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The Sims 2


A Sim attempting to summon aliens with a telescope

Sims with the Knowledge Aspiration want to know everything there is to know about anything. Make sure they have the time to study and explore every nook and cranny. Their lives are a simple equation: the more Knowledge, the higher the Aspiration Meter, and the longer and brainier the life.
Knowledge is an Aspiration in The Sims 2. Knowledge Sims are full of curiosity and always want to learn more and more. This frequently shows up in wants to learn skills, but they also want to learn things that allow them to do things such as discover secret vacation lots[TS2:BV].

Knowledge Sims' curiosity makes them relatively fearless. While other Sims fear things such as seeing ghosts, becoming an occult life state, and being abducted by aliens, Knowledge Sims often want these experiences. They may even want to get struck by lightning[TS2:S][1] They also like to encounter near-death experiences, such as defeating the Grim Reaper or being saved from death. Teenage Sims are eager to have good grades at school, and young adult Sims always want to be serious in their studies at college[TS2:U].

Version comparison[edit | edit source]

In the Windows and Mac OS X versions, the Sim will fear losing their creature status. Mac OS X has the same Wants and Fears as Windows with the exception of Wants and Fears introduced in FreeTime and Apartment Life since those 2 EPs were only released for Windows.

The Sims Stories has the same Wants as The Sims 2 except that Fears are not included.

Unlike their Windows/Mac counterparts, Knowledge Sims in The Sims 2 console versions don't fear losing their creature status, but the wants and fears are similar.

In The Sims 2 for PlayStation Portable, having the Knowledge aspiration gives Sims Knowledge-only Perks and Knowledge Goals.

Aspiration Monikers[edit | edit source]

Level Teen Adult Elder
Platinum Young Genius Savant Supreme Senior Sage
Gold Whiz Kid Impressive Intellect Wizened Wise One
High Green Smarty Pants Free Thinker Mature Mastermind
Low Green Solid Student Brainstretcher Well-Read Whitehair
Low Red Addled Adolescent Silly Goose Decaying Dullard
Deep Red Dense Dunce Incredible Ignoramus Senile Simpleton

Wants & Fears[edit | edit source]

Wants[edit | edit source]

  • Get A+ on report card
  • Get into private school
  • Go to college[TS2:U]
  • Get scholarship[TS2:U]
  • Make Dean's List[TS2:U]
  • Graduate with honors[TS2:U]
  • Do assignment[TS2:U]
  • Go to class[TS2:U]
  • Write term paper[TS2:U]
  • Buy telescope
  • Buy a bookcase
  • Buy a telescope costing at least §2,000
  • Buy a bookcase costing...
  • Get abducted by aliens
  • Sim meets aliens
  • Gain a skill point
  • Reach skill level...
  • Gain a ... skill point
  • Become a ...
  • Maximize all skill points
  • Buy a ... station
  • See a ghost
  • Be saved from death
  • Get a job in the ... career
  • Reach talent badge level ...[TS2:OFB]
  • Meet Bigfoot[TS2:BV]
  • Be Struck by Lightning[TS2:S]

Fears[edit | edit source]

  • Don't go to college[TS2:U]
  • Get rejected from private school
  • Get D on report card
  • Miss the school bus
  • Get on academic probation[TS2:U]
  • Get kicked out of college[TS2:U]
  • Lose a skill point
  • Get cured from...

Lifetime Wants[edit | edit source]

  • Become Chief of Staff
  • Become Criminal Mastermind
  • Become Mad Scientist
  • Max out 7 Skills
  • Become Education Minister[TS2:S]
  • Become Game Designer[TS2:S]
  • Become Space Pirate[TS2:S]
  • Become Media Magnate[TS2:S]
  • Become City Planner[TS2:FT]
  • Become Hand of Poseidon[TS2:FT]
  • Become Prestidigitator[TS2:FT]
  • Become World Class Ballet Dancer[TS2:FT]
  • Become Head of SCIA[TS2:FT]

Aspiration Desperation[edit | edit source]

Learn from Prof. von Ball

When in aspiration desperation, a Sim will pull out a volleyball with a crudely drawn face and mortarboard on it, named "Professor von Ball", and pretend to learn from it.

FreeTime Aspiration Benefits[edit | edit source]

Level 1 - Slower Social and Fun Motive Decay
Level 2 - Impart Knowledge
Level 3 - Eureka!
Level 4 - Summon Aliens

Career Paths[edit | edit source]

Base game[edit | edit source]

The Sims 2: Seasons[edit | edit source]

The Sims 2: FreeTime[edit | edit source]

The Sims Life Stories[edit | edit source]

Premade Sims With Aspiration[edit | edit source]

For a complete list, see Category:Knowledge Sims.

Tips & Tricks[edit | edit source]

  • Knowledge Sims make good love matches for Family Sims, as they will usually want to get married and have at least one child, most importantly they will usually roll wants of teaching their children their toddler skills, teaching them how to study, or even getting them into Private School.
  • Knowledge Sims often make good companions for Fortune Sims, as they are both ambitious and their wants don't clash very easily. However they will only have a slight chemistry boost.
  • Knowledge Sims tend to get on pretty badly with Romance or Pleasure Sims, as they don't have much in common.
  • Despite not having much in common, Knowledge Sims often can have fairly good chemistry with Romance Sims. Even without FreeTime, a Knowledge Sim can attract a Romance Sim and vice versa. They can often have double-bolt attraction and get along fairly well if Nightlife is installed and they are able to date.
  • Knowledge and Romance aspirations can be an interesting combination, and if one partner is Romance/Knowledge with the other Knowledge/Romance, they will get along very well.
  • Knowledge Sims are also the only Sims who do not fear becoming a special being (Vampire, Werewolf, etc.). In fact, it can be used to boost their aspiration, curing it when it is no longer a fear to be cured. The want to become a special being is probably due to the fact that they want to know more about them, and what better way to learn about them than by being one?
  • Townies and NPCs with the zodiac sign of Virgo, Sagittarius, or Pisces generally have this aspiration.
  • The only lifetime want that isn't related to maxing out a career is maxing out all the skills.
  • If a Sim has Knowledge as a secondary aspiration, they will get positive memories from encountering near death experiences.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. With FreeTime, Sims who have Knowledge as a secondary aspiration may still fear these things, and may even want and fear them at the same time.