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Swimming pool

A swimming pool in The Sims 2

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Swimming pools are building features that were first introduced in The Sims and returned in other games. Swimming pools can be built on residential and community lots via build mode. Sims can drown in a swimming pool if they run low on energy.

Sims (except those with the Hydrophobic trait[TS3]) enjoy swimming and it refills their fun motive. Sims with the Loves to Swim trait will gain a special moodlet when swimming.[TS3] 

Other than filling the fun motive, swimming will build the Body[TS2], Athletic[TS3], or Fitness[TS4] skill, and will raise enthusiasm for the fitness hobby.[TS2FT] Swimming in pools can also keep Sims fit.

Building features[edit | edit source]

The Sims[edit | edit source]

Pools in The Sims were constructed in horizontal fragments, which could overlap to form bigger pools. Pools could not be diagonal, and could not have any objects placed on top of them, excluding pool ladders and diving boards. Swimming pools can only be built on the first floor. As Sims cannot enter a pool without a diving board or ladder, pools could simply be used as decoration.

A Sim that enters a swimming pool will swim around in it autonomously. The player can instruct Sims to swim to a specified spot in the pool, but no further interactions can be done. Multiple Sims can swim in a swimming pool at a time, but they will not interact with each other, and will simply turn around and swim in another direction if they meet.

The Sims 2[edit | edit source]

Pools in The Sims 2 are constructed the same way as The Sims. One pool tile costs §75. Swimming pools can only be built on the ground level, which means that a house with a basement can place a swimming pool in it. Much like The Sims, a pool without an entrance to it can simply be used as décor.

Unlike The Sims, where pools appeared to be opaque, pools in The Sims 2 are translucent, allowing the player to see the bodies of the swimmers and the floor underneath. The Sims 2 also added pool lights, which can be placed on the pool walls.

Sims in the pool now have more interactions, although they still will not interact with other Sims in the pool by default. Sims can float on their backs in the pool, and can play Marco Polo with other Sims.[TS2S]

Sims cannot exit a pool without a pool ladder, and cannot enter one without a ladder, diving board, or pool slide. However, Sims can re-enter a pool by simply jumping over the edge whilst playing Marco Polo, although the player has no control over this.

With Nightlife expansion pack, diagonal pools were introduced, allowing more pool designs to be constructed. Nightlife also eased several restrictions placed on pool construction; prior to the expansion pack, extensions to the pool needed to be a minimum of 2 squares and all pools needed to be rectangular. This requirement was removed, making pool construction much like it was in The Sims.

Seasons introduced curved corner pieces that cost §300 a piece. Seasons also added the ability to customize the floor and walls by adding floor tiles and wall covering.

Object name Variation Price Size Description Game

Swimming Pool Tool
Regular §75 N/A Nothing feels better on a SimCity day than a refreshing swim in your very own pool. It's a great source of fun and exercise; just don't forget the ladder.

Swimming Pool Tool
Diagonal §75 N/A Nothing feels better on a SimCity day than a refreshing swim in your very own pool. It's a great source of fun and exercise; just don't forget the ladder.

Curved-Edge Swimming Pool Tool
Piece set §300 2x2 Challenge your aquatic design skills with the Curved-Edge Swimming Pool Tool. Make soothing oblong shapes, or simply round out the edges.
[n 1]

Liquidacious Lighting
Pool object §40 1x1 pool wall Using all new patented AquaLuminous technology, the folks at H2 Oh-So-Bright (a division of Lunatech) are proud to introduce their first ever water-proof lighting system. Now swimmers can feel safe in their softly illuminated, zero chance of electrocution, swimming pool.

Environment: 1

In-And-Out Ladder Pool object §200 1x3 A pool ladder is a must if your Sims are not destined to turn into prunes in the pool. Of course you can use it to get into the pool as well, although it's a bit more fun using the diving board.

The Sims 3[edit | edit source]

For the first time in the series, Sims no longer require a ladder to enter or exit a swimming pool; they can simply climb or jump over the edge. This means that, should the player want to kill their Sim via drowning, they must box in the entire pool with walls.

Much like The Sims 2, pool walls and floors can be customized with any wall or floor covering. Pool-related gear can also be added.

Sims can compete in breath contests in a pool, where Sims hold their breath underwater for as long as possible.

With the Late Night patch, curved pools and water spouts were reintroduced. Which also introduced true skinny dipping which allowed an adult or elder Sims to swim naked in the pool but the clothes can be stolen and walk in a towel until they reach a dresser. If the Sims is a celebrity -- the paparazzi might photograph them. The Sims will stop skinny-dipping when a child or a teen is entering the lot.

With Patch 42, diving boards were reintroduced to the game. Island Paradise reintroduced pool slides and introduced pool bars. Seasons added floating lounges, which can also be used in ocean water. Sims can relax, nap and read a book on the lounge.

Pools in a resort might need to be chlorinated, so that customers won't complain. A pool of acceptable size is also needed for a resort to progress through the ranks.[TS3:IP]

The Sims 4[edit | edit source]

Swimming pools did not initially appear in The Sims 4 base game,[3] but were added in Patch 7.[4] Pools can be constructed using the pool tool like in previous games, or by selecting a pre-made pool shape and then changing its size. Pools can be built directly inside a foundation or on top of a room, and players can adjust the depth of the pool. The skinny-dipping is also re-introduced in the game and the option will be available if the Sims is naked.

Sims can sit on the edges of pools, and can eat and drink while sitting.[5] Patch 81 reintroduced the ability for Sims to float on their backs. If a Sim swims for too long, they will get the "Pulled Muscle" moodlet, or, if the Sim is an elder can get the "Dangerously Tired" moodlet and possibly drown. Sims may also urinate in a pool to relieve their bladder need, although other Sims will react negatively to the incident.[confirmation needed]

Unlike previous games, Sims can talk with each other while swimming in the pool. Dogs can also swim in pools[TS4:C&D].

Diving boards, in the form of diving platforms, were added in the Get Together expansion pack. This is the first game in the series to not have diving boards in the base game at launch or reintroduced in a patch.

Pool objects[edit | edit source]

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Interactable[edit | edit source]

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Decoration[edit | edit source]

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Water color[edit | edit source]

The ability to change a pool's water color was added in a patch. More water colors were introduced in the Get Together expansion pack.

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