Dust bunny

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Dust Bunnies are creatures that mimic the appearance of bunnies and are formed from dust introduced in The Sims 4: Bust the Dust Kit. Dust bunnies can be interacted by Sims, happy dust bunnies will help create less dust and can find valuables for Sims, dust bunnies who are always happy can be befriended by Sims when feeding them dust. Befriended dust bunnies will stay inside the house thus preventing them from leaving in a pristine state or turning into filth fiends and Sims can have up to 3 dust bunnies living inside.

Dust bunnies turn into filth fiends that are mean and will act mischieviously among many levels of micheviousness, they kick up dust and cause homes to be dirtier faster, if they are stepped on or petted they might act aggressive to Sims, there is a small chance for them to spontaneously combust which can be dangerous. Filth fiends can always be vaccumed up easily as well as normal dust bunnies.