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The Sims 4

Emotion - Happy.png
Emotion indicator in The Sims 4, showing a happy Mortimer Goth.

Emotions are a gameplay feature introduced in The Sims 4[1] which are a core part of a Sim's simology. It is similar to mood, but is more easily affected by in-game events and social interactions with other Sims. Moodlets influence the current emotion of a Sim. The current emotional state of a Sim is depicted in the lower left corner of the screen while playing. It is also noted that some objects in-game can affect the emotions of some Sims,[1] though the Sim has to be already feeling in a particular way in order for an object to affect them emotionally.[2]

There are several ranges of emotions. Sims may reach one stage of an emotion, and then progress to a second, more extreme stage of the same emotion. For the case of Anger, Embarrassment and Playfulness, they can then progress to the third stage (Enraged, Mortified and Hysterical, respectively), which is an even more extreme stage that can lead to emotional death. For instance, a Sim that is embarrassed may become very embarrassed, more embarrassment leads to mortified. Sims that stay in that extreme emotional state may eventually die from it.[3]

Emotional states[edit | edit source]

Image Game dialog Notes
Angry Emotion.jpg Superlatives: Very Angry, Enraged
It is difficult for Angry Sims to socialize and build skills.

Try taking a cold shower or calming down in the mirror!

Hot-Headed: Hot-Headed Sims feel motivated to get fit when they're Angry.

Try working out or going for a run!

Toddlers: (Sim Name) is Angry. Try to calm him/her down.

Enraged: This Sim is so Angry that they're about to explode!

Try taking a cold shower or calming down in the mirror!

  • Sources: Can be received from: the Hot-Headed trait, eating Angry Flaming Spaghetti, drinking Red Hot Serum,[TS4:GTW] and receiving unpleasant interactions from other Sims, randomly from children and teens coming back from school, seeing their spouse flirting with another person.
  • Effects: Negatively affects interactions. Sims tend to be more aggressive that decreases the relationship with other Sims. Sims with the Hot-Headed trait can boost physical skills. Being enraged can cause death.
  • Remedies: A punching bag, a cold shower, kicking the garbage cart or speaking to self to the mirror can be used to relieve the Sim from the emotion. Also, the players can try to calm down a Sim with the emotional state.
Bored Emotion.jpg A Bored Sim won't feel like doing anything that isn't fun.

Try out some new fun activities!

  • Sources: Occurs during social interactions with Sims, randomly occurs when children and teens come home from school, when a secret agent Sim researches intelligence on the computer, often after the 'Fill Out Reports' action is done on the computer, when Sims are reading books whose skill are low for them, or when playing video games for a long time. It can also happen if a teen or older without the childish trait watches children's TV shows.
Confident Emotion.jpg Superlative: Very Confident
A Confident Sim finds it easy to succeed at all things social.

Try building Charisma skill by socializing with others!

  • Sources: Can be received from the Self-Assured trait when waking up, sending a text message, cooking a meal, practicing speech in front of a mirror, brushing teeth, finishing a good book or painting, successfully fixing or upgrading, achieving academical performance, or when winning a fight against a Sim.
  • Effects: Helps social related performance. Increases the Charisma skill gain rate. Enable schmoozing with boss at work, enhancing work performance without lowering Fun need with a chance of embarrassed moodlet. Also enable Sims to peeing like a champion.
Dazed Emotion.jpg A Dazed Sim is feeling a bit woozy and will have trouble doing anything useful.

Try taking a quick nap or a nice bath!

  • Sources: Can be received when losing a fight, being electrocuted, crash landing a rocket ship, being too highly caffeinated, or drinking a bottle of daze from a cowplant. Also can be received through eating a grand meal. Can also received when a healthy Sims use medicine or after being abducted by aliens. [TS4:GTW] Can also be received by being the target of vampire powers. [TS4:V] Can also be received by using the bubble bar. [TS4:CL] Can also be received by getting sucked into a fabricator. [TS4:EL]
  • Effects: Sims cannot run when going outdoors, leveling up skills becomes slower. It also refreshes their whims.
  • Remedies: Sleeping.
Embarrassed Emotion.jpg Superlatives: Very Embarrassed, Mortified
It's really hard for an Embarrassed Sim to talk to other Sims.

Try to give yourself a pep talk in the mirror or hide from everyone!

Mortified: This Sim is so Embarrassed, they're ready to curl up and die... literally

Try a pep talk in the mirror or hide from everyone in bed for a bit!

