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The Sims 2: Nightlife


Pleasure Sims doing the smustle dance

Sims with the Pleasure Aspiration love wild nights out, cozy nights in, and what most Sims would consider "the good life". They'll want to use objects that provide them with fun and comfort, while avoiding activities that cause stress or equate to work of any kind. Kick their aspiration meters into platinum by pursuing their whims of the moment, as these Sims can change their tastes on a dime as they travel on their path to the ultimate life of luxury.
Pleasure is a new Aspiration introduced The Sims 2: Nightlife. Pleasure Sims typically want to do simple things for some fun. This Aspiration is a common combination of Romance and Popularity Aspirations, while still holding some significance of its own. Pleasure Sims like to gather and hang out with their friends, but they don't primarily want to be their best friends. They also like to go on dates and do some romance, but they don't have commitment issues like Romance Sims. Most activities they love are involved with Downtown. They are not hard to please, and enjoy just living life and having fun along the way.

Aspiration Monikers[edit | edit source]

Level Teen Adult Elder
Platinum Euphoric Youth Primo Pleasureseeker / Prima Pleasureseeker Long-lived Levity-liker
Gold Junior Joy Jockey Frolicking Freespirit Gray-haired Glee-grabber
High Green Freshfaced Funlover Hearty Hedonist Fossilized Funmeister
Low Green Callow Contentment Craver Common Comfortlover Satisfied Silvermane
Low Red Bummed-out Bore Downfaced Drag Dried-up Discontent
Deep Red Delightless Downer Narcissistic Knucklehead Grave-faced Grumbler

Wants & Fears[edit | edit source]

Wants[edit | edit source]

  • Ask Sim on Date[TS2:NL]
  • Ask Sim on Outing[TS2:NL]
  • Bowl with Sim[TS2:NL]
  • Buy a Car[TS2:NL]
  • Buy a Game
  • Buy a Game worth §xxx
  • Buy an Electronic Entertainment
  • Buy an Electronic Entertainment worth §xxx
  • Cure Vampirism[TS2:NL]
  • Dine out with Sim[TS2:NL]
  • Get a Job in the Culinary Career
  • Get a Job in the Gamer Career[TS2:S]
  • Get a Job in the Slacker Career
  • Have a Dream Date[TS2:NL]
  • Juggle[TS2:NL]
  • Play Cards with Sim[TS2:NL]
  • Sim is cured of Vampirism[TS2:NL]
  • Visit Downtown[TS2:NL]
  • Win a Game

Fears[edit | edit source]

  • Be rejected for a date by Sim[TS2:NL]
  • Be rejected for an outing by Sim[TS2:NL]
  • Become a Vampire[TS2:NL]
  • Sim is a Vampire[TS2:NL]
  • Have a Bad Date[TS2:NL]

Lifetime Want[edit | edit source]

  • Go on 50 1st Dates
  • Go on 50 Dream Dates
  • Become Professional Party Guest
  • Become Game Designer[TS2:S]
  • Become Celebrity Chef

Career Paths[edit | edit source]

Base game[edit | edit source]

The Sims 2: Seasons[edit | edit source]

Aspiration Desperation[edit | edit source]


When in aspiration desperation, a Sim will grab a lampshade with a crudely drawn face on it, place it over their head, and start dancing. Oddly the sim's face doesn't look displeased at all when they put on or take off the lampshade.

Freetime Aspiration Benefits[edit | edit source]

Level 1 - Fast Metabolism
Level 2 - Slower Motive Decay - Bladder and Energy
Level 3 - Write Restaurant Guide
Level 4 - Rowdy Folk Song

Pre-made Sims With Aspiration[edit | edit source]

For a complete list, see Category:Pleasure Sims.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Pleasure Sims, similar to Romance Aspiration Sims, do not want to get married because they prefer to go on lots of dates. Unlike Romance Sims, however, marriage generally doesn't show up as a fear, and Pleasure Sims don't take an aspiration hit from it as Romance Sims typically do. In fact, some Pleasure Sims do roll Wants to get engaged and/or married, though this is rare.
  • When using SimPE to change a Sim's aspiration, the Pleasure aspiration will be labeled as Fun.
  • Pleasure Sims sometimes roll wants to buy things like Fortune Sims except that they usually want to purchase things relating with entertainment.
  • Pleasure Sims, similar to Romance Sims, don't tend to get on well with Knowledge Sims, though it isn't always the case.