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How did he drown?[edit | edit source]

  • BASICALLY, it was a stunt pulled by EA to give a possible explanation on why 'Mrs. Crumplebottom' is so grumpy when she sees public signs of affection in Sims 2. Simple. Obviously there are loop holes such as the whole 'Mrs.' thing when Crumplebottom is her maiden name, but seriously, who cares? It's just a bit of fun and it's the little details and in-jokes like this that make me love The Sims series and the people behind them. Lighten up, it wasn't murder and there's no in-game explanation because it's not even a possible scenario...
  • Erik and Agnes, hopeless romantics fell in love. Before their wedding,Erik went to visit Twinbook to see if they could honeymoon there. Whilst in Twinbrook he fell in love with Pixie Carlton. Back in Sunset Valley, he asked Lolita Goth to fake the wedding for him. Lolita agreed. After the wedding, Lolita got dragged on Honeymoon. Lolita couldn't take it anymore, and electrocuted herself, leaving Agnes thinking Erik died.

Meanwhile in Twinbrook, Pixie got electrocuted. Erik was distraught by this, and he also came to Sunset Valley, he drowned himself with shame. The next day, after a whole two years, Agnes found Eriks ashes and tried to resurrect him. After several failed attempts, and many near electrocutions, Agnes gave up and became in a sour mood forever.

  • Erik was in love with Agnes. Agnes was going to leave Erik at the altar when they married. She was convinced not do this by her father. On their honeymoon, she was still having second thoughts about the marriage. She panicked and killed him. She regrets this a lot, that would explain her depression afterwards. Bakerychaz 11:57, May 27, 2012 (UTC)
  • I think that Agnes is somewhat based off of Rose's character in Titanic. But only the Agnes in Sims 3. She shares a striking resemblance to Kate Winslet in some lights, and her romantic interest died drowning. She has money like Rose had in Titanic. Although Erik doesn't look anything like Jack, I still think they got the idea for Erik's death from Titanic :D
  • For Gods sake he just drowned on their honeymoon. It's like Olive Specter's murders. You can't really kill people in the Sims series but it is a possible storyline. :P
  • I Think that Agnes suspected that Erik might have had an affair during their honeymoon. So, she decided to play a game in the pool with him late at night. She had a hold your breathing contest with him. She swam up, but made sure he stayed down and was able to build walls around him, so he couldn't get out. He starved to death and drowned in the pool. At first it didn't bother her, but then she realized what she did and wanted to keep everyone out of her life. She didn't want anyone to know about what happened that night, so she decided to isolate herself in her home. And everytime Erik's ghost came out to see her, she would be so happy to see him.(He probably didn't know her killed her so that's why he was so calm when he sees her.)
  • Erik Darling was deleted. In sims 2, Bella Goth had a huge popularity boost, because of deleting her (accedentally, or maybe on purpose). Firstly, There is no such things as going on honeymoons. Secondly, A sim can't kill a sim, without using any mods or hacks. And thirdly, there are no boats in sims 3. He was killed off by EA, so he could get a lot of attention, just like Bella Goth did. He will never reach the amount of facination it was with Bella, but they wanted to see how much attention you did pay to this ;D.

  • For the last time they were on Twikii Island he was swiming it started raining and he tried to swim back but a wave was high and he couldn't Breathe!!!! OK!!!!!!!!!!
DavidMC123 - Salutations, Simaholic!
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If you pause at 0:11 on the introduction video of The Sims 3 ( there is a Sim that looks just like Erik, and a pregnant female sim AND a daughter that looks just like her! So maybe he was cheating on Agnes and she found out. Then on their honeymoon, she had a breath holding contest with him and drowned him on purpose!

  • I am not sure that is a good theory since Agnes becomes depressed because of his death and would be more stone hearted about it if she wanted him to die. —Preceding unsigned comment added by MinRLM (talkcontribs) - Sign your comments with ~~~~
  • I agree. And I think the guy at the video is too thin to be Erik (well, he could be thinner in the past :P Anyway, I don't think he is Erik). Dawn01
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Yes, now that I look at the facts this may be untrue. Any other theories on how he died?

