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The Sims Castaway Stories

Hunter is one of the careers in The Sims Castaway Stories. This career track rewards more food than the other careers, and the amount of food collected is almost equal to the resources. It mainly focuses on Body and requires Charisma and Cleaning skills. The career reward from this career is The Hyena Pace Obstacle Course

Adult Sims go to work at 9 AM to 12 PM. Teens and Elders go to work at 10 AM to 12 PM. Orangutans go to work at 11 AM to 2 PM. Castaway careers don't have specific days-off and vacation days, therefore Sims can't call in sick. On the other hand, there is no penalty if Sims don't leave for work either. Sims have chances for two times to go to work if they happen to be unable at the first chance.

Adult Promotion Levels[edit | edit source]

Hunter Career Levels
1) Snail Chaser
Snail racing never made for good television, but mere cameras can't do justice to the thrill of seeing that shell in the distance and gunning to pull up close, only to see it lay on some speed and fade into the distance once again. One day you'll bring down the big game, but you've got to learn to outrun gastropods that carry their houses on their backs before you can fly. Food 74 Body 0
Resources 33 Charisma 0
No Bonus Cleaning 0
Friends requirement 0
2) Hoop Jumper
When that person at the circus made the lion do all those silly things, it didn't make much sense to you at the time, but in your current predicament there's obvious value in having the local wildlife do at least some of the things you want at least some of the time. You'll have to understand how to get through that hoop if you expect others to do it for you. Be the animal. Hup! Food 94 Body 1
Resources 65 Charisma 0
Bonus: Food 188 Cleaning 0
Bonus: Resources 130 Friends requirement 0
3) Tracker
A broken twig, a trampled leaf, a pile of you-know-what. These are the things you have to find, recognize and interpret as you learn to track your new roommates across their natural habitat—just try not to trample anyone underfoot in the process. Food 114 Body 2
Resources 100 Charisma 1
Bonus: Food 228 Cleaning 1
Bonus: Resources 200 Friends requirement 1
4) Scout
You've learned to see the animals' trails up close, and now it's time to get to know the land you track them across. Use the stars and trees as your guide; and since search parties and reality show film crews are scarce on Felicity Island, don't count on earning your fifteen minutes of fame by falling headfirst into a ravine. Food 134 Body 5
Resources 133 Charisma 2
Bonus: Food 268 Cleaning 2
Bonus: Resources 336 Friends requirement 1
5) Stalker
You've combined the techniques of tracking and scouting, and now you can follow animals across the land closely and unnoticed. Here's hoping your neighbors spend their days and nights doing something interesting or you might have to go back to throwing rocks for fun. Food 153 Body 5
Resources 168 Charisma 2
Bonus: Food 306 Cleaning 2
Bonus: Resources 336 Friends requirement 2
6) Ranger
Over the course of stalking the island's inhabitants, you've gotten to know some of their habits well, and can look out for their best interests as well as your own. As far as you can tell, everyone's diet is supremely healthy, but something has to be done to invigorate the nightlife on the island before you swim out to sea and hope the currents pick you up just to escape the boredom. Food 173 Body 6
Resources 200 Charisma 3
Bonus: Food 346 Cleaning 2
Bonus: Resources 400 Friends requirement 2
7) Bushmaster
As you've become more knowledgeable about the ecology and grown bolder in your actions, the smaller animals of Felicity Island have come to recognize you as a friend. Although you don't actually speak any of their languages, you could swear that you've been asked for dating advice at least once. Food 193 Body 7
Resources 235 Charisma 3
Bonus: Food 386 Cleaning 3
Bonus: Resources 470 Friends requirement 3
8) Cheetah Whisperer
They were never as scared of you as you were of them, but you've found the courage to approach and interact with the jaguars of Felicity Island. After looking them in the eye and talking to them, you have both realized that you're not so different after all. You're all just looking for the next good meal. Food 213 Body 8
Resources 268 Charisma 5
Bonus: Food 426 Cleaning 4
Bonus: Resources 536 Friends requirement 3
9) Warrior
As you've mastered your environment and the animals within it, you find yourself moving with a certain and precise grace which you never dreamed you were capable of back in civilization. Swift and staunch in protecting the jungle's inhabitants, you feel yourself close to mastering the surroundings you once feared. Food 232 Body 9
Resources 303 Charisma 6
Bonus: Food 464 Cleaning 5
Bonus: Resources 606 Friends requirement 4
10) Law of the Jungle
When you washed up on the beach alone and scared you never imagined that you'd feel the trees bow and see the animals move aside as you passed, and yet it feels as if they do. It's another beautiful day in the jungle. Your jungle. Care to rearrange the food chain? Food 252 Body 10
Resources 335 Charisma 9
Bonus: Food 188 Cleaning 6
Bonus: Resources 130 Friends requirement 5

