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The Sims 3

For the trait in The Sims 4, see Clumsy (The Sims 4).

Clumsy is a physical trait in The Sims 3. It conflicts with the Natural Born Performer trait.

Clumsy Sims muck up both precious and every day moments in life with shoddy footwork and poor planning. What else is there to say? Your Sim is Clumsy, and not so hot on their feet.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

  • Examples of clumsiness include nearly tripping on short stairs, tripping over nothing when attempting to move, dropping food, losing fish and dropping engagement rings during proposals:
    • Clumsy Sims will occasionally trip when they stop walking.
    • Clumsy Sims may drop the meal they are carrying, causing it to be lost.
    • Clumsy Sims may drop a fish that they caught, causing them to lose it.
    • Clumsy Sims may accidentally drop the ring while proposing marriage.
  • Clumsy Sims break objects more frequently, and at times will feel ashamed and want to repair them.
  • Clumsy Sims will occasionally (and accidentally) stop cooking when attempting to cook with an oven, starting a fire (unless they also have the Natural Cook trait).
  • Clumsy Sims are more likely to fail tricks and as such are not good at the Acrobat and Magician careers in Showtime.

Player notes[edit | edit source]

  • Clumsy Sims are more likely to catch fire while inventing, even if they also have the Handy trait.[confirmation needed]
  • Clumsy Sims are more likely to slip and fall into the pool when they start to jump in.
  • Clumsy Sims are more likely to fail the "High Five" interaction. This will cause the other Sim to learn this trait.
  • Ironically, Clumsy Sims do not have an increased chance to step on their partner's toes while Slow Dancing, and will also keep from doing so altogether after practice as normal.
  • Clumsy Sims are at a disadvantage when undertaking a Physical Education major while studying at college.[TS3:UL]

Clumsy Sims[edit | edit source]

Tragic Clown, Bailey Swain, Amy Bull

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