  • Sources: Can be received from being humiliated in a discussion while multiple Sims are present, doing boring jokes, having a bladder accident, or by walking in on another Sim bathing or on the toilet.
  • Effects: Sims appear to be awkward, socialization is more likely to fail. Being mortified can cause death.
  • Remedies: Giving a pep talk in a mirror, asking for reassurance, telling a self-deprecating joke, hiding away from everyone, sharing insecurities.
Energized(NA) / Energised(UK)
Energized Emotion.jpg Superlatives: Very Energized(NA) / Very Energised(UK)
An Energized Sim will tire slower and is better at physical activities!

Try working out or cleaning the house!

Toddlers: An Energized Toddler wants to run and play around the house! Get them moving!

  • Sources: Can be received from drinking energy drinks, drinking tea, eating a high energy protein platter prepared by energized Sims with sufficient cooking skill, jogging or taking a Brisk Shower.
  • Effects: Helps sports related progression. Makes Energy need decays slower. Enables energized sports actions and Speedy Shower.
Fine Emotion.jpg A Sim that is Fine isn't feeling particularly strongly in one way or the other.

Go try some stuff and see what happens!

  • Source: The default emotional state that occurs when a Sim has no moodlet or by vampires having the dampened emotions power.[TS4:V]
Flirty Emotion.jpg Superlatives: Very Flirty
A Flirty Sim will find all kinds of success at matters of love.

Try some romantic socials with another Sim!

  • Sources: From Romatic trait, completing successful romantic interactions thus making further flirt interactions more successful, randomly gaining from coming home from school, taking a Steamy Shower, eating Flirty Heart Cookies prepared by flirty Sims with sufficient cooking skill, freshening up to the mirror, trying out outfits, drinking Steamy Ginseng Tea and Cupid's Juice, drinking Rose Serum,[TS4:GTW]researching pick-up lines on a computer, watching romatic channel and female Sims wearing the jumpsuit with palm trees. Child however cannot get flirty.
  • Effects: Boost romatic interactions. Unlocks some romatic interactions, and friendly interactions associated with the romance issue.
  • Remedy: Taking a cold shower.
Focused Emotion.jpg Superlative: Very Focused
The mind of a Focused Sim is sharp and clear.

Try playing chess or practicing programming on the computer.

  • Sources: From the Genius trait, occurs when a Sim engages in mentally stimulating tasks such as practicing chess, using the telescope or microscope, reading a book, browsing Simpedia on a computer, studying fossils, studying gardening online and business career Sims arranging data. Children or teens can acquire it by getting help with homework form adults. From tech guru career. Also from the science career.[TS4:GTW]
  • Effects: Boost Logic skill gain, woodwork quality, fixing and upgrading speed. Also bring discovery in science career.[TS4:GTW]
Happy Emotion.jpg Superlative: Very Happy
A Happy Sim is feeling great about life.

Being Happy will make any positive emotion even stronger!

  • Sources: Can be obtained when good events happen, eating a tasty meal, having a good drink, satisfying social interactions, gaining social bonds or when all the needs are high.
  • Effects: Sim performs a happier variant of actions. Boosts social performance. Cheerful Sims will sometimes get into this state on their own upon waking. Happy Auras also boost other emotions.
Inspired Emotion.jpg Superlative: Very Inspired
An Inspired Sim has tons of creative ideas begging to be expressed!

Try painting on the easel or playing an instrument!

  • Sources: From Creative Trait, received by taking a thoughtful shower, observing creative objects, squeezing inspiration with a musical instrument, gazing clouds and/or stars (can be duplicated), viewing artistic works online and Foodie Sims watching cooking shows for ideas.
  • Effects: Helps Sims create better paintings, books, food, drinks, and other craftable items. Also boost painting, cooking, mixology and instrumental skills.
Playful Emotion.jpg Superlatives: Very Playful, Hysterical
Being funny comes easy to a Playful Sim!

Try practicing some jokes on a microphone or with other Sims!

Toddlers: A Playful toddler wants to play and have fun! Try having them play with dolls or toys!

Hysterical: This Sim is cracking up so much, they're about to keel over!

Try calming them down in a Mirror!

  • Sources: Can be received from using joking social commands on Sims, from watching comedy channel on TV, watching comedy online, taking a bubble bath, eating Silly Gummy Bear Pancakes made by playful Sims with sufficient cooking skills.
  • Effects: Helps with joking social interactions. Also boost comedy and mischief skills. Enables searching fun pictures online, play in the bathtub, and other playful versions of actions. Being hysterical can cause death.
  • Remedy: Trying to calm oneself in a mirror.
Uncomfortable Emotion.jpg Superlative: Very Uncomfortable
No Sim enjoys feeling Uncomfortable and worn out.

Make sure their Needs are in good shape!

