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Celebrity status

A celebrity giving out an autograph

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Not to be confused with Fame.

Celebrity status is a feature in The Sims 3: Late Night, in which several Sims are more renowned than others as they gain more popularity and fame. It is reminiscent of Fame in The Sims: Superstar.

A Sim's celebrity status ranges from 1 to 5 stars. Players can tell whether a Sim is a celebrity or not by hovering the cursor over the Sim. The celebrity level will be displayed along with their name. Sims cannot socialize automatically with celebrities. Ordinary Sims and lower-level celebrities must greet and impress them first in order to unlock social interactions with them. Sims who meet celebrities at work don't need to impress them, though. The Map to the Stars lifetime reward is able to show the whereabouts of all celebrities around the town depending on their celebrity level.

From map view, celebrity houses are marked with a star in golden map tag. Sims cannot click on it to visit their home. Sims must manually go to their house and use the call box. If they don't know the Sims or dislike them, they won't allow them to enter.

Obtaining celebrity points[edit | edit source]

There are several ways to become a celebrity and obtain celebrity points to level up to a higher status. Once Sims gain celebrity status, it won't decay or be lost, thus Sims will permanently become a celebrity unless a cheat is used to reset the star count to zero. Celebrity Sims have an additional journal in their Simology panel: Celebrity Journal.

Each star of celebrity status requires the earning of points in order to advance to the next level. Whenever Sims reach the next level, the points start from 0 again. Below is the list of celebrity levels:

Level Title Required Points Discount Chance Freebie Chance
1 Fame Leecher 100 20% 0%
2 Notable Figure 1,500 35% 10%
3 B-List Celebrity 2,000 50% 15%
4 Renowned VIP 4,000 60% 20%
5 Superstar 6,000 70% 25%

After reaching level 5, Sims can collect a maximum of 10,000 celebrity points.

Impressing celebrities[edit | edit source]

The first way to become a celebrity is to impress one. Several premade neighborhoods, such as Bridgeport, Barnacle Bay, and Hidden Springs already have premade celebrities. Pre-Late Night neighborhoods, adventure destinations, and Starlight Shores, however, don't have celebrities. If players don't have Late Night, Sims will not be recognized as a celebrity, even if the expansion pack is installed later.

Sims must greet a 1-star celebrity, as higher star celebrities might reject being greeted. Sims then must impress them with their skills, careers, wealth, or name other celebrities they've known. The higher the skills, career levels, and money the Sim has, the more likely the celebrities will accept them. If Sims fail to impress them, they will reject socializing with them. Mean Spirited and Evil celebrities will reject them meanly. If a Sim has already met them through work (i.e. boss or co-worker) the game acts like they have already been impressed.

Certain traits of the celebrities will make them easier to be impressed, as long as the traits are related to the skills and careers.[1]

Celebrity's traits Sim's skills Sim's career[2]
Angler Fishing N/A
Athletic Athletic Professional Sports
Artistic Painting N/A
Bookworm Writing N/A
Brave N/A Military
Charismatic Charisma N/A
Eccentric Inventing N/A
Evil N/A Criminal
Genius Logic Science
Good N/A Law Enforcement
Green Thumb Gardening N/A
Handy Handiness N/A
Kleptomaniac N/A Criminal
Natural Cook Cooking Culinary
Photographer's Eye Photography N/A
Savvy Sculptor Sculpting N/A
Star Quality N/A Film
Virtuoso Guitar, Drums, Bass, Piano Music

Easily Impressed celebrities will be influenced by any skills and careers. Snobs aren't impressed with wealth. Additionally, Sims with Star Quality trait can impress celebrities faster. Certain traits of the celebrity may also conflict with a skill; for example, loners will be less impressed by the charisma skill.

Opportunities[edit | edit source]

Sims might occasionally get an opportunity which rewards celebrity points. This usually happens to Sims with Star Quality trait[confirmation needed] or works in performer profession (Acrobat, Magician, Singer). Also for Sims who form a band and perform gigs.

On occasion, Sims with certain skills may receive a skill opportunity which also makes them a celebrity. This includes skills like Painting, Gardening and Cooking.

Career influence[edit | edit source]

Some careers will instantly make Sim a celebrity when certain career level is reached. The careers are Political level 10, Music level 8 for Rock branch or level 9 for Symphony branch, and Professional Sports level 8.

Upon reaching level 4 (Personal Assistant) in Film career, Sims gain celebrity points. Starting with that level, celebrity status is also a performance factor for Sims to be promoted. This means that working in this career track guarantees a starting celebrity status.

Offspring of celebrities[edit | edit source]

When the children of a celebrity grow up to the child stage, there is a 50% chance they will inherit their parents' celebrity status if either one of their parents are celebrities. They will inherit 60-80% of the highest celebrity level of the children's parents. This means that a 5-star celebrity's child may be a 3-star or 4-star celebrity when they grow up.

Making a relationship[edit | edit source]

Impressing celebrities provides celebrity points, but befriending them will give extra points. Below are the points Sims will earn, depending on their relationship status.

