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Summerdream family
The Summerdreams' kindly nature and zest for life have cast a romantic spell over Veronaville's youth. But will there be any magic left for Puck?
Name Summerdream family
Members Oberon Summerdream, Titania Summerdream, Puck Summerdream, Bottom Summerdream
Number of generations 4 generations
Family connections Capp family, Monty family
Lot 71 Bard Boulevard
Funds §6,573
Other information
Game The Sims 2
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Veronaville
Summerdream family
Name Summerdream family
Members Oberon Summerdream, Titania Summerdream
Other information
Game The Sims 3: Supernatural
Playability Unplayable
World Moonlight Falls

The Summerdream ( Listen) family consists of Oberon, Titania, Bottom and Puck Summerdream, who live in Veronaville. Their address is 71 Bard Boulevard. In The Sims 2, Oberon and Titania aren't married, but may have the want to be married. Puck and Bottom were adopted (see the adults' memories).

Puck is in love with Hermia Capp. In the Story Mode, there is a little boy very close to two adults. It is possible that the adults are Puck's parents who bring him to the orphanage. The woman sitting down is likely the orphanage caretaker. The family is named after Shakespeare's play, "A Midsummer Night's Dream." In the play, Oberon is the king of the fairies; Titania is the queen of the fairies; Puck is a fairy; and Bottom is a victim of Puck's spell, which causes Titania to falsely love him. Like the Capp family, the Summerdream family is matrilineal, which means that things are passed down the female line. In the family tree, it is obvious that the family name is passed down to Bottom and Puck through the maternal line. Matrilinearity does not mean matriarchy. Therefore, it is up to the player to decide whether or not the family will be a matriarchy, allowing Bottom to be the heiress of the property and have other freedoms.


Summerdream: from A Midsummer Night's Dream, a romantic comedy by William Shakespeare.
Oberon Summerdream: Also Auberon, King of Shadows and Fairies.
Titania Summerdream: She is the queen of the fairies.
Puck Summerdream: Puck is a clever and mischievous fairy and personifies the trickster or the wise knave.
Bottom Summerdream: (Nick Bottom) weaver; he plays Pyramus in the troupe's production of "Pyramus and Thisbe."
Fae Summerdream: In greek mythology, fairies or elves.
Elvin Summerdream: (Elven or Elf) is a creature of Germanic mythology. were originally thought of as a race of minor nature and fertility gods.
Brillante Summerdream: Brillante is one of the sylphs in "The Rape of the Lock". It is her job to guard the diamonds.
Pistol Summerdream: a creative and unpredictable jokester, a constant source of entertainment and surprises.
Featherlight: Light as a feather.
Damon Featherlight: Means 'to Tame' in Greek.
Sylph Featherlight: A mythological creature in the Western tradition.
Zephyretta Gossamer: Zephyretta is one of the sylphs in "The Rape of the Lock". It is her job to guard the fan.
Sprite Gossamer: elf-like creatures, including fairies, dwarves, and the likes of it.
Nym Gossamer: a Corporal in Shakespeare's play Henry V.
Shock Gossamer: (It refers to Shylock) Shylock is a Jewish usurer who lends money to his Christian rival, Antonio. Shock is also Belinda's dog in "The Rape of the Lock".
Bramble: refers to thorny plants of the genus.
Bob Bramble: an eponymous main character of the sprite comic.
Momentilla Bramble: Momentilla is one of the sylphs in "The Rape of the Lock". It is her job to guard Belinda's watch.

Family tree



The Summerdream Family
Oberon - Titania - Puck - Bottom

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