster. They get sad if they haven't been outside in a while. &BG

Bonus traits[edit | edit source]

Each Sim receives a bonus trait upon choosing their initial aspiration that will aid them in fulfilling its goals. Bonus traits are retained even if the Sim's aspiration is later changed.[1]

[edit table]

Icon Trait Description Aspiration Pack
Animal Affection Relationships with animals begin at higher values. Animal &EP04
High Metabolism It is easier to stay fit and trim when you have High Metabolism. Athletic &BG
Muser Musers get better boosts to their skills when they are inspired. Creativity &BG
Dastardly Dastardly Sims perform stronger and more successful mean interactions. Deviance &BG
Domestic Domestic Sims will see their familiar relationships grow stronger faster. Family &BG
Essence of Flavor Sims with Essence of Flavor make higher quality food and drink. Food &BG
Business Savvy Business Savvy Sims earn more money from their careers. Fortune &BG

Quick Learner

Quick Learners build all skills a little bit faster! Knowledge &BG
Home Turf These Sims become Happy when they are in their home neighborhood. Location &EP03
Alluring Alluring Sims are more successful at romance than others. Love &BG
Collector Collectors can find rare collectibles more often! Nature &BG
Gregarious Gregarious Sims build friendly relationships faster. Popularity &BG
Prepared Voyager Sims who are Prepared Voyagers fill up their needs slightly when travelling. Star Wars &GP09
Career-Minded Career-Minded Sims get a leg-up in their chosen profession with performance boosts that help them get promoted faster. Tutorial &BG
Eco Master This Sim is the neighborhood Eco Master! They can inspire other Sims to be eco-conscious. N/A[2] &EP09
Entrepreneur This Sim is the Neighborhood Entrepreneur! They like to take chances with investments and will not refuse handouts.
Master Crafter This Sim is the neighborhood Master Crafter! They can inspire Fabrication recipes in other Sims.

Ghost traits[edit | edit source]

Sims will receive a unique trait upon death that describes the manner of their passing and the abilities they have as a ghost. These traits can only be seen within the simology panel.

