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Theories[edit | edit source]

  • I think she was cooking, set on fire and died
  • I think that Darren was cooking on the grill (there's a snapshot in the Dreamer family album with him cooking on a grill), and Don came over and annoyed Darren, causing his hot dogs to burn and a fire started, but they didn't know, and Darleen died...--WhatZitToYa 04:59, February 19, 2011 (UTC)
  • I think the person who started the fire that killed Darleen is the same person who caused Skip Broke's supicious pool ladder accident.
  • I think that Darleen Dreamer died of starvation, instead of drowning, but Will Wright used boolProp and changed her dealth to fire. WhatZitToYa 06:02, July 10, 2010 (UTC)
  • I think Darleen was so proud of Dirk's A+ she had a heartattack!
  • I've played with the Darren's family and I've taken a good look at Darleen she is mad at Dirk not Darren so maybe Dirk had something to do with the fire and not Darren. NL
  • Easy. Darleen got cheesed off at Dirk, and ended up always distracted and thinking about him. One day, she was trying to make a complicated meal for the family, but because she wasn't focusing the house caught fire. At the time, they had no fire alarm, and nobody could get to a phone in time. Darren did manage to call the firefighters, but by then Darleen had burned to death. Kitty-Heart 11:27, April 29, 2010 (UTC)
  • I think that Darleen actaully may of got killed by a satilite or starvation and then maxis used boolprop to make it death by fire or possibly There was a fire that Darren caused and he was too busy painting and Dirk was too busy doing homework and Darleen noticed the fire and got rid of all the ashes exept from the one at the front door as she got on fire and Darren moved the tompstone under a tree or Darleen caused a fire and all that stuff.Possibly all of the dreamer family died from a fire but darren's father and then he resurrected everyone but Darleen because he died of old age Xxgreenbunnyxx
  • WTF is this? - JEA13 [iTalk] 12:13, 24 August 2009 (UTC)
  • Agreed :]- xRockettex 02:23, February 10, 2010 (UTC)
  • Dirk Dreamer was probably cooking something when Darren was painting and Dirk forgot to check on the food then it caught fire, Darleen then tried to putout the fire and ended up catching fire and burning to death, Maxis however didn't want this to happen at first so they created the Fake Darleen to take over and hide the grave. But then they said "who cares if she dies, it'll make a good story" so they used Rodney's Death Creator and killed the fake and put her grave out the back and made Dirk and Darren cry over it, creating the picture of the grave.
  • Sometimes ghosts are just angry because nobody visits their grave. Or kicks it. Probably, Dirk had a bad relationship with his mom and kicked the grave that day, before the game starts when you first play the household. Or nobody even tired to assist Darleen when she was on fire (or at least Dirk didn't) and she kinda felt betrayed and now she's getting revenge. If you take a close look at Darleen when she haunts the house, you can see that she's thinking that she wants to beat Dirk up. Ha ha ha. Go Darleen.
  • Its simple what happened, everyone was asleep and at the time the family didn't have a fire alarm and Maxis noticed that Darleen was hungry while she was sleeping, since they had to play to get the memories and pictures this makes since. They made her go down stairs and cook something on the stove but while it was cooking, she passed out and a fire started before they could do anything and she died, so they tried to not save, but with all the other mysteries in Pleasantview, they decided it made sense and they played awhile and it was a-okay. Also the double is just like Skip Broke's, Michael Bachelor's, and Nervous Subject's, simply used for storytelling. Have you ever noticed the Sims in photos in Story Mode have different faces than the real Sim? 00:21, December 14, 2009 (UTC)hbkr22
  • If they created the game, why would they have to play to get memories?
