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Game The Sims 2
Buyability Buy mode
Price in game §0-§1
Object type(s) Cheat, Electronics

The InSimenator is a cheat object that is largely built around the testingcheatsenabled cheat, such as the ability to make Sims selectable and unselectable, making them pregnant with anyone in the neighborhood, seeing their gender preference, summoning them, killing them, setting relationships, etc. The cheat appears as an object, and is basically a way to access many of the functions of testingcheatsenabled without having to use cheat codes.

The InSimenator can be used to resurrect a dead Sim without having University, FreeTime, or Apartment Life installed. It can be used to age a child townie into a teen without having FreeTime installed. It can also be used to set relationships, summon Sims to a lot, promote and delete, make a Sim richer or poorer, etc.  The InSimenator has many separate objects known as "sectionals", most of which have options that are not available on the full InSimenator machine. The InSimenator machine and "sectionals" appear in the Electronics -> All menu in Buy Mode; they are not in any sub-category. The "sectionals" are free, though the full InSimenator machine costs §1.

Separate objects[edit | edit source]

The InSimenator has separate objects in the electronic menu such as:

  • Motive Adjustor
  • Personality Adjustor
  • Skills Adjustor
  • Interests Adjustor
  • Reproductive Adjustor
  • The Selector
  • Quick Relations
  • Family Tree
  • Health Adjustor
  • Education Adjustor
  • Aspiration Adjustor
  • Temporal Adjustor
  • Career Adjustor
  • The Summoner
  • The Deleter
  • Toddler Trainer
  • Mortality Adjustor
  • Budget Adjustor
  • Wardrobe Adjustor
    • When changing Sims' clothing with this sectional, children will not be recognized as being able to wear gym clothes, even if FreeTime is installed
  • Social Adjustor
  • Property Adjustor
  • User Control

Note: "Adjustor" is the spelling used in the catalog descriptions of the sectionals.

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