Icon Trait Description Notes Pack
Consumed By the Mother This Sim has been consumed by the Mother Plant and will forever reap her benefits of zero Need Decay Needs don't decay. &GP07
Death by Anger This Sim died of apoplexy, and their rage is still with them. Occasionally gets a +2 angry moodlet. Nearby Sims get +1 angry. &BG
Death by Beetles Death came for (Sim Name) in the form of a well-mixed bug drink. (Sim Name) can relax in a haunted house. This type of death is instantaneous; the Grim Reaper will not arrive to reap the Sim's soul, and cannot be pleaded with. &EP09
Death By Being Crushed By a Murphy Bed This Sim has found death via a vengeful Murphy Bed. Gain the ability to possess Sims for energy. Ghosts who died this way will refuse to use any bed and can warn Sims about bed safety. &SP16
Death By Being Swarmed By Flies This Sim has found death via an angry swarm of Flies. Has flies around the ghost body and will often swat flies. &EP09
Death by Cowplant This Sim was eaten by a Cow Plant, and still feels a bit oddly towards plants. Can wither plants when angry. &BG
Death by Drowning This Sim drowned in a body of water and now has a fear of all water. Terrified of water, won't swim in pools, can form puddles of water on the floor. &BG
Death by Electrocution This Sim was shocked when they suffered a fatal electrocution. Can possess objects and break them. &BG
Death by Embarrassment This Sim was mortified, and died of embarrassment. Literally. Occasionally gets a +2 embarrassed moodlet. &BG
Death by Falling from Heights This Sim has found death via a fall from heights. &EP10
Death by Fire This Sim died in a fire, and flames haunt them still. Can summon flames - set things on fire. Has fire burning inside of them to show death type. &BG
Death by Flowers Death came for (Sim Name) in the form of a Death Scented Flower Arrangement. (Sim Name) couldn't say no to a gift and paid the price. Only kills elders, ages up any Sim younger than that. Toddlers and children cannot perform this interaction. Death flower arrangement (or scent with death flower). &EP05
Death by Freezing This Sim died from excessive exposure to freezing temperatures. Can cool Sims down, so can kill them by freezing, or if it is hot, can cause them to stop feeling the effects of the heat for a short while. Ghost can possess fire to extinguish it. Has cold cloud of air coming off them to show death type. &EP05
Death by Hunger This Sim starved to death, and hunger pains have followed them into the afterlife. Hunger decays at a double rate. Eats in the middle of the night, even though the hunger need may be full. &BG
Death by Laughter This Sim died from a fit of the giggles that continues to pop up now and then. Can have fits of giggles occasionally, and gets a +2 playful moodlet. Nearby Sims gets +1 playful moodlet. &BG
Death by Lightning This Sim was struck by lightning one time too many. Has lightning crackles occasionally around the torso to show death type.
Death by Old Age This Sim died when their time was up. Ghost will more often take a nap autonomously. &BG
Death by Overexertion Apparently it is possible to overdo it. This Sim did it to death. Elders who WooHoo too often may die of overexertion. Sims aged teen to elder can also die of overexertion by contributing too much knowledge to a research station.[TS4DU] &BG
Death by Overheating This Sim died from prolonged exposure to high temperatures. Can heat Sims up and therefore cause them to die by overheating, or cause them to warm up if they are cold. &EP05
Death by Poison This Sim died as a result of being poisoned. Ghost will belch when idle causing nearby Sims to have 33% chance of just passing out or 1% chance of passing out and poisoned. &GP06
Death by Pufferfish This Sim took their life in their mouth and ate a highly toxic fish. Has a pufferfish inside the body to show the type of death. &EP03
Death by Rabid Rodent Fever This Sim succumbed to Rabid Rodent Fever, and spreads fear of pestilence and disease in the afterlife. Ghost looks like a giant rodent, foaming at the mouth. Ghost can spread rodent fear which cause nearby Sims to run in fear. &SP14
Death by Spellcaster Overload Overload ghosts are valid targets for Magical interactions including duels, training, and more. Ghosts keep their magical skills. They will also have sparkles and rays of light coming out of their chests. &GP08
Death by Steam This Sim died from excessive steam exposure and is constantly hot and dehydrated. Ghosts who died this way fear saunas and will autonomously sabotage the sauna. &GP02
Death by Sunlight This Sim died from over-exposure to those harmful UV rays! Has a huge sun floating in the stomach area to show the type of death. Ghosts will retain their vampire powers and weaknesses. &GP04
Death by Vending Machine This Sim couldn't handle the crushing force of the vending machine and died as a result. Ghosts who died this way have a fizzing can of soda slowly spinning around inside them. &EP10
Ghastly Consequences The pursuit of immortality is full of failures and accidents. Luckily, it looks like this will pass in a while. Try to enjoy your phantasmal existence while you can. Backfire from drinking Potion of Immortality. Lasts for 24 hours. &GP08
Night Wraith Gives Sims the visual effects of the Night Wraith, such as lightning coming from their eyes, and also makes them perpetually sad.

This trait cannot be given to other Sims without the use of cheats.

Spectral Look This trait has no icon and is used by NPC astral projection vendors only. &GP08

Reward traits[edit | edit source]

Aspiration reward traits[edit | edit source]

Sims will receive a unique reward trait when fulfilling aspirations. There is no limit on the number of aspirations that can be completed, and thus no limit on the number of aspiration reward traits that can be earned.