  • Why's this page even here? What's suspicious about him drowning? —Preceding unsigned comment added by XRockettex (talkcontribs) - Sign your comments with ~~~~
  • They were on a cruise to go back home. When a large rock hit the ship. Erik fell out. When morning came Anges got his body and took him home.Stop saying she killed him if she did she would not become grouchy Miss Crumplebottom!
DavidMC123 - Salutations, Simaholic!
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Because on TS3 you can't die without having a hold breath contest or building a wall around a pool, but sims can't build walls, so she must've had a breath holding contest with him....
XRockettex - Sims 3 Kids are the Best!
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Uh, it's a game? A lot of things happen in all three of the games that can't be explained. Like Lolita Goth. Or how some of the sims are in one game, and not the others. Why can't it just be simple? He drowned. Even if she "did" hold a contest with him, it could have been for fun. (I use to do them all the time) PLUS, I doubt she'd miss him if she set him up for death.. :]
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That's why we have theory pages. Anyway, scratch my theory and this page is up for deletion
  • I think that Agnes did kill Erik on their honeymoon because she never changed her last name to Darling. I think this means that she was never planning to stay with him. It's not very good evidence but it is my theory. Also I highly doubt that that man in the video is Erik Darling as his hair is too golden and Erik Darlings is more blondey white :D x
  • Actually, the last names kept are either random, or was it the one who proposes keeps their last name.
  • You can drown from becoming fatigued while swimming. I think that him and Agnes went on their honeymoon to Champs Les Sims, and while on a boat in the lake thing that surrounds Champs Les Sims, he fell out of the boat, and drowned, scaring Agnes for life. Bleeh [iTalk]01:38, February 12, 2010 (UTC)
  • red I`m not that sure but i think it was Agnes`s parents as ghosts built walls or bought lots of items Agnes thought Erik was building a mini house for their future children but what was really happening was her parents blocking Erik and he was exhausted and fatigued and when he died her parents got rid of everything and Agnes saw the tombstone and freaked out which changed Agnes Excitable trait to Grumpy Xxgreenbunnyxx
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Sims themselves cannot build walls.
  • I belive they got engaged (Agnes not changing her name yet) and he somehow died
  • They were on their honeymoon when he died, right? I believe they went on a cruise, and Erik fell off the ship and drowned in the ocean before they could rescue him. --Sparrowsong 01:30, April 14, 2010 (UTC)
  • Dude do you really think you can drown from getting hit on the head by a purse?
  • Erik was in a pool, and then Agnes accidentally dropped her purse on Erik and it drowned him and that inspired Mrs. Crumplebottom's reign of terror. UBFunkaneer 03:05, April 18, 2010 (UTC)
  • Maybe Erik couldn't swim and accidentally fell into the ocean.
  • Technically there wasn't any honeymoon (because it's not a feature on the base The Sims 3 game)! Just like Bella Goth, to spice up things, EA invents non-technical excuses for simple deaths; they may accidently killed him and cover up with an honeymoon story or even purposely killed him. There was no honeymoon! This is just to cover a simple death! --- Rodrigo X 18:49, July 4, 2010 (UTC)
  • I agree with the person above.. Its just a story, like Don Lothario and Time travel wasn't featured when Riverview was created. I do not believe Agnes was a murderer. ITS JUST A STORY!!!
  • Erik simply died by a freak accident, they were building a childs bedroom and Agnes has his grave on her lot, with "memorial" stones, its just bad luck. If Agnes killed him she would be alot more twisted than she is.
  • Erik made a pool and forgot to put a ladder in it...
  • I think they were on a ship that sank down, À la Titanic.
  • Erik and Agnes were on a cruise ship and were going to get married on the boat. Later that evening, after the wedding, they were sitting at the front of the ship, when a wave struck and knocked Erik and Agnes over, inducing vertigo. Agnes and Erik were stumbling about, trying to get their heads on straight, when Erik fell over the side of the ship, plummeting to his doom...
  • Why is there a Theories Page for Erik, If there's none for Sam Bagley, or Bob-Andy Baker? What's so special about him?
  • Um. It's obviously to explain why Agnes is so grumpy, he died on their honeymoon while drowning, YES. EA did it on purpose to explain why she is so grumpy and just because Honeymoons are not a feature in TS3 dosn't mean they didn't go on one. EA probably built a wall around a pool, and drowned him.

Got Murderd by Agnes by holding him in pool

  • Erik Darling just drowned... what's so exiting about that? Anyway it says that they are married on the family tree and it is possible for them to be married without the same last name.
  • I have two theories:

1.maybe he passed out nearby the pool, and he fell down and drowned. 2.He got into a five-star cruise(with a swimming pool inside!) And he swam inside, but he didn't know it's just a huge rectangle hole. And he drowned into the ocean.Curiousity 12:47, July 3, 2011 (UTC)

  • I think they just had a breathing competition and he fell unconscious underwater and just died. Agnes felt guilty because it was she who challenged him to the contest. It was so overwhelming for her, she locked herself in her house and became a bitter, lonely widow who detests love. Erik is always so calm about it because he knows it wasn't her fault. Teh ende. —ℒ❁VℰℳÜℱℱ❣ÑYou Can Find Me In The ✦Alligator Sky✧ ✺
I don't know how did he drowned, but I just found out that agnes and erik wasn't married yet, because he's not shown in the goth-crumplebottom family tree! ;)13:46, July 25, 2011 (UTC)

Erik darling and Agnes loved eachother, very much, why would she kill him if they were planning on having children!? And why would she be able to cry at his grave if she murdered him!? They simply went on a honeymoon and he accidentally drowned!

