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The Sims Castaway Stories

Crafter is one of the careers in The Sims Castaway Stories. This career track rewards more resources for the Sims than the other careers. It mainly focuses on Mechanical and requires Logic and Creativity skills. The career reward from this career is The Crafter's Bench Crafting Bench.

Adult Sims go to work at 9 AM to 12 PM. Teens and Elders go to work at 10 AM to 12 PM. Orangutans go to work at 11 AM to 2 PM. Castaway careers don't have specific days-off and vacation days, therefore Sims can't call in sick. On the other hand, there is no penalty if Sims don't leave for work either. Sims have chances for two times to go to work if they happen to be unable at the first chance.

Adult Promotion Levels[edit | edit source]

Crafter Career Levels
1) Leaf Folder
Sand, sun and water are difficult to hold, so what else can you do with your hands out here? The overall springiness of leaves doesn't lend itself to a decent origami crane, but the frog is a good bet. You also won't be able to make one of those paper fortune tellers, but whether or not your secret crush knows you're alive probably doesn't matter so much right now. Food 50 Mechanical 0
Resources 48 Logic 0
No Bonus Creativity 0
Friends requirement 0
2) Basket Weaver
Apparently surviving on a deserted island involves a lot of carrying things back and forth, and there aren't a lot of usable salvaged containers around. Those rushes over there? They could be holding things for you. It looks like underwater basket weaving wasn't such a useless subject in school after all. Food 63 Mechanical 1
Resources 98 Logic 0
Bonus: Food 126 Creativity 0
Bonus: Resources 196 Friends requirement 0
3) Flintknapper
Fire? Check. Dancing origami frogs? Check. Lightweight containers? Check. Need a finer edge for a homemade skinning knife? Apply a few skill-relevant Stone Age tool-making techniques and a bit of sinew and you'll be flaying up a storm in no time! Food 76 Mechanical 2
Resources 150 Logic 1
Bonus: Food 152 Creativity 1
Bonus: Resources 300 Friends requirement 0
4) Homesteader
It's definitely still a fixer-upper, but you've acquired the skills and knowledge to keep your domicile as livable as possible given your surroundings. "Open concept" housing is all the rage, and you're certainly on the cutting edge. Food 89 Mechanical 3
Resources 200 Logic 2
Bonus: Food 178 Creativity 1
Bonus: Resources 400 Friends requirement 0
5) Scrap Technician
Before, you looked at the broken items and other bits of material lying along the beach as junk, but now you see more possibilities in what was previously unusable. You can also turn anything you really can't use into avant-garde lawn sculpture. Food 102 Mechanical 4
Resources 250 Logic 3
Bonus: Food 204 Creativity 1
Bonus: Resources 500 Friends requirement 1
6) Tinkerer
In your current predicament, you've discovered that simple machines are good for more than discussion topics for children's science programs—the pulley, wheel and axle and the inclined plane all save you a great deal of work throughout your day, although getting food to prepare and cook itself for you will require an altogether different kind of mastery. Food 115 Mechanical 5
Resources 303 Logic 4
Bonus: Food 230 Creativity 2
Bonus: Resources 606 Friends requirement 2
7) Builder
Your skill and proficiency have allowed you to progress from simple machines to simple carpentry. Although you're not going to make your place into a fashion doll's dream house anytime soon, you can foresee a towel rack next to the potty bush in the near future. Food 129 Mechanical 6
Resources 353 Logic 5
Bonus: Food 258 Creativity 3
Bonus: Resources 706 Friends requirement 3
8) Bamboo Engine
In this tropical setting, it's almost impossible to not go with tiki-themed interiors, to the extent that you even have interiors. At least you have bamboo, and you have lots of it. Bamboo is almost like blood, here. It's like... life. Food 142 Mechanical 7
Resources 403 Logic 7
Bonus: Food 284 Creativity 4
Bonus: Resources 806 Friends requirement 4
9) Artisan
You have mastered the raw and salvaged materials of the island, and now you can assemble them all with remarkable aesthetic flair. The ease with which you collect and create is certainly something never would have thought yourself capable of before you arrived on the island. Food 155 Mechanical 8
Resources 453 Logic 8
Bonus: Food 310 Creativity 5
Bonus: Resources 906 Friends requirement 5
10) Inventor
Congratulations, you have arrived at the ultimate level of materials mastery—the creation of the improbable. Sure, plant-based electronics sound weird on the face of it, but that schematic for building a television set out of some cured bamboo, a few coconut rinds, and a couple of razor blades that washed up on the beach is certainly interesting enough. If anyone can make electricity from rubbing two sticks together, it's you. Food 168 Mechanical 10
Resources 505 Logic 9
Bonus: Food 336 Creativity 7
Bonus: Resources 1,010 Friends requirement 6