Icon Reward Trait Aspiration Description Pack
Animal Whisperer Animal Friend of the Animals It is easier to Train and Discipline animals as well as gain relationship with them faster. &EP04
Long Lived Athletic Bodybuilder Long Lived lets Sims live longer lives, barring any accidents. &BG
Survival Instinct Extreme Sports Enthusiast These Sims will always escape wildlife attacks unscathed, manage to avoid injury from Skiing, Snowboarding, and Rock Climbing more often than other Sims, and have a natural resistance to inclement weather. &EP10
Kindness Ambassador Challenge The Positivity Challenge Kindness Ambassadors have stronger friendships and fewer negative Emotions. &BG
Expressionistic Creativity Painter Extraordinaire Expressionistic Sims have captured the essence of feeling, and can create highly emotional works of art regardless of their actual mood! &BG
Poetic Bestselling Author Poetic Sims can capture life itself in a book, and wield it to bring back someone they've lost. &BG
Piper Musical Genius Pipers know an arsenal of songs that have significant power over others. &BG
World-Renowned Actor Master Actor World-Renowned Actors never fail an acting action—as far as anyone can tell... &EP06
Muse of the Maker Master Maker Master Makers have learned all the tricks necessary to fabricate items at a reduced cost. &EP09
Sacred Knitting Knowledge Lord/Lady of the Knits Sims with this trait gain enhanced benefits to teaching other Sims how to knit. Sims are also immune to the foul magic of the Sweater Curse, and can dispel afflicted Sims from its snarly grasp. Lastly, Sims have the ability to craft unique knitted items, like a very special companion from a strange land, or The Forbidden Sweater which, honestly, is forbidden for a reason... &SP17
Mastermind Deviance Public Enemy Masterminds know just the right things to say to cause anger, sadness, and jealousy in their opponents. &BG
Tormentor Chief of Mischief Tormentors can sabotage almost anything, be it an object, or another Sim’s best efforts. &BG
Vicarious Family Successful Lineage By being Vicarious, your Children's skill gains can contribute to your own! &BG
Matriarch/Patriarch Big Happy Family Matriarchs/Patriarchs provide skill boosts whenever they are around their children. &BG
I am the Master Vampire Family I am the Master grants supernatural control. Command Powers used on Vampire Offspring always succeed. &GP04
Role Model Super Parent Gives bonus Character Value scoring when near Toddlers, Children, or Teens. &GP05
Fresh Chef Food Master Chef Fresh Chefs always make the highest quality food, and it never spoils! &BG
Potion Master Master Mixologist Potion Masters can mix potent drinks which can sway the drinker's emotions. &BG
Melt Master Grilled Cheese Melt Masters have devoted enough of their love and bodies to grilled cheese to truly become Gurus of Gruyere.
They can summon Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and Paint Grilled Cheese Paintings.
Shrewd Fortune Fabulously Wealthy Shrewd Sims receive a direct deposit each week based on their Household Funds. &BG
Thrifty Mansion Baron Thrifty Sims receive a 10% rebate on all Build Mode purchases made each week. Rebates will be directly applied to Household Funds. &BG
A True Master Knowledge Master Vampire A True Master not only excels at Mind Control Powers, they also have greater stores of Vampire Energy to call upon. &GP04
Handy Nerd Brain Handy Sims can instantly Fix and Upgrade any object. &BG
Higher Education Academic This Sim has proven they have what it takes to excel at University. Along the way, they learned a lot, allowing them to gain more skill using the Electromagnetic Research Archive Machine and earn more money from Publishing Research Papers and Contributing Knowledge. &EP08
Museum Patron Archaeology Scholar These Sims are lovers of all things ancient. They will be especially confident at museums, and even more flirty while on dates there. They also have the unique ability to donate artifacts to the Simsonian Museum. &GP06
Professorial Renaissance Sim Professorial Sims can write helpful manuals about any skill they're well-versed in. &BG
Slinger of Spells Spellcraft & Sorcery A Slinger of Spells generates much less charge when casting spells &GP08
Webmaster Computer Whiz Webmasters get the most out of their computers, unlocking extremely useful ways to use them. &BG
In the Know Location City Native Sims who are In the Know can get a massive discount on market stall purchases if they Haggle with vendors. &EP03
Hero of StrangerVille StrangerVille Mystery As the Hero of StrangerVille you will receive fan mail as well as being able to retell the tale of how you defeated the source of the infection. &GP07
Laid-Back Beach Life Sims who are Laid-Back never become tense. &EP07
Worldly Knowledge Mt. Komorebi Sightseer These Sims are better at socializing during Social Events and enjoy ordering food from market stalls. They also can "Negotiate a Discount" at market stalls, which gives them an advantage over other bargaining techniques. &EP10
Fast & Fastidious Perfectly Pristine Sims don't get negative moodlets or lose fun while cleaning. Sim will clean at a more rapid pace and is more likely to become focused when cleaning, and for maximal cleaning efficiency, Fast & Fastidious Sims can use the "Power Clean" and "Power Vacuum" interactions. &KP01
Filth Dweller Fabulously Filthy This Sim no longer receives negative moodlets from living in dusty or messy environments. They loathe cleaning and love filth, and will receive Happy moodlets while in Dirty or Filthy houses. Additionally, they gain the ability to bond with and befriend Filth Fiends! &KP01
Player Love Serial Romantic Players will never cause other Sims to get jealous, no matter what they do. &BG
Companion Soulmate Sims with a Companion have special interactions with their spouse that help ease the trials of life. &BG
Survivalist Nature Outdoor Enthusiast Survivalists are happy roughin’ it and like living off the land. Sleeping under the stars or using camping equipment provides lots of enjoyment. &GP01
Naturalist Freelance Botanist Sims that are Naturalists don't need to fear fire; it won't touch them, and they can extinguish it with ease. &BG
Angler's Tranquility Angling Ace Sims with Angler's Tranquility will find that all of their problems seem to melt away while they are fishing. &BG
Appraiser The Curator Appraisers can sell collectibles, like Metals, Crystals, Elements, and Fossils to the Simsonian Museum for extra money. &BG
Treasure Hunter Jungle Explorer Treasure Hunters have a sharp eye and will occasionally find treasure and relics in Treasure Chests that other Sims miss. &GP06
Master Mixer Purveyor of Potions A Master Mixer rarely fails when using potions on themselves. &GP08
Influential Individual Eco Innovator When Influential Individuals speak, everyone listens. They can get the community to cheer on a local hero, or cancel them on a whim. &EP09
Natural Leader Popularity Leader of the Pack Sims that are Natural Leaders will earn Club points much faster, and they will be able to overthrow other leaders with ease. &EP02
Hilarious Joke Star Hilarious Sims can never go wrong with a joke, and have a few extra-special ones up their sleeve. &BG
Beloved Friend of the World Everyone remembers a Beloved Sim! Their relationships never fade. &BG
Perfect Host Party Animal Perfect Hosts get a boost to the score of any social event they throw. &BG
Regained Humanity Good Vampire Vampires with Regained Humanity seem kinder and safer. Sims are more likely give permission to Drink. &GP04
Unstoppable Fame World-Famous Celebrity Sims with Unstoppable Fame are immortalized celebrities, incapable of experiencing fame decay over time. They’re so comfortable in the limelight they’ll never react poorly towards those pesky paparazzi. They also receive an extra Fame Perk point. &EP06
Heroic Presence Star Wars Paragon of Hope Heroic Sims gain Charisma more easily, and can also inspire other Sims with their presence. &GP09
Sleight of Hand Galactic Privateer Sims with a Sleight of Hand can Pickpocket other Sims and will never get caught cheating at Sabacc. &GP09
Supreme Authority Enforcer of Order Sims with Supreme Authority have an edge during fights and can show their might, encouraging other Sims to back down from hostile socials with them. These Sims are also less likely to die from anger. &GP09
Over-Achiever Tutorial Over-Achiever Sims have increased job performances and gain skills faster. &BG

