Kibble of Life

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Kibble of Life
Perfect for those pets who want their delicious snacking moments to go on for ages ... literally! Move quickly to this delectable treat of treats to much the nutrients of prolonged youth as your Pet resists aging.
Game The Sims 2: Pets
Buyability Limited
Price in game 12,000 aspiration points
Object type(s) Aspiration reward
Size 1x1

The Kibble of Life is an aspiration reward that was introduced in The Sims 2: Pets. It looks like a pet bowl, but a bit fancier, as it has five "jewels" on it. (Each "jewel" indicates one of the five uses it has.) It's a pet's version of the Elixir of Life, and like that elixir, it gives off a green glowing color. Unlike the human elixir, it adds 5 days to a pet's life,[n 1] and will never fail and make the pet older. The Prima Guide for Pets states that it only works twice in a pet's life, once when the pet is an adult, and once when the pet is an elder, but this is incorrect. It will work multiple times.[1]

Pets will not eat the Kibble of Life autonomously. To use it, click on the bowl and call a pet to eat. Pets can be called to eat the Kibble of Life even if they have not learned the Come Here command or the "Eat Pet Food" behavior. It's best to leave clear space all around the bowl, as the Sim who called the pet to eat will stand by the bowl while the pet eats. The pet will briefly be surrounded by a soft green glow, which indicates that the Kibble of Life is working.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The player can use the boolProp testingcheatsenabled cheat, shift+click on the Kibble of Life, and select "Force Error" to add five more uses to it. All the red "jewels" around it will turn back to green.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. The Prima Guide for Pets says it adds 3 days, but this is incorrect.

References[edit | edit source]