  • Sources: This emotion occurs when a Sim has negative moodlets relating to their low needs or when sleeping in a cheap bed, using a cheap shower, or eating badly prepared food or spoiled food. Also occurs after drinking some serums or being ill.[TS4:GTW]Squeamish Sims get this after touching anything dirty, while other Sims can get this after touching poisonous fire leaves.[TS4:OR]
  • Effect: Disable some actions.
  • Remedies: Taking a shower, satisfying Sim's needs.
Sad Emotion.jpg Superlative: Very Sad
It's hard for a Sad Sim to hang out with other people.

Try a pep talk in the mirror or a good cry under the covers!

Gloomy: Gloomy Sims get some of their best ideas when they're Sad. Try painting or writing a story!

Toddlers: Aw. Your toddler is sad and needs some TLC. You can comfort them or give them food to make them feel better.

  • Sources: This emotion can occur when negative events happen to Sims such as losing a competition, the death of a family member, divorce, mourning at a gravestone, and having a new sibling. It can also be caused by a low social need or randomly by the gloomy trait. family-oriented Sims will be sad when they haven't interacted family members for a long time.
  • Effects: Changes how Sims approach actions and their style of walk. It also boost creativity skills while sad.
  • Remedy: Approach people or by dialing the sadness hotline by phone.

Scared Sims 4 Emotion.png

Superlative: Terrified
A Scared Sim has a hard time communicating with others, and they're more prone to... uh... accidents.

Try hiding under the covers for a bit, surely that will help?

  • Sources: Can be received from certain situations such as thunderstorms or a phobia.
  • Effects: Sims afflicted with the Scared Mood will have trouble communicating with others, the urge to panic-run everywhere, and are slightly more prone to accidents.
  • Remedy: Hiding under the covers of a bed.

Tense Emotion.jpg

Superlative: Very Tense
A Tense Sim doesn't feel like doing much of anything.

Try taking a nice bath or relaxing in front of the TV!

  • Sources: When a Sim's fun need is low, a Geek Sim not using the computer for a while, a Nature Lover Sim has not went outside for a while, A Sim doing hard work at work/school. Also can be acquired from events at work/school. Sims reading skill-building books that are higher than their current level can also make them tense.
  • Effects: A Sim does the more stressful variants of actions.
  • Remedies: Shouting, or satisfying the Sim's fun need.
Asleep Emotion.jpg A sleeping Sim has drifted off, ignoring the feelings they had during the day.

Toddlers: Aw. Your little wittle toddler has drifted off to sleep. Finally!

  • Source: Received when a Sim sleeps.
  • Effect: The "Sleeping Soundly" moodlet shows 10000+ points towards the asleep emotion, overriding any other emotions except for the possessed moodlet from StrangerVille, which shows 7,548,431+ points towards it.
PØŞŞ€ŞŞ€Đ (Possessed)[TS4:SV]
Possessed strangerville.png 'ŦĦ€ ΔŘβØŘ€ΔŁ ΜƗŇĐ ĐŘ€ΔΜŞ ŦĦŘØỮǤĦ ØỮŘ ₣Ł€ŞĦ¥ €¥€Ş
  • Source: Received upon eating Bizzare Fruit.
  • Effect: The "Possessed" moodlet shows 7,548,431+ points towards the PØŞŞ€ŞŞ€Đ emotion, overriding any other emotions.

Emotional death[edit | edit source]

Sims inflicted with lethal emotional states.

Sims can die as a result of being in an extreme emotional state for a prolonged time. There are several emotional deaths, but not every emotional state has an associated death. Currently, the only deadly emotions are Mortified, Enraged, and Hysterical. Teens and children cannot die from emotional death, as children cannot die from anything other than fire and drowning. Teens presumably lost the ability to die from emotion after the release of The Sims 4: Parenthood to prevent them from dying during their mood swings, wherein they sometimes become Enraged or Mortified.

When a dangerous emotion is reached, the little outline of the circle which appears on the second level of an emotion, will fade in and out. After they die and become ghosts they will from time to time depending on the emotion death will receive (+2) buff. Sims within proximity of the ghost will occasionally receive Playful or Anger (+1) buff.

The corresponding cheat buffs (+500 to Playful, Embarrassed or Angry for 20 days) are no longer available due to the sims.add_buff cheat being removed along with other cheats in the patch of June 26, 2018. They can, however, be re-enabled with a mod.

Hysterical[edit | edit source]

A Sim with (+15) Playful moodlets (including boosts from the Happy emotion) becomes hysterical. When a Sim is in a state of hysteria, if they continue doing funny actions, they can die of laughter. This can be avoided by calming down in the mirror.