It is not possible for aliens to learn the Slinger of Spells, I am the Master, A True Master, Master Mixer, and Regained Humanity traits without the use of cheats, as they require vampire or spellcaster occult status, and aliens cannot change into those types.

Inherited traits[edit | edit source]

Inherited traits are traits that are passed down through generations and can only be achieved from having one or more parent possessing them at the time of birth.

Icon Trait Condition Description Pack
Father Winter's Baby Sim must have Father Winter as parent. Satisfaction points gain increased by 50%. Wow! Father Winter is actually (Sim Name)'s Dad! That's amazing! Wonder if he/she gets any magical abilities? &EP05
Sulani Mana Trait of every Island Elemental, can only be worn by them and their offsprings. This Sim is imbued with Sulani's elemental energy due to their heritage. They can increase the quality of plants as well as summon Volcanic Bombs. &EP07
Weak Bloodline Sim must have at least one spellcaster as a parent. This Sim's parents had no Bloodline traits. Sims with a Weak Bloodline trait gain an additional talent point at each Spellcaster rank to spend towards perks. They also gain Spellcaster experience faster and reduce the change of overloading by 10%. &GP08
Strong Bloodline Sim must have at least one spellcaster as a parent who has the Weak Bloodline trait. At least one of this Sim’s parents had a Weak Bloodline trait. Sims with a Strong Bloodline trait gain an additional talent point for each Spellcaster rank to spend towards perks. They also gain Spellcaster experience faster and reduce the chance of overloading by 20% &GP08
Ancient Bloodline Sim must have at least one spellcaster as a parent who has the Strong Bloodline or Ancient Bloodline trait. At least one of this Sim’s parents had a Strong or Ancient Bloodline trait. Sims with the Ancient Bloodline trait gain an additional talent point at each Spellcaster rank to spend towards perks. They also gain Spellcaster experience faster and reduce the chance of overloading by 50%. &GP08

