Ivanov family

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Ivanov family
Grandma Kaminski and her family have been wandering around for years. When her daughter married Yuri Ivanov and had two children, she suggested they try to find a place to settle down. Will Riverview keep their interest for long?
Name Ivanov family
Members Rayna Kaminski, Yuri Ivanov, Nadine Ivanov, Tatiana Ivanov, Dimitri Ivanov
Number of generations 3 generations
Lot 13 Lost Willow Road
Difficulty level 5 of 6
Other information
Game The Sims 3 Store
Playability Playable
World Riverview

The Ivanov family is a pre-made family who lives in Riverview, at 13 Lost Willow Road. Rayna Kaminski's daughter, Nadine Ivanov, has recently married and had two children, and her mother has moved in with the young family. They are a very tight-knit family, except that Rayna dislikes her son-in-law, Yuri Ivanov. They are mostly a musical family. Their names suggest an Eastern-European background, possibly Bulgarian or Russian. By their traveling culture and wardrobe, it is suggested that they may be of Roma descent. They may have been the original owners of the Garage Apartment, where Hal Breckenridge now lives.


Ivanov: Ivanov is a Russian and Bulgarian common surname meaning "Son of Ivan."
Kaminski: Kaminski is a Polish, Russian, Ukrainian and Jewish surname, a name for someone who came from the town Kamien. Kamien is derived from the Slavic word "kamiñ", meaning "stone."
Yuri Ivanov: Yuri is a variant transcription of the name "Yuriy", which is the Ukrainian and Russian form of the name "George."
Nadine Ivanov: Nadine is a French form of "Nadya", which is a diminutive of the Russian name "Nadezhda," meaning "hope." Nadia is also an Arabic name, which means "the one who has been called by God," or "dew."
Tatiana Ivanov: Tatiana is a Slavic name, the feminine form of the name "Tatianus." Tatiana is also a Latin name. The Latin meaning is "defender of her family."
Dimitri Ivanov: Dimitri goes back to a Greek name, "Demetrius," derived from the Greek goddess "Demetra," which means "earth mother."
Rayna Kaminski: Rayna is a Slavic name, which has been made from the Slavic noun "ray," meaning "heaven," so the name should mean "heavenly."


The Ivanov Family
Rayna - Yuri - Nadine - Tatiana - Dimitri

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