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Paparazzi shooting pictures of a celebrity.

Paparazzi are a type of NPC introduced in The Sims: Superstar, The Sims 3: Late Night, and The Sims 4: Get Famous.

The Sims: Superstar[edit | edit source]

Paparazzi will only appear on Studio Town lots, and have the potential to earn Sims some fame if they are lucky enough. Sims can either choose to pose for a picture or do a publicity stunt. If Sims choose to pose for a picture, they will walk up to the paparazzi and begin flexing their muscles. If the Sim chooses to do a publicity stunt, they will start juggling in front of the paparazzi. If the paparazzi is interested, they will snap a few pictures, and the Sim will gain a few fame points if they are in the fame career. If the paparazzi is disinterested with the Sim, they will simply ignore them and walk away.

The Sims 3: Late Night[edit | edit source]

Paparazzi are very much a part of the lives of celebrities, taking pictures of and spreading rumors about them. Paparazzi are only drafted from the pool of homeless Sims; otherwise, they are randomly generated homeless Sims. In some cases, like in Sunset Valley, they can become unemployed neighbors.

Paparazzi can appear anywhere at anytime, and are most often seen outside of clubs. They may sneak into a celebrity's home if the gates and/or doors are unlocked, and cannot be asked to leave. Paparazzi will also follow celebrities around whenever they can. They will not be able to enter celebrity-restricted areas if a bouncer is present, but can still sneak in when the bouncer is not present. Paparazzi may appear at exclusive parties as uninvited guests. If a child is a celebrity, paparazzi may follow them to school, although they will not enter the building.

Celebrity Sims may gain a positive moodlet if they are the center of attention of the paparazzi. However, the Sim may be Publicly Disgraced if the Paparazzi catches a Sim having an affair, skinny dipping, WooHooing with an occult etc., and can sue them for slander. Suing a Sim will cost money, and if the case is lost, all the money invested will be lost with it. However, if a Sim wins the case, they will make a large profit.

If Supernatural is installed, Bonehilda can scare paparazzi away.[confirmation needed]

The Sims 4: Get Famous[edit | edit source]

Paparazzi return once again in The Sims 4: Get Famous. They appear when celebrity Sims reach a fame level higher than B-Lister and will follow them around and take pictures whenever possible.

Celebrities can "Pose for Paparazzi" which gives them a confident moodlet and a better public image. Sims who are mischievous can even "Gesture Wildly at Paparazzi". If Sims find them bothersome, they can ask them to leave or bribe them §500 to leave. More aggressive Sims can fight or threaten the paparazzi. Vampires can also hypnotize the paparazzi, stunning them for long enough to allow them to get away. Frequent friendly interactions with paparazzi may result in celebrities gaining the "Paparazzi Darling" fame quirk.

Paparazzi will always generate with the kleptomaniac trait and the shameless reward trait and also have max level photography skill.