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In The Sims series, potty refers to a toddler skill that is associated with a toddler's ability to relieve their bladder motive through the use of a potty chair. The skill first appeared with the introduction of toddlers in The Sims 2. It also appears in The Sims 3, and was reintroduced into The Sims 4 with patch 46.

Without sufficient potty skills, toddlers will still relieve their bladder motive with a diaper, but this will significantly reduce their hygiene motive. However, having aged up with an incompletely learned[TS2][TS3] or low[TS4] potty skill does not affect a child Sim's ability to relieve his/her bladder motive with a standard toilet.

The Sims 2[edit | edit source]

Toddlers can be taught this skill whenever a teen or older Sim carries them to a potty chair. They will build the skill alongside relieving their bladder motive, and will crawl off the chair automatically when their bladder motive is full. The potty chair must be emptied after each use. When the toddler has mastered the skill, both the teaching Sim and the toddler will get a memory of the incident, and the toddler will be able to use the potty chair on their own, even if the chair is full. Toddlers will often roll a want to be potty trained; although it is possible for a toddler to grow up well without having been potty trained, being potty trained makes it more likely that they will grow up with a gold or platinum aspiration bar.

Since toddlers will build the skill for the entire duration of time that they are seated on the potty chair, the player can simply use cheats to lower or even freeze the toddler's bladder motive while they are on the potty chair. The toddler will then be seated on the potty chair indefinitely, allowing the player to build their potty training skill in one sitting.

The Sims 3[edit | edit source]

Potty training is one of three toddler skills. Much like The Sims 2, an older Sim must carry the toddler to a potty chair, which will build both their potty training skill and their bladder motive. Each time the toddler is brought to the chair, they will learn a quarter of the skill. The chair can be used even when it is full, although doing so will result in puddles leaking from it every time it is used until emptied. Much like The Sims 2, a toddler can use the potty chair on their own once they have mastered the skill.

The Sims 4[edit | edit source]

Skill TS4 Potty.png

Unlike other toddler skills in The Sims 4, the maximum level a toddler can attain in the potty skill is 3, and it has no corresponding child skill.

At Level 1 and below, toddlers are unable to use the potty chair by themselves and will always need the supervision of a teen or older Sim. The exception is if the toddler has the independent trait.

Two potty chairs are available: the Practice Potty (§75) and the Monster Potty Partner (§125). A potty chair will need to be cleaned from time to time; a dirty potty chair will make Sims uncomfortable while they are around it.

As a toddler's potty skill level increases, they gain more abilities aimed at helping them use the potty chair more effectively and confidently:

  • Level 2: Toddlers can now use the potty chair unsupervised; however, the toddler will not always autonomously use the potty chair when their bladder motive is low. There is still a good chance that the toddler may soil their diapers instead.
  • Level 3: Toddlers are now more likely to autonomously head for the potty chair whenever their bladder motives are low. They will also wake up from sleep in order to use the potty. While the potty will be preferred, toddlers can still soil their diapers.