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The Sims 3

Virtuoso is a mental trait from The Sims 3. It is available for Sims from birth.

Virtuosos have a natural gift with musical instruments and are often considered the best musicians. As such, they earn more as musicians when playing for tips and learn more quickly.

Attributes[edit | edit source]

  • Virtuosos can learn all musical instrument skills at a faster rate than most Sims.
  • Virtuosos will earn more tips and cash from playing at venues because others love the Sim's music.
  • Virtuosos will sing while in the shower.
  • Virtuosos will automatically learn a master track upon mastering any instrument skill, without completing required challenges.
  • Virtuosos can "Enthuse About Music" to other Sims. The interaction becomes more successful if the virtuoso has 3 or more points in the guitar skill.
  • NPCs with this trait are attracted to the following lot assignments: stadium and theatre
  • A virtuoso will increase their job performance at a faster rate if employed in the singer career.[TS3:ST]
  • A virtuoso will strongly benefit from undertaking a Fine Arts major while studying at college.[TS3:UL]

Related Skills[edit | edit source]

Possible Lifetime Wishes[edit | edit source]

  • Golden Tongue, Golden Fingers
  • Hit Movie Composer
  • Master of the Arts
  • Rock Star
  • One Sim Band[TS3:LN]
  • Vocal Legend[TS3:ST]

Virtuosos[edit | edit source]

Betty Simovitch, Meadow Carpenter-Rhodes, Jamie Jolina.

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