Toddler skill reward traits[edit | edit source]

These traits can only be earned by toddlers after increasing their skills.

Icon Trait Condition Description Pack
Happy Toddler Sim must have four toddler skills at level 3 when becoming a child. This Sim got a good jump on skills as a toddler. This helps them gain all skills a bit faster. &BG
Top-Notch Toddler Sim must have four toddler skills at level 5 when becoming a child. This Sim got such a strong jump on skills as a toddler, they improve all other skills extra fast. &BG

Child aspiration reward traits[edit | edit source]

These traits can only be earned when the Sim is a child and completes a child aspiration.

Icon Reward Trait Aspiration Description Pack
Creatively Gifted Creative Artistic Prodigy Creatively Gifted Sims build adult creative skills faster. &BG
Mentally Gifted Mental Whiz Kid Mentally Gifted Sims build adult mental skills faster. &BG
Physically Gifted Motor Rambunctious Scamp Physically Gifted Sims build adult physical skills faster. &BG
Socially Gifted Social Social Butterfly Socially Gifted Sims build adult social skills faster. &BG

Character value traits[edit | edit source]

With The Sims 4: Parenthood, Sims with extremely positive or negative character values will earn the appropriate trait once they become young adults that correspond to the extremity of their character values.

Icon Reward Trait Character Value Description Pack
Responsible Responsibility Responsible Sims perform better at their jobs and can teach children and teens how to be responsible. &GP05
Irresponsible Irresponsible Sims are uncomfortable at work, but ignoring bills and slacking off brings them joy. They may also encounter new situations when at work. &GP05
Good Manners Manners Sims with Good Manners won't want to do any gross manners interactions, at least not in front of anyone. They also have a new Polite Introduction and can gain friendly relationships faster. Good Mannered Sims can also Offer Gratitude to the Host of a house they are visiting. &GP05
Bad Manners Sims with Bad Manners can try to be Friendly, but will always fail using certain socials. They will often use gross manners, swear a lot, and never want to do the dishes. &GP05
Emotional Control Emotional Control Sims who have the Emotional Control Trait can relieve negative moods by jogging, listening to certain music, blogging on the computer, or playing an instrument. In general, their negative emotions will go away faster than other Sims. &GP05
Uncontrolled Emotions Sims with Uncontrolled Emotions won’t be able to relieve their negative emotions as fast as other Sims. When they have strong negative emotions, they may have an emotional meltdown. &GP05
Mediator Conflict Resolution Mediator Sims have a higher chance at successfully apologizing to other Sims and can Mediate the Forums. They can also mend differences with Sims they have not been friendly with for a long time. &GP05
Argumentative Argumentative Sims don’t always start conversations on the right foot with Sims they don’t like. Successfully apologizing is harder and they do try to assert their correctness more often than not. &GP05
Compassionate Empathy Compassionate Sims can help other Sims relieve their negative emotions. They can also empathize with them by Sharing Emotional Burdens. However, these Sims get stressed when being Mean. &GP05
Insensitive Insensitive Sims are able to Question other Sims’ negative emotions. They can also instigate other Sims. Insensitive Sims will have a higher chance of failing socially when talking to Sims with bad emotions. &GP05

Satisfaction reward traits[edit | edit source]

Certain traits can be purchased with Satisfaction Points. Unlike regular traits, these traits are of narrow focus and usually only grant a single ability.

