Gunther Goth Highway

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The Gunther Goth Highway is a highway named (obviously) after Gunther Goth, the founder of Pleasantview. It is unknown what happened to the highway in The Sims 2, since the neighborhood terrain changed a lot between the two games. The Burb Family lived along this highway, along with the Hick Family, Appleview Farm, Morris Cottage and an empty lot.

Gunther Goth Highway in The Sims. Left to right: 64 Gunther Goth Highway - The Morris Cottage (white house with red roof, the cropped one; empty residential lot); 63 Gunther Goth Highway (white two-story house with red roof, occupied by Burb family); 66 Gunther Goth Highway - The Appleview Farm (red house, empty residential lot); 76 Gunther Goth Highway (white house with black roof, occupied by Hick family).