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The Sims 4: Get to Work

Clones are sims who are duplicated from an original sim during gameplay. For The Sims 4, clones can be made by cloning machine or using Duplicato spell by spellcasters. This is not the same as duplicated sims created by saving a sim and inserting them multiple times in the same game, as they are treated the same as regular sims.

Clone by Cloning machine[edit | edit source]

Clones can be made by cloning machine if upgrade to able clone sims. The clone will have the same physical appearance, clothing and traits as the original Sim, but will not have their skills, career or relationships. Clone Sims will have the heads of the originals, but their bodies will always be the same grey mixed with trims of black and green, and sims clone by cloning machine will join to the family.

Clone by spell[edit | edit source]

Clones also produced by spellcasters for whom able casted spell "Duplicato". The clone also hold same physical appearance, clothing and traits as the original sim, but the relationships between original and clone have to developed again. However, clones will cast a spell to disappear when times up, and their existence will be removed eventually.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Clone Sims have some very useful uses. They can become servants, lovers, body guards or even to simply fill the household. The player can clone Sims of different life states or make rare hybrids common. The clone Sim will have their traits, but not their skills or careers, meaning they can be taught with what ever skills the player wants, to fill their needs.

For clones produced by spell, the original sim may order their clone to cook, fight and clean the lot, also sims are able to interact with clones normally.

Danger of evil clones[edit | edit source]

The fun of having clones by cloning machine is not without risk. The clones each have their own random personalities, so statistically speaking, if the player makes enough amount of clones, one or two will be evil. The player has to be very careful, as they can possibly make a serial killer, a gold digger, or an evil twin of themselves. This can be a huge problem, especially if lots of clones of the same Sim has been created. By that it can be hard to tell which one is evil, and which one is good.