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The Sims 3

Not to be confused with Party Animals.
Party animal is a social trait in The Sims 3. The trait conflicts with loner and shy.

Party animals love to party, and others love to party with them. When a party animal hosts a party, everyone comes and has a great time. Woo!

Attributes[edit | edit source]

  • Anyone the Sim invites to a party will attend.
  • Guests attending the Sim's parties are more likely to bring gifts.
  • NPCs with this trait are attracted to the following lot assignments: Hangout
  • Party animals prefer to watch the action channel on the television.

Unlocked Interactions[edit | edit source]

  • A party animal Sim has the "Woo!" interaction during parties, which will result in positive moodlets if successful.
  • Party animal Sims have the "Rock Out to..." interaction to change radio channels, which replaces the usual "'Change to.." interaction.
  • Party animal Sims have the choice to do many types of dancing, such as "Ragin' Dance" or "Awesome Dance".
  • Party animal Sims have the choice to do "Dance Wildly Together" with another Sim, which replaces the normal "Dance Together" interaction.
  • When a Sim and their lover make out at the party, they gain the "Awesome Party Make Out" social.

Possible Lifetime Wishes[edit | edit source]

  • Rock Star
  • Superstar Athlete
  • Super Popular
  • Heartbreaker
  • Bottomless Nectar Cellar

Player Notes[edit | edit source]

  • If idle around a bar, the Sim will slam down drink after drink.
  • Sim loves to dance at the stereo, and will do so at any free opportunity (most often when returning from school/work).
  • Party animals have more dancing animations than other Sims.
  • If Late Night is installed, Sims will have available the "Dance on Table" interaction.
  • If Late Night is installed, Sims who drink "Party Drinks" will temporarily lose two random traits and replace them with party animal and daredevil.
  • Party animals will cheer when near a ghost rather than be disturbed.

Special Moodlets[edit | edit source]

Image Moodlet Name Notes
The Life of the Party Appears when a party animal successfully uses the "Woo!" interaction on at least three Sims during a party.

Related Traits[edit | edit source]

Party animals[edit | edit source]

Zelda Mae, Rafael Striker, Matilda Smart.

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