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The Sims 4: Get Famous

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Sims acting out a scene on a set.

Not to be confused with Film or Show Business.

Actor (or Actress) is an active career introduced in The Sims 4: Get Famous that relies heavily on the celebrity status of the Sims.

Actors must join in one of two agencies to start getting auditions. A.I. Staffing Agency or Everyday Extras Talent Agency. Either agency will send notifications reminding their actors to find auditions and getting gigs to start getting an income.

Actors must select from a list of auditions to attend, each audition requiring the Sim to have a certain skill for the acting gig. Actors can succeed or fail in the audition. Auditions may be bypassed once the Sim reaches Level 3 in fame by obtaining the "Established Name" perk.

When actors have an acting gig, they must attend to the studio a lot and perform their daily tasks, consisting of getting their costume fitted, hair styled, practicing lines, talking with the director, etc. When the actor is ready, they can speak to the director and be directed to the main stage. In the main stage, the actor must carry out an array of actions, depending on their acting skill. If Sims do not have a high acting skill, they can choose to play it safe or do a risky performance, which can provide a significant boost if they succeed, at the risk of ruining the performance.

Agencies[edit | edit source]

Actors must choose an agency to join to be able to do an audition for gigs.

Agency Description Benefits
A.I. Staffing Agency Consider A.I. Staffing. [applicantName]! Our agents look forward to booking your unproductive time with work. Please enable notifications to stay informed on the latest [jobField] opportunities. Improved automated reminders. Maximize your time spent working.
Everyday Extras Talent Agency Our team has put faces into every wide angle crowd shot this town has ever filmed. We will find you work, no matter how small the role. More auditions for Commercial and Daytime TV gigs.
G.R.A.N. Talent Agency Join the Goldie Ruthfield family. Our team will provide you with the same care and guidance that Goldie provided to Silver Screen Legends such as Chesterfield Cupola and Ann Chaplet. Connections with directors in the history and musical genres will open up opportunities for these gigs to lower the level of the actors. Extra comfort when auditions are not successful.
Well Suited Talent Agency Well Suited Talent represents only the best, who perform their best, and expect the best. YOu don't become an icon without the sweat, some tears, and more wardrobe changes than a storefront mannequin during fashion week. Better negotiated to pay for drama, action and Prime Time TV and Movie gigs.

Career Levels[edit | edit source]

TS4 Career Actor.png Actor Career Levels
Workplace: Studio
1) Uncredited Extra
Many aspiring actors/actresses move to the Del Sol Valley with a dream to act professionally. <Sim name> seeks to see his/her name in lights as a star in the latest summer blockbuster. That is a long way off. For now he/she must be happy walking briskly in the background as a uncredited extra.

<Sim name> can sign up for auditions and hopefully work some Commercial gigs.

§640/gig S M T W T F S
Hours: 9:00 AM
Ideal Mood: Confident
Promotion Tasks:
Daily Task:
Develop your Acting Skill
Bonus: None
2) Background Actor
<Sim name> is now reputable enough to have a reoccurring role serving coffee, being classmate #7 or some other role that will eventually be replaced by CG or robots. This is the background actors [sic] life though. <Sim name> should keep working on that acting skill incase [sic] his/her big break comes. §640/gig S M T W T F S
Hours: 9:00 AM
Ideal Mood: Confident
Daily Task:
Develop your Acting Skill
Bonus: §200
3) Commercial Spokesperson
<Sim name> has cemented himself/herself as a trusted brand. He/She is a commercial spokesperson. His/Her agent may send more daytime T.V. auditions his/her way to advance his/her career. §1,755/gig
Hours: 9:00 AM
Ideal Mood: Confident
Bonus: §250
4) Guest Star
When a daytime T.V. show is starting to hit a ratings slump they call in a guest star. Not any guest star, but <Sim name>. His/Her talent, skill, and stardom will bring that something special to any show.

New Agencies Unlocked! Goldie Ruthefileld's Actor Network and Well Suited Talent Agency have taken notice. <Sim name> can choose to change agencies or remain loyal to their current agency. To switch, use the cell phone to select a new agency.

Hours: 9:00 AM
Ideal Mood: Confident
Bonus: §350
5) Supporting Actor/Actress
A Supporting Actor/Actress is the unsung hero/heroine in any star's path towards a Starlight Accolade. Now <Sim name> is that hero/heroine. New stages have been unlocked to practice on at home. §4,010/gig
Hours: 9:00
Ideal Mood: Confident
Bonus: §400
6) Sitcom Star
Sometimes the small screen has greater reach than the big screen. Here, the Sitcom Star reigns supreme. <Sim name> has added his/her name to list of greats. §4,010/gig
Hours: 9:00
Ideal Mood: Confident
Bonus: §600
7) Rising Star
<Sim name> is a Rising Star! From commercials to movies, <Sim name> is the name on the lips of all the casting agents. His/Her choice of next gigs may determine if this star keeps rising, or if it burns out in flames. §4,010/gig
Hours: 9:00 AM
Ideal Mood: Confident
Bonus: §800
8) Seasoned Thespian
Fake tears, costume changes, and partial blindness due to stage lights have all lead here. <Sim name> is now a seasoned thespian. The toughest roles are available to be auditioned for. §9,800/gig
Hours: 9:00 AM
Ideal Mood: Confident
Bonus: §1,200
9) Superstar
Superstar! <Sim name> is the talk of the town. His/her name gets top billing in all the advertising. When he/she signs up for a project, that project gets immediately moved to the prime summer release slots. §9,800/gig
Hours: 9:00 AM
Ideal Mood: Confident
Bonus: §1,400
10) Silver Screen Icon
<Sim name>'s name will forever been known in film history. His/her projects will be reviewed by film students for decades to come. His/her subtle facial movements to portray complex emotions will be diligently studied by novice actors everywhere. Also, <Sim name> will make a lot of money. §9,800/gig
Hours: 9:00 AM
Ideal Mood: Confident
Bonus: §1,600

Sims in the Actor Career[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • One gig an actor can get is for a TV Show sitcom about friends called "The Urbz", which is a reference to The Urbz: Sims in the City.
  • When an actor is with the A.I. Staffing Agency, they have a chance to be given this reminder: "We ran 14 million simulations to see your outcome of your next acting gig. In all the one's you practiced your scenes before filming you had resounding success". This is a reference to the movie Avengers: Infinity War, a specific line the character Doctor Strange says.