  • I think of how he died was that on thier honeymoon he tried to impress her by doing a trick in the water but he messed up and drowned.
  • Maybe he killed himself by jumping off the side of their honeymoon cruise ship because he could have been cheating on Agnes and felt guilty, so he felt as if he didn't deserve her and went a little overboard (pun intended)
  • I think that on Agnes and Erik's honeymoon, they went to Barnacle Bay for the place. There was a pirate and Erik wanted to buy his fiancee something at the pirate ship, but than, when the pirate denied Erik's decision, he decided to steal it and he was chased to the pool. The pirate pushed him in the pool, and his energy was extremely low, so he drowned. Agnes didn't see any of this, but she did see his grave in the graveyard, and somehow, the jewelry was next to the grave. Agnes took it, and swore never to see it. But, she couldn't resist and wears it around...

  • I think Agnes had an undiscovered hidden trait that made her evil and she thought about all the bad things about Erik Darling, so she pushed him in the pool at the 5-star-resort they were staying in. Erik wasn't expecting this little "accident" and took an unexpected swim. He drowned. Then Agnes reilized what the crud she'd done and got the trait 'Grumpy'.
  • I like to think that he made a deal with Grim Reaper to save Agnes.Then they went on a honeymoon to Champs Les Sims,but the Grim Reaper came to collect his debt while Agnes was out somewhere and Erik was at their house.He filled Erik's lungs with water and left.
  • it was a dark night they were at a resort for there honeymoon. Agnes went to bake a cake for Erik. Erik went to the indoor pool for a swim the water was as hot as as the water in the hot tub. but when he was swimming laps a girl who was angry that he married Agnes and not her appeared outside the room behind the transparent door and flooded the room. then Erik jumped out of the pool crying for help because the room was not yet full of water all the way. Surprised it was Erik and not Agnes(she wanted to kill Agnes for revenge) she tried to open the door but it was stuck then she saw the the note saying 'don't close the door it will get stuck' then she tried to open it with all her might but by that time Agnes was coming to the pool and the water was half way up to Erik's head when Agnes was just around the corner, then Erik had drowned. Agnes saw her husband she pushed the unarmed women aside and stepped back and charged and the door opended and the entire first, second, third, forth, and fifth floor were flooded and Agnes weeped on her

husband's body. While the other women said Even though I didn't know him I bet he was a great person. And after the hotel was unflooded every sim went back in side while Agnes, the woman and every one else the know attended Erik's funeral.----

  • Honestly, does it really matter if honeymoons exsists or not? Agnes and Erik. Erik fell into the a pool OR was swimming(EA can create whatever they want) in a beach. A wave drowned him. Agnes was either a friendly/excitable person and became a grumpy lady. She has the loner trait, and she lives at the last four lots before the path that leads to where ever, possibly Riverview. Also, if she was really Ms. Crumplebottom, she would have Unflirty.

Anyway, back to Erik. Also, what is up with the theories that Agnes killed him? They designed a nursery. They are hopeless romantics. What else?

I think Agnes caught Erik cheating on her with another woman, but she still loved him. She tricked him into working out all day and the when he was tired, made him swim. THen he died.

  • Hey, have NONE of you thought about Champs Les Sims?! There are rivers EVERYWHERE and for another thing...IT'S IN FRANCE! What other sim town could be a better place for a romantic honeymoon? So, maybe, he and Agnes were just floatin' down the river in a boat, Erik falls off, he can't swim, and then drowns. End of story. I doubt that Agnes would kill him, she cries when his ghost has to go back into the light in the morning! (</3) AND she had kept the unfinshed baby room in for so long! So sad...

  • Agnes and Erik were on their honeymoon at the pool.Erik was very happy and she invited Agnes for a swim.Agnes agreed even though she was a little bit fatigued.So they started swimming until Agnes felt uncomfortable.She was starting to drown!Erik rescued her,Making him drown instead.She never forgave herself and she became a grumpy woman.

  • He was a magician and died after failing to use the "Watery Grave" trick.
  • I think that Agnes and Erik were on a honeymoon and they visited a pool or somewhere and then Penny Pincher (you know that glitched lady in twinbrook who is always related to clark peddler no matter what) said "hey Erik lets go swimming" and then Don Lothario comes and pushes Erik in the pool and then Don forces Lola Belle and Jupiter Belle to remove the ladder so they do and Bella Goth comes and says to Agnes "Oh no I think we're in trouble" and then Erik drowns and Agnes gets so emotional she saves up lifetime points to buy Mid-life crisis and change her trait to Grumpy. (this is the most random theory ever)
  • He probably drowned while rescuing some refugees in Vietnam during the fall of Saigon shortly after he went on Vacation with Agnes Crumplebottom. His Ship blew up killing the refugees while Erik Escaped in the middle of the ocean, but he drowned eventually. I think the game takes place 40 miles north-west of Los Angeles in 1982, which is 7 years after Erik Darling drowned. -7/21/2012, AnonymousAnoner
  • Erik was exhausted, but he didn't want to leave Agnes swimming in the pool alone, so he jumped in and she challenged him to a breath-hold contest. He agreed, but ended up drowning. Agnes became grumpy then, and really upset. That's my theory. XXxCrazyThingXxX (talk) 21:05, January 31, 2013 (UTC)