Icon Reward Trait Price Description Pack
Always Welcome 500 Always Welcome Sims will act more at home when at others' residences, and the hosts won't mind at all! &BG
Gym Rat 500 Gym Rats build Fun and don't lose Hygiene while exercising! &BG
Observant 500 Observant Sims learn the traits of others just by meeting them. &BG
Speed Cleaner 500 Speed Cleaners tidy up much faster! &BG
Great Storyteller 500 Great Storytellers always succeed at telling bigger and better stories! &GP01
Heat Acclimation 500 Sims with Heat Acclimation aren't affected as much by hot weather, but can still feel the effects. &EP05
Cold Acclimation 500 Sims with Cold Acclimation aren't affected as much by chilly weather, but can still feel the effects. &EP05
Waterproof 500 Waterproof Sims do not get wet in the rain. &EP05
Mentor 1,000 Once Mentors reach Level 10 in certain skills, the Mentor interaction becomes available and they can help other Sims improve their skills even more quickly! &BG
Morning Sim 1,000 Morning Sims build extra skill in the morning. &BG
Night Owl 1,000 Night Owls build extra skill at night. &BG
Speed Reader 1,000 Speed Readers read books faster than your average Sim. &BG
Storm Chaser 1,000 Storm Chaser Sims love stormy weather and thrive in terrifying conditions. &EP05
Free Services 1,500 All single use service requests are free. &BG
Marketable 1,500 Marketable Sims sell items they've crafted for more Simoleons! &BG
Stoves and Grills Master 1,500 Stoves and Grills Masters have a chance to create impeccable quality consumables that use stoves and grills! &GP01
Creative Visionary 2,000 Creative Visionaries have a higher chance of painting and writing masterworks. &BG
Entrepreneurial 2,000 Entrepreneurial Sims are more likely to get promoted in their Career. &BG
Frugal 2,000 A Frugal Sim's household has reduced bills. &BG
Independent 2,000 Independent Sims' Social Need decays slower. &BG
Shameless 2,000 Shameless Sims will never get Embarrassed! &BG
Steel Bladder 2,000 Sims with a Steel Bladder rarely have to pay attention to their Bladder Need. &BG
Incredibly Friendly 2,000 Incredibly Friendly Sims are immediately liked when met with a nice introduction. &GP01
Heatproof 2,000 Heatproof Sims aren't negatively affected by hot temperatures and enjoy the heat. &EP05
Ice Proof 2,000 Iceproof Sims aren't negatively affected by cold temperatures and enjoy the cold. &EP05
Beguiling 2,500 Beguiling Sims can put anyone in a flirty mood with just one look. &BG
Antiseptic 3,000 Antiseptic Sims' Hygiene Need decays much slower. &BG
Carefree 3,000 Carefree Sims will never get Tense. &BG
Connections 3,000 Sims with Connections start all Careers several levels ahead! &BG
Fertile 3,000 Fertile Sims have an easier time when trying for a baby, and a higher chance of twins or triplets. &BG
Great Kisser 3,000 Great Kissers have amazing success with kissing, and increase Charisma with every kiss! &BG
Paranormal Investigator 3,000 This Sim is a certified Paranormal Investigator, issued by the Claude René Duplantier Guidry. Sims with this license are eligible to join the Federal Bureau of Spooky Investigation as a freelance investigator.

Note: This reward can also be obtained from Guidry himself once you've reached Medium skill level 5.

Hardly Hungry 4,000 Some Sims just don't have much of an appetite. &BG
Professional Slacker 4,000 Professional Slackers have no fear of being demoted or fired. &BG
Savant 4,000 Savants gain all skills much faster! &BG
Seldom Sleepy 4,000 Seldom Sleepy Sims need less sleep than other Sims. &BG
Super Green Thumb 4,000 Super Green Thumbs will find that the plants they garden have amazing vitality! &BG
Needs No One 5,000 Sims that Need No One never need to socialize. &BG
Brave 8,000 Sims with this trait aren't as easily frightened. Brave Sims regain their composure faster than most Sims, and don't mind being near supernatural beings such as Ghosts or Skeletons. Brave Sims also stay Confident longer than most Sims! &BG
Forever Fresh 8,000 Forever Fresh Sims never need to shower or bathe! &BG
Forever Full 10,000 Forever Full Sims never need to eat! &BG
Never Weary 10,000 Never Weary Sims never need sleep. &BG
Sincere Not available Sincere Sims have more success with Apologies and Compliments. &BG
Memorable Not available Relationships decay more slowly. &BG

