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The Sims 2: Seasons The Sims Castaway Stories

Gender Ambiguous
Age Adult
Life state Penguin
Zodiac sign Cancer
Aspiration Power
Body shape Thin Thin
Other information
Game The Sims 2: Seasons
Playability NPC
Neighborhood Weather

The Penguin is an NPC introduced in The Sims 2: Seasons. He can appear on a lot in any season, but is more likely to appear in Winter. The odds of the penguin appearing on the lot are higher if:

  • There are fish placed on the lot, either on the ground or mounted.
  • It's snowing, and there is snow on the ground.
  • There is a snowman on the lot.

There are several things a penguin can do:

  • If there are any fish placed on the ground, it can eat up to two during the visit.
  • If there's heavy snow accumulation, it can slide around the lot.
  • It is attracted to wall mounted fish, and will even attempt to jump up to them. It won't be able to reach them, though; Sim penguins, like real-life penguins, cannot fly.
  • It talks to any snowman, scarecrow, or Weathernaught 57X it encounters, even if the snowman is broken.
  • The penguin may wander into the house and out again.
  • The penguin might pee on the lawn.

Sims can pet it, which increases their social motive, or shoo it from the lot. Sometimes, if a Sim pets it, it will get nervous and pee while the Sim is still petting it. There is a glitch where a Sim can get a memory of meeting NPC: Penguin.

Despite having the appearance of a penguin, an inspection with SimPE concludes that it is treated by the game as a Sim. However it is not recommended to change the penguin's species, or tamper with it in any way or form, as this can cause game corruption.

If the Penguin is added to a playable household with cheats or mods, it will have the appearance of a female, despite being a male, which can be proven by changing the Penguin's appearance with the NPC and Townie Maker. However this is strongly NOT recommended, as it can cause game corruption.

The Penguin is controlled by an NPC named NPC - Penguin; this Penguin NPC is invisible, and is similar to other invisible NPCs that control movable objects, such as the remote-controlled car.

The penguin is also featured in The Sims Castaway Stories. They will appear occasionally on the lot briefly, and then they will disappear. Sims cannot interact with them. Also, drinking the Penguin Party potion will make the drinker be surrounded by penguins and get their social need boosted. The penguins will then slowly fade away.

Do not attempt to add penguins to a household, or interact with them in any way outside of their in-game designated purposes. Doing so can cause game corruption, fixed only by uninstalling and reinstalling the game.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Sloppy 5 Neat
Shy 5 Outgoing
Lazy 5 Active
Serious 5 Playful
Grouchy 5 Nice
Genetic personality
The Penguin's genetic personality is that of a standard object NPC: 0 neat, 0 outgoing, 0 active, 0 playful, 0 nice. It has been noted that they have no personality points when viewed in SimPE.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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