    • It's called roleplay. Kitty-Heart 11:27, April 29, 2010 (UTC)
  • In the Dreamer Story Album, there is a picture of a picnic. Maybe the grill caught on fire and while Darleen was watching the clouds, she caught on fire too. --Amigop 20:34, January 5, 2010 (UTC)
  • Okay, here's the weird part: Dirk and Darren's memories show Dirk was a child when Darleen died, but the picture where they mourn at the toumstones shows Dirk as a teen, so I agree with some of the theories above
  • -----------Me who italicises her theories
  • Darleen was cooking something ,it caught on fire and she died! Neither Dirk nor Darren murdred her!!!!She's angry with Dirk because he has a girlfriend(Lilith)!!!! If you read the bit about angry ghosts it says 'Dead parents are enraged to see their child with a boyfriend/girlfriend.' I rest my case.
  • I think that Darleen, Dirk and Darren used to live somewhere else, but Dirk wasn't Darrens son, and when he tried to blackmail her, she got angry, and therefore killed herself. Darren never heard of it, because they moved quickly, and made up the story about Darleen dying in a fire. Dirk has now blocked it out.
  • In a rare condition, someone can self-combust. It's true. Scientists speculated that self-combustion happens if someone is over-depressed. Maybe Darleen is over-depressed with Dirk because something and voila! Self-combustion.
  • To the above: Ahem, first off, it's called Spontanius (spelt that wrong) Human Combustion. Secondly, no one knows what causes it - one woman was driving in her car and just went POOF. So there. Sorry to spoil your theory.
  • Darleen was at home while Dirk was at school and Darren still was at work. Darleen wanted a meal ready for her 2 men and she was cooking and made a mistake and started a fire and Darren blamed him self for not being their and was part of his idea to leave work and become a artist.
  • I think that maxis played the story and everything was done but then they thought they could include pictures to make the story more realistic and to give hints but Darleen was dead so they had to make a new Darleen to replace the dead one for the pictures, the backgrounds found in the pictures may be diferent from the real house because they could have made a set for taking the pictures because it allows more freedom with the camera
  • i think that it started when darren was trying to cook. then, darleen was in the bathroom & the fire went into the room that she was in. she eventually died in the fire, but, unfortunately, the start of the fire is clearly unknown. from {{{bvbfan1}}}
  • It was a warm Friday in the moth of June, Darren is at work while Dirk goes to school to do a final exam. Darleen is cleaning the counters in the kitchen when suddenly she hears a hissing sound and within minutes the furnace of their house explodedl! And the entire kitchen is engulfed in flame Darren drives home from work to find a massive plume of smoke in his part of Pleaseantview. "It must have been a fire" He figured. He drives home but as he is nearing his house....he finds that it was HIS property that was on fire. He pulls up to his house and he finds a massive gaping hole where the kitchen was. He runs around the yard yelling "Daleen!! Darleen where are you?" He calls her cell phone but it goes to voicemail. Then a cop comes up to him and says" I am terribly sorry, but your wife was unfortuntatly killed in the house fire" It was the most devastating thing that happned to Darren and Dirk. Dirk found out when he was called down to the principals office and a fireman told him the news... Both of them were just ripped to peices..... Her burnt body was cremated...and they laid her to rest in the backyard....it was a small private service...the both sides of the Dreamer clan arrived..
