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The Sims 4: Parenthood

For the life skill in The Sims 2: FreeTime, see Life skills § Parenting.


An adult sim punishing a teen.

Parenting is a skill in The Sims 4: Parenthood. This skill helps parents have more options on raising their children and influencing their growing character values.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Level Ability
1 Encourage behaviors, Influence to clean, "Ask not to do..." and "Yell at to stop..." bad behaviors
2 Influence to do homework, "Firmly tell not to do..." bad behaviors, further options available when teaching moments are presented
3 'Solve motive' interactions, Give parenting tips to other Sims
4 Give Time Outs to children and teens as punishment, able to see which character values are affected during teaching moments
5 Ground children and teens as punishment, Discuss bad behavior and "Hug it out", more 'solve motive' interactions available
6 Make other parents feel better, "Find out what is wrong" with a baby to know how to fix their needs
7 Higher success rates with 'solve motive' interactions, some "Influence to..." interactions have a higher success rate
8 A third option during teaching moments becomes available, higher success rates with discipline interactions
9 "Influence to..." interactions always succeed, complete impacts of all options in teaching moments are visible
10 "Super Efficient Baby Care" interaction solves all of a baby's needs at once, "Full Parent Mode" slows down the Sim's needs decay

Learning[edit | edit source]

Working on a school project together.

The parenting skill is only available to Sims who are young adults and older. It can be learnt by many different methods. Like with other skills, it can be learnt on a computer using the 'Web > Read parenting forums' option. Parenting books are also available and increase the parenting skill.

Conversations and simple interactions between parents and children will not increase the Sim's parenting skill. However, most other interactions will. These include scolding and punishing children, encouraging behaviors, helping with homework and school projects, teaching toddlers skills and tucking children into bed.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • As parenting is based around social interactions, being in a happy mood may help with the success of these interactions and increase the parenting skill faster.
  • Reading parenting books to boost the parenting skill after approximately level 7 only makes negligible increases in the skill - performing social interactions with children increases the skill much faster.
  • When using the "Find out what is wrong" interaction on a baby after reaching level 6 of the parenting skill, a thought bubble will appear, indicating what need they need fulfilled.
  • "Full Parent Mode" is activated after several interactions by a parent Sim in a row, and is indicated by a chiming noise and green stars around the Sim.

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