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The Sims 3

No sense of humor is a social trait in The Sims 3. It conflicts with Good Sense of Humor.

Sims with no sense of humor tell horrible jokes so they tend not to tell them. They also don't enjoy the jokes of others. Humor is simply wasted on them.

Attributes[edit | edit source]

  • A Sim with no sense of humor does not enjoy humorous interactions.
  • The Sim doesn't autonomously perform humorous interactions on other Sims.
  • The Sim will easily bore other Sims through repeated interactions, unless the Sim with no sense of humor also has the Charismatic trait.

Unlocked interactions[edit | edit source]

  • Sims have interactions like "Ramble Aimlessly" and "Share Trivia", which are friendly interactions, but can very easily bore other Sims in certain circumstances.
  • If, by chance, they laugh at a joke, they unlock the friendly interaction "Complain about Foolish Joke".
  • Sims with no sense of humor have the "Bore To Death" interaction that can make other Sims pass out for a moment after use. It takes a 100% full relationship bar to avoid making the other Sim pass out from boredom. This interaction can cause celebrities to be publicly disgraced when they pass out.[TS3:LN]
  • NPCs with this trait are attracted to the following lot assignments: Library

Player notes[edit | edit source]

  • Sim will negatively react to a humorous social interaction unless the relationship with that Sim is high enough. If the other Sim has the charismatic trait, they will laugh regardless of this trait.
  • Sims with no sense of humor can "Have a Blast" for 15 hours instead of 8. This is because Sims with this trait find the simplest things interesting and exciting.
  • Kids with no sense of humor cannot go for a joy ride, preside over royal court, or play other child games[TS3:G].
  • Sims with no sense of humor will always reject the "Goof Around" interaction, even if the Sims are best friends with one another.
  • While Sims with no sense of humor will never autonomously use humorous interactions, a player can force them to use the "Tell Funny Story" interaction, which will very often bore the recipient and fall flat.
  • Sims with no sense of humor can't use the styling stage.[confirmation needed][TS3:A]

Examples of pre-made Sims with no sense of humor[edit | edit source]

Iqbal Alvi, Milton Bachelor, Tori Kimura

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nl:Geen gevoel voor humor ru:Без чувства юмора es:Sin sentido del humor