Teen/Elder Promotion Levels[edit | edit source]

Hunter Career Levels
1) Cub Cuddler
The village leaders have decided to implement an outreach program to cut down on incidents of animal mauling. Research has shown that animals are most responsive to targeted advertising when they're young. You can help mend the rift between the island's animal and villager populations. When you find a cub, gently pick it up, cuddle it and show it just how friendly people can be. Just be careful to wipe your scent off when you're done, or the mother may not want it back. Food 37 Body 0
Resources 18 Charisma 0
No Bonus Cleaning 0
Friends requirement 0
2) Mosquito Feeder
Nobody likes mosquitoes, but they need to eat. Mother mosquitoes need blood to lay their eggs, hatching even more mosquitoes that suck even more blood. Such is the great circle of life! Throw away that old citronella oil, sit back and relax. You're about to become more acquainted with your place in the food chain. If feeding mosquitoes really bothers you, just remind yourself it's only a step on your climb up the career ladder to Jungle Mucker. Food 47 Body 1
Resources 33 Charisma 0
Bonus: Food 94 Cleaning 0
Bonus: Resources 66 Friends requirement 0
3) Jungle Mucker
The jungle is full of animals, and it's also full of the mess animals make. It's all perfectly natural, but it's also unsanitary. The village has a comprehensive program of waste management, but the surrounding jungle doesn't. Some of the hunters have been known to slip and fall when chasing dinner, and then dinner winds up getting away. That's where you come in. Maybe you'd rather be a real hunter and bring home dinner yourself, but for now, just keep shoveling. Food 57 Body 2
Resources 50 Charisma 1
Bonus: Food 114 Cleaning 1
Bonus: Resources 100 Friends requirement 1

Orangutan Promotion Levels[edit | edit source]

Hunter Career Levels
1) Fruit Stalker
Fruit. A delicious snack—and a worthy adversary! Orangutangs must learn habits and habitats of fruit in order to be the most successful fruit stalker they can be. Look at it! Hanging there so quietly in the tree, the fruit looks so calm and at peace. It suspects nothing. Or does it? Food 16 Body 0
Resources 37 Logic 0
No Bonus Creativity 0
Friends requirement 0
2) Tick Picker
There aren't a lot of options for pest control in the jungle, and most of them are related to the food chain. Orangutangs love to groom their friends and snack on any of the parasites they find, efficiently combining bath time with snack time. Food 57 Body 3
Resources 50 Logic 0
Bonus: Food 114 Creativity 0
Bonus: Resources 100 Friends requirement 0
3) Jaguar Imitator
Most of the jaguars on Felicity Island are friendly enough, but sometimes they get rambunctious and require a little extra security. The long burly arm of the orangutang has kept the big cats in line for a millennia. Sure the jaguar is fast and has powerful jaws, but orangutans can walk upright. Can jaguars do that? No, they can't. At least not yet. Food 76 Body 6
Resources 84 Logic 3
Bonus: Food 152 Creativity 0
Bonus: Resources 168 Friends requirement 0
4) Crocodile Wrestler
It seems unlikely that a lanky and barrel-bodied primate can take on a quick and supple reptile and win, but crocodile wrestling is good excersize and an unavoidable aspect of jungle conflict. With so little in the way of entertainment on this island, it's also a fast-growing spectator sport. Rather than relying on the flashier drop-and-prop theatrics of professional wrestling, orangutangs favor the upper-body artistry of the greco-roman style. Food 96 Body 10
Resources 117 Logic 6
Bonus: Food 192 Creativity 3
Bonus: Resources 234 Friends requirement 0

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