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A Sim practicing her writing

See also: Book
For the similar skill, see Creativity (skill).
For the career in The Sims 4, see Writer.
For the Writing Skill in The Sims 4, see Writing (The Sims 4).
Writing is a skill in The Sims 3.

Sims can only write by using a computer. The skill is augmented by Artistic and Bookworm traits, and Acclaimed Author lifetime reward (Some other traits are also useful for several types of writing). Finished books will be mailed to the Sim after completion free of charge with the exception of articles which simply appear in the Sim's inventory. They can be read just like any other book. The books can also now be found in the library, and be bought from the Bookshop in town. Income is paid once a week, at 12 pm on Sunday, for 6 weeks per book. Small payments are also received for every 20% of the book that is completed. If the author dies, payments will stop for any books they have written. With The Sims 3: Ambitions expansion pack, players can register as a self-employed writer. Being a writer is very hard compared to other skill careers, as many, and possibly all, of the Sim's wish slots will be taken up by wishes related to the career.

Statistics[edit | edit source]

  • Books Read
  • Current Book Completed
  • Completed Books
  • Scrapped Writings
  • Pages Written
  • Flops
  • Hits
  • Best Sellers
  • Most Experienced Genre
  • Most Profitable Book
  • Money Earned Writing
  • Current Weekly Royalties

Challenges[edit | edit source]

Speed Writer
Speed Writers are so prolific that they've earned §30,000 in royalties. Speed Writers write more quickly than normal writers.

Prolific Writer

Prolific Writers have written at least 20 books in their career. They are so well known that they tend to write far more best-sellers than their counterparts.

Specialist Writer

Writers must pen at least 5 novels in a specific genre to be known as a specialist for the genre.[1] Such specialists write far more hits and best-sellers in their particular genre than most.

Genres[edit | edit source]

Genre Requirement Average Length Expected Royalties Base Royalty[2][3] Royalty Per page Bonus Trait
Fiction Writing Lv. 0 90 § 0025-0035 0.333
Non-Fiction Writing Lv. 0 90 § 0025-0035 0.333
Science Fiction Writing Lv. 1 or
Writing Lv. 0 with Computer Whiz
150 § 0060-0070 0.433 Computer Whiz, Genius
Comic[4] Writing Lv. 1 and Painting Lv. 1 or
Writing Lv. 1 and Street Art Lv. 1
61 § 0048-0120 1.377
Trashy Writing Lv. 2 190 § 0073-0085 0.416 Flirty
Drama Writing Lv. 3 305 § 0160-0183 0.562 Commitment Issues, Diva
Children's Writing Lv. 3 and Painting Lv. 4 105 § 0075-0105 0.857 Artistic, Childish, Family-Oriented
Sports[4] Writing Lv. 3 or
Sports Agent Lv. 3
125 § 0150-0400 2.200 Athletic
Horror[5][6] Writing Lv. 4 or
Writing Lv. 2 with Supernatural Fan
400 § 0200-0300 0.625 Supernatural Fan
Humor Writing Lv. 5 or
Writing Lv. 2 with Good Sense of Humor
345 § 0185-0255 0.638 Loser, Inappropriate, Mean Spirited
Historical Writing Lv. 6 and elders only 505 § 0290-0360 0.643 Perfectionist, No Sense of Humor
Poetry[5] Writing Lv. 7 or
Writing Lv. 0 with Brooding or
Writing Lv. 2 with Avant Garde
400 § 0300-0350 1.231 Brooding
Mystery Writing Lv. 8 510 § 0325-0340 0.652 Genius
Romance Writing Lv. 10 or
Writing Lv. 5 with Hopeless Romantic
675 § 0600-0890 1.104 Hopeless Romantic
Biography Writing skill opportunity 400 § 0150-0175 0.406
Auto-Biography 3 Biographies 400 § 0150-0175 0.406 Ambitious, Charismatic, Unlucky, Daredevil, Insane, Kleptomaniac, Diva
Fantasy 3 Sci-Fi novels 440 § 0300-0360 0.750 Neurotic
Satire 3 Humor novels or
Writing Lv. 4 with Avant Garde
350 § 0350-0410 1.086 Grumpy, Hot-Headed, Over-Emotional, Rebellious
Vaudeville 2 Sci-Fi, 2 Drama, 2 Humor, 2 Mystery, 2 Romance novels, and Writing Lv. 10 1250 § 1450-1770 1.288 Bookworm
Masterpiece 25 novels 2000 § 2750-3100 1.462
Life Story Top level career opportunity 400 § 0300-0500 1.000
Political Memoir (Political Life Story) Political career opportunity 400 § 0300-0500 1.000
Article (Story/Review) Journalism Lv. 3 79 § 0035-0052 0.554

Useful Writer traits[edit | edit source]

Along with the traits that provide a bonus to individual writing genres, there are some traits that any sort of professional writer could find useful:

Bookworm Sims get a bonus to writing quality and write novels faster.
Artistic Sims get a further bonus to writing with this trait.
Computer Whiz Sims enjoy playing on the computer more and can fix broken computers faster.
Sims that Hates the Outdoors will never go Stir-Crazy. This is useful for writer Sims, who rarely need to leave the house.
  • Adventurous Sims will take longer to become Stir Crazy, at approximately 9 days.
Hopeless Romantic Sims are more prominent in the romance genre, and can start writing romance novels much earlier. As romance novels are some of the most profitable works, this can speed up the writer’s profit rate.
Insane Sims can talk to themselves, which allows them to fulfill their need for social interaction, especially if they live alone.
Green Thumb can talk to potted/planted plants to quickly refill their social need (much more effective than Insane's talk to self as it lasts roughly twice as long and seems to fill the need more quickly. One talk to plant will refill almost the whole social from empty, while insane requires 5-6 talk to self to do the same).
Loner Sims need less social interaction than others. They also get a mood boost when they're alone.
Sims with No Sense of Humor have an almost halved need for fun.
Perfectionist Sims take longer to do many things but do them better than normal. This includes writing novels.
Slob Sims don't mind a dirty house or body, allowing them more time to write.
Couch Potato Sims sitting in a particularly comfy chair while writing get up to a +25 mood bonus with this trait (this is redundant if the Sim uses the Holo-Computer[TS3:ITF]). Sims may watch TV for a quick Fun boost, if they get strained.
Neurotic Sims can use the "Freak Out" action to prevent/eliminate stress from writing for long stretches of time.
Brooding Sims can start writing poetry right away, although at the cost of a 10% learning gain rate of the writing skill.
Avant Garde Sims can write Poetry and Satire in lower skill requirements.