Career reward traits[edit | edit source]

Icon Trait Condition Description Pack
Sickness Resistance Sim must be level 8 in the Doctor career. Resilient Immunity, Sims will have a lower chance of getting sick and will recover from sickness faster. &EP01
Critically Connected Sim must be level 8 in the Arts Critic branch of the Critic career. Leveraging their status in the art world, Critically Connected Sims receive a 20% rebate on all Art purchased in Build Mode each week. Rebates will be applied directly to Household Funds. &EP03
Scouting Aptitude Sim must be level 5 in the Scout career. All of your Scouting ability makes future earning of Skills a little bit easier. &EP05
Master of the Sea Sim must be level 10 in the Marine Biologist branch of the Conservationist career. A Master of the Sea becomes friends with dolphins and mermaids faster, and can maneuver around the ocean much more easily. &EP07
Natural Speaker Sim must be level 10 in the Environmental Manager branch of the Conservationist career. Sims that are Natural Speakers have been empowered by nature with instinctive charisma. Being friendly is second nature. These Sims find it easy to Enthuse and Spread Awareness of their cause to other Sims, and find that their grant applications tend to get accepted. &EP07
Seasoned Gamer Sim must be level 4 (Captain) in the E-sports competitor career. As an elite gamer, (Sim) has more fun when playing video games, is more likely to win tournaments, and benefits from increased performance within the E-Sports activity. &EP08
Mental Magister Sim must be senior member of the Brainiacs. Gain Mental skills at a greater rate. &EP08
Champion of the People Sim must be level 10 in the Civic Planner branch of the Civil designer career. A Champion of the People always gains extra Influence, extra Satisfaction Points when gaining Influence, and will find themselves the recipient of more gifts from other Sims. &EP09
Eco-Engineer Sim must be level 10 in the Green Technician branch of the Civil designer career. An Eco-Engineer will find Eco-Upgrades to objects are completed more quickly and always get Eco-Upgrade Parts from recycling. &EP09
Legendary Stamina Sim must be level 10 in either branch of the Salaryperson career. These Sims have learned how to keep their energy up when the office coffeepot is empty. Their energy will drain more slowly than other Sims. &EP10
Charismatic Crooner Sim must be level 4 in the Salaryperson career. These Sims have mastered charismatic vocal tones that help them get along better with co-workers. These tones may even help with their singing ability. &EP10

Food mastery traits[edit | edit source]

Icon Trait Condition Description Pack
Chopstick Savvy Sim must eat with chopsticks multiple times. From slippery noodles to tiny peas, these Sims have mastered the art of eating with Chopsticks. &EP03
Spice Hound Sim must eat spicy food multiple times. Spice Hounds never find any food too Spicy, and feel Happy for hours after eating a Spicy Meal. &EP03
Immortal From drinking potion of immortality. (Sim) is immune from dying of old age. &GP08
Afizzionado From maxing out the juice fizzing skill. Afizzionados become focused while creating better products from the Juice Fizzer, as well as recovering from becoming Overbucha’d faster. &EP09

Mountaineer traits[edit | edit source]

Icon Trait Condition Description Pack
Middling Mountaineer From completing part 2 of mountain climb excursion (silver rank), replaced by other two traits These Sims have passing knowledge of the climbing route up Mount Komorebi. This may give small improvement their odds of success on a future excursion. &EP10
Capable Mountaineer From completing part 2 of mountain climb excursion (gold rank)/part 3 (silver rank), replaced by Expert Mountaineer These Sims have good working knowledge of climbing routes up Mount Komorebi. This will slightly improve their odds of success when rock climbing, completing goals on their next excursion, and in other outdoor activities. &EP10
Expert Mountaineer From completing mountain climb excursion (gold rank) These Sims are experts of the climbing route up Mount Komorebi. This will improve their odds of success rock climbing, on future excursions, and in other outdoor activities. &EP10

Temporary traits[edit | edit source]

These traits are bestowed upon a Sim for a short time only before being removed.