  • The Dreamer family confuses me alot. Because in the snapshots of the family when Darleen in teaching Dirk to walk, they are in another house! Because I looked every were in their house they live in now and the back =ground of the snapshot is not the same as the house they live in now. Because there is no room in their house that look like that. In one of the brooke's snapshots' when Brandy is giving birth to Brue the kithcen is in the wrong place! I think the creaters made another place were everyone lived then they moved everyone to Pleasentview. Also in one of the Goths' snapshots' when the girl (can't spell her name sorry) is holding the boy ( also can't spell his name!) their in some sort of hallway but in the house the Goths' start in the hallways don't have the same wallpaper on them! I really think everyone in Pleasent view lived somewere else before. So yer... that's it really! :)
  • What I think is that Darleen lived in the period between The Sims and The Sims 2. When she wanted to light a firework to celebrate Dirk's birth, a witch who hated fireworks casted Infalmo on her and killed her in seconds! |_Andronikos Leventis Talk 13:35, February 5, 2011 (UTC)
  • What I think: It was 5 weeks after Dirk's birth. Darleen loved Dirk. As she was giving her son a dip in the tub, Darren was cooking Burgers. The phone rang, it was Skip Broke telling Darren he was going to use his Pool Ladder to "Bounce On". Suddenly, the unattended Burgers lit into Flaming Fury! A worries Darleen grabbed her son and put him in the crib. Darleen left the room, and suddenly fire surrounded her at all sides! The fire engulfed her and turned her to ash. Peenut2k7 23:02, June 5, 2011 (UTC)
  • Olive Specter on vacation in Pleasantview? (same counts to Skip Broke) Fabio Ferrado 23:51, June 5, 2011 (UTC)
  • Why is it all about cooking? My speculation is that Dirk had had an argument with his mother, going so far to say “You are a terrible mother! You can't cook! You can't clean! You couldn't take care of us for your life!” This upset Darleen, so she went into her secret basement room, which was posh and olde-timey, with long, grand, red curtains and a rustic fireplace. The room was rather small, however, so when she sat on her recliner to relax she had no idea the curtains had been set ablaze! She was still seething with Dirk, and she had fallen asleep furious, dreaming about the whole thing. Then she burned in her sleep. Although, she died from severe burns but she never turned into ashes, so since the Dreamers never found the underground secret room, she is still decomposing under the floorboards, and that's why the Dreamer's house really smells like egg right now. The End. —LØVĘMÜFFÎÑ“Why, that's absuuuuuurd.” 08:13, July 17, 2011 (UTC)
  • I don't think Dirk had anything to do with it. It was a simple cooking accident. Don't ghosts who are parents get angry when their children are in a relationship? Maybe Darleen's angry because Dirk's going out with Lilith. I don't know much about that, but I think it's safe to say there was no foul play. AsherEire talk 21:07, April 1, 2012 (UTC)
  • I think Darleen was cooking with Darren and Darren was going to check on Dirk, leaving Darleen alone in the kitchen. Darleen wasn't really much of a good cook so she made the meal burnt but worst of all, started a fire! Darren could smell burnt food so he rushed into the kitchen, spotting poor Darleen surrounded by flames! Darren tried to save her but he was too late as he saw his poor wife perish in the flames. He buried her in the garden a day later and he had to pay and replace the items damaged in the flames so the Dreamer's household funds were poor - Foxygirl2000xxx.
  • When a chef is having a bad day...
  • I believe it's Dina and Nina Caliente. They are aliens of some sort, and they bribed those aliens up there to abduct Bella Goth. It seemed that the Broke family was a really happy family, so one day when Skip went swimming, they've also caused that suspicious pool ladder accident. For Darleen it's the same thing - they set fire to the house while her husband was at work and son in school. And also, Dina and Nina took a blood sample of each victim and handed them to the aliens for testing purposes. Aliens have cloned those Sims. Unfortunately, some of the cloning experiments went wrong, in the way that 'Sims' immediately depropagated into a cell. While flying across Pleasantview, they dumped those failed experiments into the big Pleasantview sea/lake (which explains why Skip Broke is resurrectable, even though he doesn't have a grave - he's actually still alive! Only Death covers it by saying he's dead - and by resurrecting him, the cell/himself propagades into the body). The aliens' spaceship crashed in Strangetown - and cloned Bella got out of the ship. ----- The real Darleen Dreamer was killed by Caliente sisters - first they banged her head against a kitchen counter, so in that note they could drag her into the fire - by doing that, she got an amnesia. The fake Darleen was a failed experiment, and when the aliens were dumping her and Skip Broke's cell into Pleasantview, she didn't fall, but got sticked to the spaceship. When it crashed in Strangetown, the cell couldn't survive that high temperature of friction. The hidden Skip Broke was killed by Caliente sisters, and since the cloning went bad, aliens were unable to integrate memories into resurrectable Skip Broke's brain - that's why he isn't 'related' to his son. ~BandicootCrash7