Additionally, for each bonus traits that a Sim possesses upon completing a novel, the book royalty is added by +25%. Possessing all seven traits (if possible) when writing an autobiography will add a bonus of +175% to the royalty.

Opportunities[edit | edit source]

A History of One[edit | edit source]

Write a Biography of (Sim).

(Sim) wants to be immortalized in print, and you're just the writer to do it! If you find the time to write a biography of (Sim), it'll surely improve your relationship and earn you some money.

Your Autobiography[edit | edit source]

Write an Autobiography.

(Sim) has read quite a few of your books and thinks you're quite the writer. With such an interesting life, (Sim) thinks you should put it on paper. Write an Autobiography and you'll improve your relationship with (Sim) and earn some money.

Correcting Past Mistakes[edit | edit source]

(Sim) has read some of your very first books and determined they weren't quite up to snuff. Prove that you've improved as a writer by writing a novel that generates §100 in weekly royalty checks, and you'll improve your relationship with (Sim). Your books will also improve from then on!

Book Donation[edit | edit source]

Donate three books at City Hall.

City Hall is collecting books for the library - such a great cause! Those who donate will be viewed as Charitable, so bring three books that you've written and drop them off at City Hall!

Add a Little Drama[edit | edit source]

Write a Drama.

(Sim) has a soft spot for a well-written drama that pulls at the heartstrings and excites readers with its suspense. Write a Drama Novel for (Sim) to earn some money and improve your relationship.

To Boldly Go[edit | edit source]

Write a Sci Fi novel.

Lasers, adventuring through space, and discovering new planets where evil monsters may lurk are exactly what (Sim) wants you to occupy your time with. Write a Science Fiction novel for (Sim) and you'll earn some money and your relationship will improve.

Hopefully You Like Orks[edit | edit source]

Write a Fantasy novel.

(Sim) has a hankering for magic, wizards, and green-skinned Orks that like fighting just a little too much. You should take a stab at writing a Fantasy novel for (Sim). It'll improve your relationship and earn you a little cash!

A Masterpiece[edit | edit source]

Write a Masterpiece.

(Sim) has read everything you've ever written. As one of your biggest fans, (Sim) is eagerly anticipating your masterpiece. Write a Masterpiece and your relationship with (Sim) will improve. You'll also earn some money!

A Few Pages of Satire[edit | edit source]

Write a Satire.

(Sim) absolutely loves satire and is very interested in seeing you take a pass at the genre. Write a Satire novel for (Sim) and it'll improve your relationship, plus earn you some money.

The Glory of Vaudeville[edit | edit source]

Write a Vaudeville novel.

The great storytelling and humor of Vaudeville is sought by your acquaintance (Sim). Write a vaudeville story for (Sim) and your relationship will improve, plus you'll earn a cash bonus!

Descriptions of each skill level[edit | edit source]

Level 1

Can words move another Sim to cry? To laugh? To fall in love? [Sim] has begun the literary path, one that is not always the less traveled, but perhaps one in need of excellence. Will the next bestseller be penned by [Sim]?

Level 3

Congratulations! [Sim] has just improved [his/her] Writing Skill to level 3!
[Sim] now understands how to write drama novels. Don't hold back the sappy dialogue and deep plot-line -- readers will eat it up!

Level 5

Congratulations! [Sim] has just improved [his/her] Writing Skill to level 5!
[Sim]'s fingers may be a tad sore, but the calluses will heal and key replacements for keyboards are cheap. Keep typing away, and that masterpiece will be within [Sim]'s grasp. [Sim] now possesses the touch to pen Humor Novels. The neighborhood can always use a little more funny.

Level 10

People have no doubt wept from the telling dramas written by [Sim]. Readers have no doubt laughed until their stomachs hurt, and it can most definitely be said that the most vivid tales were created by none other than [Sim]. Enjoy the royalties - they are well deserved.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. Specialist is given to the first genre that has 5 completed novels. The specialization will change to the genre with the most completed books. In the case of a tie, the tiebreaker is based on the following list: Trashy > Drama > Science Fiction > Fantasy > Humor > Satire > Mystery > Romance > Historical > Children > Vaudeville > Biography > Article > Autobiography > Masterpiece > Political Memoir > Life Story > Fiction > Non-fiction > Poetry > Horror > Sports > Comic. For example, if the Sim has completed 5 Romance novels, on completion of his fifth Mystery novel, the specialization will change. In order to then change the specialization to Children, the Sim must complete at least six Children's books. Each Genre gets its own special blurb, except for Life Story and Political Memoir, where the specialization will say "**Unknown Genre**"
  2. The amount listed is per payment per book
  3. Weekly royalty of writer of Lv.0 Writing Skill without trait/genre combo, without Acclaimed Author
  4. 4.0 4.1 Requires University Life
  5. 5.0 5.1 Included in Patch 38, but requires Supernatural to write these genres properly.
  6. Supernatural Skeptics cannot write Horror genre.

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