Sims can become hysterical by doing any of the following:

  • Drinking points that override the emotion of the Sims that is usually available in the reward shop.
  • Getting the "Death" outcome from the wishing well when wishing for happiness (+99)[TS4:RGS]
  • Being target of a vampire's influence emotion power (Burst of Playfulness) (up to +8) [TS4:V]
  • Doing playful interactions, such as:
    • Taking a Bubble Bath (+2)
    • Play in the Tub (+2) (available when already playful)
    • Drinking the corresponding Cowplant Essence)
    • Telling multiple Jokes in a row (+1)
    • Being near Playful decoration (up to +2)
    • Viewing a Playful painting (+1)
    • Being near MySims trophies (+1)
  • Having/doing things that boost the Happy emotion, such as full needs, decor, good food, new friends, drinking the Essence of Happiness and Essence of Life from the Cowplant, et cetera) while playful

Mortified[edit | edit source]

A Sim with (+8) Embarrassed moodlets becomes mortified. When a Sim is Mortified, they run the risk of dying from embarrassment after a period of time. This can be avoided by telling a self-depreciating joke or hiding from other Sims as quickly as possible. It can also be avoided by selecting "Give Yourself a Pep Talk" at a mirror.

Sims can become mortified by doing any of the following:

  • Wetting themselves by having a bladder failure (+5)
  • Farting with low bladder need (+3) [TS4:PH]
  • Failing to unlock the hidden lot in Willow Creek (+2)
  • Drinking the Essence of Embarrassment obtained from the Cowplant (+2)
  • Wearing the Hat of Shame (brightly colored, large hat available at the Costumes section in CAS) (+2)
  • Repeatedly getting rejected for flirts (+2)
  • Walking in on other Sims WooHooing, showering or going to the toilet (+1)
  • Being caught WooHooing (only for the partner who initiated it) or sitting on the toilet (+1)
  • Being target of a Vampire's Influence Emotion power (Burst of Embarrassment) (up to +8) [TS4:V]
  • Getting the "Death" outcome from the wishing well when wishing for skills (+99)[TS4:RGS]

Enraged[edit | edit source]

A Sim with (+7) Angry moodlets becomes Enraged. When a Sim is in the Enraged state, they can die of a cardiac explosion. This can be avoided by calming themselves down in the mirror, or venting to another Sim, though this may upset them.

Sims can become enraged by doing any of the following:

  • Catching a spouse flirting with another Sim (+3)
  • Being Riled Up by a Sim with the Hot-Headed trait (+2)
  • Being woken up when having the Lazy trait (+2)
  • Being around a Sim with the Evil trait while having the Good trait or vice versa (+1)
  • Being the target of Voodoo (Pain) (+2)
  • Drinking the Essence of Anger obtained by the Cowplant (+2)
  • Being near multiple Angry Paintings (+2)
  • Eating the Flaming Hot Spaghetti (+2) (available to Cooks above Level 5 when Angry)
  • Drinking the Boiler Room cocktail (+2) (available to Mixologists from Level 1 when Angry)
  • Viewing an Angry Painting (+1)
  • Being target of a Vampire's Influence Emotions Power (Burst of Anger) (up to +8) [TS4:V]
  • Having the Emotion Bomb fame quirk and getting angry (+8, Sims cannot die with this moodlet) [TS4:GF]
  • Sitting on a chair damaged by a cat scratching against it (+1)[TS4:C&D]
  • Getting the "Death" outcome from the wishing well when wishing for a promotion (+99)[TS4:RGS]
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Trivia[edit | edit source]

Emotional Paintings: Sad, Focused, Flirty, Angry, Confident, Playful
  • Any Sim can achieve any of these emotional states from the following methods:
    • With the MySim trophies obtained from time capsules, they can "emit" emotions that affect any Sims that enter the room, based on the color of the trophies.
    • The Sims 3, rewards lamps obtained from The Sims 4 website can also be used; these work the same as MySim trophies.
    • If a Sim survives being eaten from a cowplant, they can milk the cowplant to get a potion which gives them the emotion they had before they got eaten. If a Sim gets devoured by a cowplant, another Sim can milk the cowplant to get Essence of Life which makes the Sim instantly happy as well as adding a few days to their life.
    • Painters can paint emotional paintings based on their emotion, for example, a confident Sim can draw a Confident painting, which emits a Confident Aura, similar to The Sims 3 Rewards lamps.
    • In careers, Sims get objects of a specific emotion good for this career.
    • Sims can buy books in "Emotional" category and read it.
    • A Sim with the 'expressionistic' trait (obtained by completing the 'Painter Extraordinaire' aspiration) can paint any emotional painting no matter what their emotion is.
    • Sims can consume fruits from a Tree of Emotions in Jungle Adventure, which will change their emotion to whatever the fruit's emotional influence is (positive emotions only).

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