Teen/Elder Promotion Levels[edit | edit source]

Crafter Career Levels
1) Needle Threader
The simple task of threading a needle has confounded the farsighted and the clumsy since the first hole was made in something small and sharp enough to pass through animal hide. A keen eye, a deft hand and a great deal of patience are your only tools for this task. You don't know what animal provided the bone for the needle; you just know that it's useless until you get a thread into it. Food 25 Mechanical 0
Resources 25 Logic 0
No Bonus Creativity 0
Friends requirement 0
2) Coconut Milker
Few fruits are as useful to island living as the humble coconut, giver of plant fibers and low-cost biodegradable apparel. It also provides food and drink to the select few who've mastered the art of penetrating its incredibly tough shell. Through hard work and training, you've been honored with membership in this elite group! But be careful. Relax, and speak gently to the cocnut before you milk it. They are skittish, and have been known to kick. Food 31 Mechanical 1
Resources 50 Logic 0
Bonus: Food 62 Creativity 0
Bonus: Resources 100 Friends requirement 0
3) Grass Skirt Trimmer
Fashion. Few rule it, and even fewer understand it. Grass skirts may be the "little black dress" of the islands, but even timeless wardrobe classics show some signs of contemporary influence. If you've kept your finger on the pulse of the latest breezy fashion trends, it should be obvious what you should do next. Pack up your shears and a snack, and bring your walking stick. Hemlines are always on the move, and you should be too. Food 38 Mechanical 2
Resources 75 Logic 1
Bonus: Food 76 Creativity 1
Bonus: Resources 150 Friends requirement 0

Orangutan Promotion Levels[edit | edit source]

Crafter Career Levels
1) Tree Ornament
Trees are already beautiful on their own, but sometimes they can use just a little extra pizzazz. A beautiful red hairy orangutan hanging from a branch beautifully compliments the green of the leaves, and highlights the darker brown of the trunk. Hanging as tree ornamentation also teaches orangutans about discipline, and helps them develop arm strength. Food 25 Body 0
Resources 24 Logic 0
No Bonus Creativity 0
Friends requirement 0
2) Problem Solver
You've trained your orangutan friend to press a lever to get food, and then worked up to a primitive version of the shell game. From there you draw an old woman/young woman optical illusion in the sand, and teach your orangutan to interpret it. You say it's an old woman. The orangutan says that young or old, she looks like a banana thief. Food 38 Mechanical 0
Resources 75 Logic 0
Bonus: Food 76 Creativity 3
Bonus: Resources 150 Friends requirement 0
3) Tool Maker
You can't solve a problem without the right tools, and neither can orangutans. This job gives them the ability to do two of their favorite things: show off their opposable digits and make silly noises. This tool here is apparently called a "biscuit cutter," but that sounds vaguely dirty. Whatever happened to the good old fashioned screwdriver? Food 38 Mechanical 0
Resources 75 Logic 3
Bonus: Food 76 Creativity 6
Bonus: Resources 150 Friends requirement 0
4) Tool User
After learning the intricate art of creating tools, your orangutan companion has finally figured out how to actually use them. Now your orangutan can cause some real damage! This is an interesting demonstration of orangutan industrial design sense, because the tools that orangutans make are sometimes meant for very different tasks than the ones you'd expect. Using a wrench as a hammer? Genius! Food 64 Mechanical 3
Resources 176 Logic 6
Bonus: Food 128 Creativity 10
Bonus: Resources 352 Friends requirement 0

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