  • Friend: 1,000 points
  • Good friend: 500 points
  • Best friend: 1,000 points
  • BFF: 1,500 points
  • Romantic interest: 1,100 points
  • Partner: 1,750 points
  • Fiancée: 2,000 points
  • Spouse: 3,000 points

Celebrity points will not be lost if the relationship is worsened, however, such as becoming distant friends or enemies.

Gaining faster celebrity points[edit | edit source]

There are several ways to gain celebrity points. These methods don't provide celebrity points, but enable Sims to gain celebrity points faster.

Advantages and disadvantages[edit | edit source]

Exclusive access to bars[edit | edit source]

Several bars, clubs, and lounges have VIP access which require a certain level of celebrity status. Lounges usually require higher celebrity level than clubs, and clubs are higher than bars. VIP room features better facilities, and usually other celebrities can be found hanging out there as well.

Discounts[edit | edit source]

Celebrities might get discounts when they shop at the bookstore, supermarket, diner, bistro, market[TS3:WA], consignment store[TS3:A], when ordering at the bar, or getting a spa treatment. The higher the celebrity level, the more likely it is the Sim will get the discount. Additionally, they might not even get charged for the service. As Sims get discounts, they will also get the positive "Get Recognized" moodlet.

Freebies and exclusive items[edit | edit source]

Super-Stretch Television Experience

Receiving freebies is one of the perks of being a 2-star celebrity. The higher the level of a celebrity, the better the value of the freebies. Several objects are exclusively available to celebrities. These objects are only obtainable by becoming a 5-star celebrity. These objects include:

The exclusive items for celebrities are also available using the buydebug cheat.

Admiration[edit | edit source]

There's a chance that Sims around the celebrities will recognize them and get star-struck. They will try to photograph them and ask their autographs. Additionally, non-celebrity active Sims can also do this.

Paparazzi[edit | edit source]

Main article: Paparazzi

As Sims get more famous, they might be followed by paparazzi. Sims can call them over when they're around to draw attention. They might take photographs of the Sims and even ask for autographs. Paparazzi can also appear in adventure destinations.[TS3:WA] Paparazzi may become annoying and excessively follow the Sim around on community lots or even to their own homes. Paparazzi can be mitigated through the use of barrier ropes on community lots, and by surrounding celebrity houses with a fence and a front gate with a call box.

Public disgrace[edit | edit source]

A celebrity being falsely accused of being arrested.

Sims must not expose their bad habits, especially in front of paparazzi. It might cause celebrities to be publicly disgraced. The actions can be exposed even if no one is around. Here is the list of actions that might publicly disgrace celebrities. The chance of being caught by paparazzi is increased in descending sort.

  • WooHooing with an occult
  • Fighting in public
  • Demotion
  • Cheating
  • WooHooing in public
  • Child out of wedlock
  • Getting caught sneaking into club
  • Getting caught rummaging
  • Detonating or smashing public objects[TS3:A]
  • Biting someone in public (If they are a vampire)
  • Repossession
  • Child taken by social worker
  • Passing out
  • Peeing self
  • Getting Arrested
  • Divorce
  • Being falsely accused

Public disgrace will impact all relationships with the Sim negatively. This may cause Sims to lose friends, or even make them disliked. Sims will get "Publicly Disgraced" moodlet for 3 days. While having this moodlet, Sims will be rejected for a discount or freebies, and they will get the negative "Got Recognized" moodlet. There are four ways to shorten the duration of public disgrace.

  • Sims can dispel rumors to other Sims, which will shorten the moodlet by ±7 hours. It takes time to dispel rumors to the same person again, but they can dispel rumors to different Sims.
  • Sims can sue for slander at the city hall. The legal fees might cost from §50 to §3,000. The higher a Sim's celebrity level is, the higher the cost. Suing for slander may be successful or failed. If it's successful, Sim's public disgrace will be cleared and they will be given settlement payout of §200 to §10,000, depending on Sim's celebrity level. There's 65% base chance Sims will successfully win the case, and the chance is added by 5% if Sims have Lucky, Charismatic, Star Quality traits, "Cheery Cherry", and "Lucky Lime" moodlets, or subtracted by 5% if Sims have Unlucky and Loser traits. The percentage chance is capped though, so it will not go higher than 80%.
  • Sims can pay off paparazzi at the office building. It costs §350, §800, §1,600, §3,000, or §5,000 depending on the Sim's celebrity level.
  • Sims can deflect scandal to other celebrities at the office building. The chance is higher if the Sim has high celebrity level. Both successful and failed outcomes will result in loss of relationship with the target, but the effect is worse for the latter. If the deflection is successful, the target will get the "Publicly Disgraced" moodlet.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Prior to patch 1.38, there was no way to disable celebrity system to prevent the player's Sims from becoming a celebrity.
  • Public disgrace will still lower relationships even if the Sim has completed the Super Friendly skill challenge.

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References[edit | edit source]

  1. Disciplined trait does not influence Martial Arts skill. Furthermore, post-Late Night skills and careers are never updated to the celebrity system, so Riding, Alchemy, Science, Street Art, and Scuba Diving skills are not influenced to Equestrian, Supernatural Fan, Socially Awkward, Avant Garde, and Loves To Swim traits, respectively.
  2. Skill careers and professions aren't influenced with any traits.
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