Landgraab Society

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The Secret Lot.

The Landgraab Society is Sim State University's secret society. It is housed in a massive two-story mansion, and a variety of career rewards and aspiration rewards can be found on both floors. Outside, there is a Cowplant (safely enclosed in a fence), and an Execuputter. The first floor has an entry hall that leads to a dining area, a kitchen, and some arcade games. The second floor has a computer room, a study lounge, a bathroom, a television, and a chess set. It is implied that the society may have been founded by the Landgraab family. Curiously enough, there are no bedrooms or other amenities aside from a bathroom and a kitchen.

The University expansion pack uses the variant spelling "Landgrabb".

Landgraab Society initial 10 members

Members[edit | edit source]

It appears that the Landgraab Society always has the same members whenever a new Sim State University is created. Because the game randomizes names on creation of a new university these characters will always look the same, but will have different names. Society members appear to always have the same "everyday" clothes, but other clothing such as outerwear seems to be different each time. Other dormies who don't belong to the society will often visit the lot.

Landgrabb Society Members[edit | edit source]