Icon Trait Condition Description Pack
Temporary Genius From drinking Smart serum. Lasts for 6 hours. This Sim has become a Temporary Genius. These Sims are more Focused for mental pursuits, which they require to remain Happy... If only it was permanent. &EP01
Evil From receiving or smelling Begonia scented arrangement. Lasts for 24 hours. These Sims become Happy around Sims with negative Moodlets, can Laugh Maniacally and Discuss Evil Plans, and become Angry when interacting with Good Sims. &EP05
Night Owl While wearing Celestial crown (+Nitelite). Lasts for 4 hours. Night Owls build extra skill at night. &EP06
Mystical Sensing While wearing Celestial crown (+Alexandrite). Lasts for 4 hours. Mystical Sensors are able to use energy to locate treasure and relics in Treasure Chests that other Sims miss. &EP06

Sage traits[edit | edit source]

Following reward traits are used by The Magic Realm's sages only and have no official name.

Trait Pack
trait_MagicSage_Mischief &GP08
trait_MagicSage_Practical &GP08
trait_MagicSage_Untamed &GP08

Childhood phases[edit | edit source]

Main article: Childhood phase

Childhood phases in the The Sims 4: Parenthood are temporary traits randomly experienced only by child and teen Sims.

Icon Trait Description Effect Pack
Clingy This Sim feels safest when interacting with their caregiver. There is no reason to interact with others when you have such an amazing person in your life. Forcing this Sim to interact with others will stress them out. Wants attention all the time and becomes stressed when interacting with strangers. &GP05
Distant This teen has become distant. Being near and interacting with family has started to stress them out. The world just doesn’t understand them. Receives a tense moodlet when around family members. &GP05
I'm a Bear! Be the Bear! This child will accept nothing less than dressing as an amazing fruit-themed ruler of the forest. It will feel unbearable to wear any other outfits. Will autonomously change their clothing into a fruit bear costume. They will also get a sad moodlet if not wearing the outfit. Parents of the said child can wear the outfit with them. &GP05
Loud This Sim is letting the world hear his/her voice! This Sim yells, makes noise on instruments, and will listen to music as loud as possible. Earplugs are advised for other family members. Will yell more often and use instruments and stereos loudly. &GP05
Mean Streak It is time to be Mean just because. This Sim is feeling nasty and will relish the chance to be Mean to other Sims. Will autonomously be mean to other Sims and will get a happy moodlet when doing so. &GP05
Picky Eater It's good to be a Picky Eater. Keep all those nasty culinary concoctions away from the Sim. They will prefer to eat their favorite Quick Meal. Will get a sad moodlet when eating food that requires a high skill level and enjoys eating quick meals or low-level dishes. &GP05
Rebellious Growing up means rebelling against the old fuddy duddy’s rules. This Sim will argue with their parents more often, swear, and procrastinate when doing homework. Will argue all the time, swear, procrastinate and break household rules. &GP05

Infection traits[edit | edit source]

Icon Trait Description Notes Pack
Infected Infected Sims have been exposed to the StrangerVille Infection. Sims might exhibit strange behaviour, or even become Possessed. From Consuming Bizzare Fruit or Spores &GP07

Unimplemented/removed traits[edit | edit source]

Icon Trait Description Notes Pack
Rebellious Was originally discovered in the game files after patch 88, but is left in an unfinished state and not in the game.[3] Not to be confused with the childhood phase of the same name. &BG

Other[edit | edit source]

Main article: Hidden trait

The Sims 4 features numerous traits that are never visible in the Simology panel. Many of them are used only for technical purposes, such as marking visited secret lots,[TS4:SD] completing first time actions, or to provide functionality for NPCs. Other trait types include:

Gallery[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Tweet by SimGuruGraham [1].
  2. These traits appear in the bonus trait slot when viewing a household from Manage Worlds, but they are not assigned by any aspiration. They can only be manually given to Sims using testing cheats.
  3. This is referenced in the update notes of this mod, for November 15, 2019:

es:Rasgos (Los Sims 4)

ru:Черта характера (The Sims 4) nl:Eigenschap (De Sims 4)