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The Sims 3

Daredevil is a lifestyle trait in The Sims 3. It conflicts with the coward trait.

Daredevils take the extreme side in life, even if it means making an everyday chore extreme. They also love fire.

Attributes[edit | edit source]

  • Daredevils don't panic when near fire, and tend to extinguish fire on the lot or other Sims before attempting to put out themselves. If they are set on fire, Daredevils won't panic and will automatically search for a nearby shower to put themselves out.
  • Daredevils will gain a positive moodlet from being on fire.
  • Daredevils can extinguish fires 33% faster than normal.
  • Daredevils share the fearlessness of Sims with the brave trait, cheering when near ghosts and being immune to the "Hunted!" moodlet from being near a vampire.
  • Daredevils provide a bonus from writing in the Auto-Biography genre.
  • Daredevils can only choose the Crazy Cowboy/Cowgirl difficulty when riding the mechanical bull. They are also restricted to the high speed difficulty on the PlasmaPunch Gyroscopic Conductor.[TS3:ST]
  • Daredevils will switch to swimwear when making a snow angel.[TS3:S]
  • Daredevils will gain a positive moodlet instead of a negative one from watching a married couple break up.
  • Daredevils prefer to watch the action and sports channels on the television.

Special Interactions[edit | edit source]

  • Daredevils have the "Extreme" variations of many interactions, such as "Extreme Jog", "Take an Extreme Shower", and "Extreme Sleep". These interactions aren't different with regular ones beside the "Extreme" word put in front of them.
  • Daredevils can use "Watch This!" interaction to another Sim. The daredevil will crouch and eat dirt, and it will disgust the other Sim. On rare occasions, the daredevil Sim may perform other daring actions like kissing a nearby Romantic Interest, running to a fireplace to play with the flames or taking a shower with their clothes on if there is a shower nearby. Sometimes using the "Watch This!" interaction may cause the daredevil to accept a dare to slap a nearby Sim in the face. Caution is recommended with this interaction, as Daredevil Sims with the inappropriate trait may kiss another nearby Sim at random which can cause romantic complications.
  • Daredevils can "Play with Fire" with a fireplace.
  • Daredevils can skinny dip at any time of the day.[TS3:LN]

Player Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Daredevils take 3 hours to die from fire, rather than the usual 1 hour.
  • Daredevils have a smaller chance of being singed by fire.
  • Daredevils, much like brave Sims, are immune to most fear-based moodlets, but unlike Brave Sims, Daredevils still suffer from the Creepy Graveyard moodlet.
  • When holding a breath contest in a pool, daredevils will attempt to hold their breath for much longer than a Sim without the trait - even without any skill points in the athletic skill.
  • Daredevils strongly benefit from undertaking Physcial Education and Technology majors while studying at college.[TS3:UL]

Special Moodlets[edit | edit source]

Image Moodlet Name Notes
On Fire Daredevils will get a positive moodlet when catching a fire, with +50 mood that will last for 3 hours.
Adrenaline Rush Daredevils will get this moodlet after performing the "Watch This!" interaction, holding a breath contest in a pool or after being on fire.

Premade Daredevils[edit | edit source]

Christopher Steel, Luke McDermott, Skip Broke

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