Genghis Lincoln

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The Urbz: Sims in the City

Genghis Lincoln
Gender Male Male
Age Adult
Life state Human
Fashion Designer
Hair color Red
Eye color Brown
Skin color Medium
Body shape Fit Fit
Social standing
Rep group Central Station Urbz
District Central Station
Other information
Game The Urbz: Sims in the City (console)
Playability NPC
Neighborhood Urbzville

"There's two types of people in this city: those who believe lies, and who tell them. Open your eyes...and I'll be waiting."

Genghis Lincoln is an Urb residing in Urbzville's district, Central Station. Almost the exact opposite of Beelzebob Jones, Genghis Lincoln is self-assured and uninhibited. He wears his blood-red dreads in two high-topped pigtails. It is advised that no one touches his dreads if they know what's best for themselves.

He likes Motorcycles, piercings, leather, and nail polish. He dislikes Liars, corporate wonks, techno-geeks, and cops. As the protagonist becomes more social with Lincoln they will be asked to carry out a mission which involves 'stink bombing' people from three different districts.

Comix: Central Station[edit | edit source]

In the comix by Evan Dorkin, Urangoo McBain loudly bursts through the tattoo parlor and demands to be serviced. Jayde, a newbie, snaps at him and tells him that there is a line but she is quickly hushed by her fellow Urbz who state that the man is someone not to messed with. McBain announces that he wants to become the 'dream guy' to a woman named Anna Kissed, this job was demanded to be done in two days leading to a lot of tattooing and piercings.

During the early half of the session Lincoln is there to pad away the excessive ink and blood. Several hours later Beelzebob confides in Lincoln that he can't believe McBain gets to breathe while Joe Strummer and 'three' of the Ramones are dead to which he agrees that 'it is a cruel world'. Some time later the crew is exhausted working on McBain for hours, at one point Kidd Chaos had to shout for more ink to be brought, by which Lincoln is taken aback by this. Still more hours later, Scary Mary becomes so aggravated that she wants to amputate McBain's limbs and it takes a combination of Jayde and Lincoln to hold her back.

Gallery[edit | edit source]